Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twilight Part 6 - - - - Bella Lullaby

Bella's Lullaby

I'm sure if you all had watch this movie before you all will heard of this song before. Remember the scene where Bella enter Edward room and Edward brought Bella out to the forest. The background music is the original Bella Lullaby .

I've just got the piano piece from Amanda today. Very anxious to learn it. Will try my best to play and try to upload here.Hehe.

Shabu Shabu

Yesterday was kind of nice. At least I wont be blogging for 10 hour. I went to have dinner with Eliz and Jane at Shabu Shabu Buffer at Bandar Puteri. I was not bad. Really nice but I still prefer Fireman cause Fireman is cheaper and have the plate to fry. Eliz say Sunway also got. Maybe we can go and try sometime. Hopefully it is cheap.

After the dinner I went to Jane house to sing K and swim. Really tired now. We even drink beer but I'm not tired not. Still need to finish up my theory tomorow. Maybe I'll go and get my new IC tomorow as well. Chao. Nite nite.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


許仁杰 - 花樹下的約定

Another song from him - 潘裕文

心里的狮子 - 潘裕文

Monday, February 23, 2009

Genting Concert

Here is the pic I took at the concert. So sorry because I sit rather far behind so I don't think you all can look at the pic clearly who it is. No matter. I still keep my promise to take the pic. I had some video as well. Hopefully they wont barred my blog because of it . Hehe

This is where Kelly and I wait t enter to the concert. Familiar? This is the same entrance to go to Genting Theme Park

This is the stage performance

Kelly and I

The audience seat

This is where all the star will come down

My ticket

Z- Chen

I told you all the pic will be too small to recognize right. So I don't think I want to post all he pic.

I don't even remember who it is liao

This is Tang Yue Zhe. You all still can recognise his face at the big screen.

Nicholas. I took this pic outside because Kelly and I want to rush to Bus station. We scare both of us will miss out the last bus.

Me at the bus stop. Looking tired enough

Kelly and I

The concert was good overall. Nice to listening to their song on live. Their singing was good. Argh. There is a singer call Tor++ appearing at the concert too. His piano and singing skill kill me. Totally fall in love. He is from thailand. Another singer from thailand call Chin. His dancing was great. He had a match with Judy( Chou Ding Wei) and both of their dancing was so great as well. So sorry I didin't took the video. I was too concentrating on their dancing and I totally forget about it. That stupid Tou Fu Pok say " there is no impossible wan". Lor, this word again. Why it has to keep on appearing beside my ear leh. Stupid wan lor.

If you all want to watch this show more clearly I advice you all to watch the playback from Astro AEC. Hehe

Genting Trip 2009

I mention on my last post that I'm going to attend a concert at Genting yesterday night. So I'm going to update now about what happen yesterday. Actually I just came back from Genting. Well, I'm still not in the mood of sleeping might as well update the post. I'm going to separate the post so you all wont be confused about it. I'll separate my an hour trip and the concert.

I miss you all a lot during my trip to Genting yesterday.


I'll let the pic to express my yesterday diary

The cable car there is full of people. Some speak in chinese some even italian.

This is the scene when we're on the way going up to genting. The weather is so cold.

Kelly and Me at cable car

I miss this spot a lot. For those friends who has a trip with me at Genting during our form 5 year. I'm sure you all have some memory about this hole.

This is the park we used to go at Genting.

The weather is so cold

Overall we have some fun before the concert. This an hour trip reminds me back a lot of memory. Hehe. Kelly and I even get wet from the rain. I miss yu all a lot. Hope I can get a chance to go again.

English Song

From Twilight movie
Flightless Bird

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Unexpected

The weather lately is hot like hell. But I guess the god heard the people screaming already so the weather outside now is going to rain. It's already sizzling and a lot of thunder but it just wont give out a heavy rain. Don't know want to wait for what. Never mind.

SO back today's topic. I'm going to have another day with Rachel. Well, I'm very used to it. Since both of us already meet each other everyday at school during the secondary years for almost 2 years. So twice a week is nothing to us.

She actually plan to come to my house to do her homework and chat with me but my " Senior Citizen " computer not allow. So sorry dear. So both of us just chat chat. Then I'm hungry and I want to go to Old Town Kopitiam to eat my break-lunch , She call Josh so 3 of us is going together.

Eat eat eat, then suddenly Kelly call me. Here is our conversation :

Kelly: Eh cindy, are you free tmr?

Me: Of course.

Kelly: Then you want to go to MyAstro Show concert a?

Me ( got a shock): Har, sure want lah.

Kelly: Then ok lor. I check the bus time 1st.

I was totally stunned by that time. I was so shock because I've never been to this kind of place. Moreover, the concert will be held at Genting. The place that I always want to go for this holiday. WOW, I like it so much and excited. Then I think back who is going to perform on the concert. OMg. It " XIng Guang Si Sou". Lor, so excited. Can't wait to go tomorow. Hopefully can take picture tomorow to share with you all. Hehe.

Some pic of the day

This is where I'll be going tomorrow

In collaboration with Astro, MyFM's very first and brand new My Astro Music Awards will be held next year (2010). Hence, the MY Astro Music Awards Show Power Live Concert will take action as a pre-promotion and live concert that take place at the Arena of Stars on 22 February 2009.

MY Astro Music Awards intends to drive the inspiration between radio and TV station for more music exposures and substantiations of local and foreign artistes.

The glittering line-up includes:
Kay Tze and Khalil Fong from Hong Kong; Danson Tang, Liang Wen Yin and Xing Guang San Shao from Taiwan; Chin and TOR from Thailand; Nicholas Teo, Z-Chen, Kwok Fai, Wan Qian, Hao Ren and Yise from Malaysia.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to grab FREE concert tickets via the showcase to be held on 11 February 2009 and 15 February 2009, 2.00pm at Sungei Wang Plaza. You can also redeem FREE concert tickets via Astro or My FM selected program and online website! For Genting WorldCard members, tickets are redeemable at Genting Worldcard Counter with the issue of GCVS voucher through I-Kiosk.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tho word Impossible

How come this word keep on appearing in my life. I've been listening to these word lately. Almost everyday.

There is nothing is impossible in this world

Is this a hint to tell me not to let go. I've try so hard for the past month to let it go. And I almost successful. Really. Almost but why all of the sudden there is the hope . The main reason I want to let it go has disappear. Why. Should I let it go or not or I should go and get my chance and grab it back. Why I should do. Should I do as what the word say that there is nothing impossible in this world. What I can do?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The elderly Daisy (Cate Blanchett) is on her deathbed with her daughter Caroline (Julia Ormond) in a New Orleans hospital as Hurricane Katrina approaches in August 2005. Daisy tells the story of a blind clockmaker named Gateau (Elias Koteas), who was commissioned to create a clock to hang in the New Orleans train station. After receiving news of his son's death in World War I, he continued work on his clock, but intentionally designed it to run backward, in the hope that it would bring back those who died in the war. After her cryptic story, Daisy asks Caroline to read aloud from a diary containing photographs and postcards written by Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt). Caroline begins to read as the story transitions to Benjamin's narration.

On November 11, 1918, just as the people of New Orleans are celebrating the end of World War I, a baby boy is born with the appearance and physical maladies of an elderly man. The mother of the baby dies shortly after giving birth, and the father, Thomas Button, takes the baby and abandons him on the porch of a nursing home. Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) and Tizzy (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali), a couple who work at the nursing home, find the baby. Queenie, who is unable to conceive, decides to take the baby in as her own, against Tizzy's wishes. She names the baby Benjamin.

Over the course of the story, Benjamin begins to biologically grow younger. In 1930, while still appearing to be in his seventies, he meets a young girl named Daisy (Elle Fanning), whose grandmother lives in the nursing home. The children play together and listen to Daisy's grandmother read from a storybook.

A few years later, Benjamin goes to work on a tugboat on the docks of New Orleans for Captain Mike (Jared Harris). In their free time, the captain takes him to brothels and bars. For the first time, Benjamin meets Thomas Button, who does not reveal that he is Benjamin's father. Later, Benjamin leaves New Orleans with the tugboat crew for a long-term work engagement; Daisy asks him to send her postcards from his travels, which Benjamin does.

During a stay in Russia, Benjamin meets a British woman named Elizabeth Abbott (Tilda Swinton) and falls in love with her; Daisy is visibly hurt to receive this news via postcard. Elizabeth is already married, but she has an affair with Benjamin. The fling ends the day after the Pearl Harbor attack, when Elizabeth abruptly departs.

Benjamin gets caught up in World War II when Captain Mike's boat and crew are enlisted by the United States Navy. After engaging a German U-boat in battle, Captain Mike and most of the sailors perish. After this, Benjamin, after seeing a hummingbird, sees death in a different way, as opposed to the retirement home where death seemed more natural.

In 1945, Benjamin returns to New Orleans, and learns that Daisy has become a successful dancer in New York City. When he travels there to meet Daisy at a performance, he finds Daisy has fallen in love with a fellow dancer, and tries to accept that their lives have separated.

Benjamin again meets Thomas Button, who is dying. Thomas reveals to Benjamin that he is his father and bequeaths all of his assets to Benjamin, including the house and the family button-making business. Benjamin eventually makes peace with his father before the elder Button dies.

Daisy's dance career is ended by a car accident in Paris. When Benjamin goes to see her, Daisy is amazed at his youthful appearance, but frustrated at her own injuries, turns him away.

In 1962, Daisy returns to New Orleans and meets Benjamin again. Now the same physical age, they fall in love and move in together. They experience the 1960s together, in large part blissfully but increasingly aware of Benjamin growing younger while Daisy grows older.

After Daisy gives birth to a girl, Caroline, Benjamin, believing he cannot be a father to his daughter due to his reverse aging, and not wanting to burden Daisy with having to raise two children, sells his belongings, and leaves them to Daisy and Caroline before leaving them both to travel the world.

Reading this account in the hospital room of 2005, Caroline learns that Benjamin is her father. She is upset that Daisy took such a long time to inform her of this, but finds that Benjamin sent her a postcard from everywhere for each of her birthdays expressing his love for his daughter.

In 1980, Benjamin, now looking like a young man, returns to meet Daisy in her dance studio. The aging Daisy is now married to Robert Williams, a kind man who supports her well, to Benjamin's relief. Daisy introduces Benjamin to Robert and the 12-year-old Caroline as a long-time family friend. Daisy and Benjamin then meet privately in Benjamin's hotel where they share their passion for each other, but they mutually realize that Daisy has become too old for Benjamin.

Benjamin departs again and continues to grow younger. One day Daisy receives a phone call from social workers. They inform her that they found Benjamin - now a young pre-teen just hitting puberty - living in a condemned building, and that they called her because they saw her name all over his diary. The social workers believe that he has dementia as he sometimes forgets that he had just eaten and cannot remember Daisy or much of his past. Daisy moves into the nursing home where Benjamin grew up and takes care of him as he becomes a confused 5-year-old boy with a growing temper.

In 2002, Mr. Gateau's old clock is removed from the train station. Shortly afterward, in the spring of 2003, the now-physically infant, 85-year-old Benjamin dies in Daisy's arms. At the moment before Benjamin dies, Daisy claims to have seen in his eyes that he still remembered her.

In the 2005 hospital room, the hurricane raging outside downs the electrical system. As Caroline briefly leaves the room, Daisy passes away, her wish of seeing Benjamin again seemingly answered by a hummingbird hovering outside the storm-drenched windows. Against the sounds of the city's emergency sirens and reports of breached levees, the backwards clock is shown in a basement, still working, as floodwater's envelope the storage room where it is kept.

My opinion:
This is a really nice story. It's been long that I didn't watch such a nice movie that has so much British inside. The last one I watch is The Phantom Of The Opera movie. Well, this is a 3 hour movie but then you will feel so miracle about it and how much you can get from this movie. Though I wouldn't want to have such a life losing all the memory that I should have. I guess this is another movie that give people a lesson about how meaning full a life can be. Hope you all will enjoy watching this movie.

Happy Birthday Guamz

Happy 19 Birthday Guamz

Hehe. Another Birthday celebration. This time we went to a pub call CIRCLE to celebrate. Not a real pub actually. Just like Halo Restaurant only cheaper. Well, as usual we all laugh like hell. Something funny happen as well. However, I notice something. Our gang of group actually have some silent moment. I didn't notice it before. Maybe I was too concentrating on doing something. BTW, we really love to sing. Hehe. I want to go to karaoke so desperately. As well as Pasar Malam. Next Birthdy is Joanne. Who know what is gonna happen on her birthday. Hehe.

Here is some pic. Still got more from Vivian.

Our food combo

Vivian and me

Guamz cut b'day cake

Guamz and Kelly

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Puchong CG Part 2

Haha. Finally got the pic. Remember I went to this Puchong CG before. So here is some pic I took that day. Really nice one some more. n_n

Ahh...I c u taking our pic

The normal one

The funny wan

Maybe Once

Life is funny right. You have to face it once then only you will know whether how it will really feel. Let's take food for example. You wont know how it really taste until you try it. You wont know the real taste by hearing from other people. So same can happen to feeling. You have to gone through it the only you will know whether it does exits or not right. Hehe. I receive this e-mail today. It does test me out. Have a try yourself. It works actually. At least I do feel it.

12 Ways To Know That You Love Someone

You talk with him/her late at night and when you go to bed you still think of him/her.

You walk really slowly when you are with him/her.

You don't feel Ok when he/she is far away.

You smile when you hear his/her voice.

When you look at him/her,you do not see other people around you.You see only him/her.

He/She is everything you want to think.

You realize that you smile every time you look at him/her.

You would do anything to see him/her.

While you have been reading this, there was a person in your mind all the time.

You've been so busy thinking of that person that you didn't notice that number SEVEN is missing.

You are going to check above if that's true and now you are silently laughing to yourself.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Litres of Tears part 2

Remember I've introduce this drama to you all before. Now I intro something else great about this drama. The song inside this drama is great. Hope you all will enjoy listening to it.

3gatsu 9ka

一公升的眼淚 (主題曲)K - Only Human

2 Language in Same Song


I heard this song in Entertaiment 100%....very nice song...It has another Japan version...Below Is the Japanese Version...

Koko ni Iru yo- SoulJa ft. Thelma Aoyama

Rain oh Rain

Rain oh Rain Finally you came today
And you came in a big gang as well
You stay for a long time as well

You don't know

How miserable I am with your absence
The weather is killing me
The weather make me sweat and smelly

Even inside my own air-cond house

The weather is making my oily skin become crazy
Pimple keep on looking for me
Rain oh Rain
Finally you came

To give me some wind and breeze feeling
Please do come and visit me more often

But not after I start my college

Because you will give me a lot of trouble
I need to walk in wet
With and wet cloth and jeans

I'm having holiday now
So may visit me once in a while


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heart Of Greed


Tong Yan-Gai (Ha Yu) owns a dried sea-products and abalone store.He is married to Ling Hau (Louise Li) and also has a second wife called Wong Sau-Kam (Susanna Kwan). He has 4 children: Tong Chi-On (Moses Chan), Tong Chi-Yat (Bosco Wong), Tong Chi-Foon(Chris Lai), through the second wife and Tong Chi-Yan (Fala Chen). Hau had cancer and did not expect to survive and wanted Gai to be happy with another woman. Hau wanted Kam to take care of him after she died, but fortunately she recovered. Kam thinks that she has no power in the family because she has no true status (she is not truly legally married to Gai) and becomes a woman stirring a range of petty acts that tend to haunt her in full circles. She seeks the family fortune and in order to do that she causes trouble in the family. Hau, a wise lady pulled the family back together and turned their frowns into smiles. Finally, Je (the first wife) becomes extremely frustrated and angry at Kam and expels her from the house. Unfortunately, Hau's cancer resurface, and she continually faints. One day in the hospital, Je lies on her deathbed, and Kam comes to beg for forgiveness for her past actions. Je is unable to speak, but she finally mutters a few words only audible to the ears of Tong Chi-Foon. Her words are putong punyao, which means "ordinary friend." Foon, however, lies to everybody and says that Je said that Kam is forgiven. The incentive of this is because Foon's mother has put much pressure on him to secure her a position in the family again.

It seems like a peaceful family, but Kam starts planning evil ideas with Sheung Joi-Duk (Li Shing Cheung) and together they cause a lot of trouble in the family. They plotted for years to find a means to take the family fortune and even created public false accusations about her own family in the media. Kam formed her own support group from the worst family members and in-laws to help plot against the Tong household to gain their family fortune. After much careful planning and even going as far as contaminating public opinion about the Tong family, she drove Gai into severe illness and eventually death from stroke. Kam and Duk begin a long war against the Tong family in an attempt to invalidate the family will to take the family fortune for their own as a way to punish the Tong family's "mistreatment" towards her. The family is in mayhem for once and they have only one person who can help them, a lawyer, Sheung Joi-Sum(Linda Chung, who is also an excellent friend of Tong Chi-On and Tong Chi-Yan

My Words:

I know that I'm outdated. But I just got enough time to watch this drama lately. I like the part where Sheung Joi-Sum and Alfred. I really love their love stiory. Although they didn't get the chance to get together ( Hate the script writer so much) but both of them really love each other. The part where Alfred write the diary ( The days withouht Sheung Joi-Sum) is so touching and great. Love it so much.

Dissapointment "O" Graceful

What I can say?
I really don't know what had happen just know
You can't imagine how I feel when I see those
I was in a real shock
But somewhere deep deep deep inside my heart
I smile
Not for long
Just for a second maybe
A really wicked smile
A smile that shouldn't exits
A smile that makes me a bad person
A bad friends
A smile that I'll regret
I've let it go
I really do
But why?
Why you have to give me a chance again
The feeling of I can have a chance
But then
After the second past
I'm back again
I know that there wont be any chance no matter what had happen
I'm me again
I'm glad
But I was in a real disappointment about it though
I thought you will be loyal
But you let me down
It's not your fault
You can always make your own choice
But I just feel disappointed for a while
I swear
Just a while
Then everything back to normal again
And everything will be normal

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Must Obey Word

Well, I would like to share something today. Have you ever been like being order by your parents to do something. What you will normally response to them? It's either yes or no right. But my situation is a bit different. I didn't dare to disobey my parents word. Maybe sometime but very rare. Like once in a 10 years. Or maybe more than that. I realize this today that I never disobey my mom word. Mostly of course. No matter how I dislike about it but I'll still obey. But thanks god that my parents give me a lot of freedom. Like going out late and everything. So I guess this is what people call as Pros and Cons....

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I found this at Kedai - Runcit Online store. Look nice right but it cost RM30. Should I buy? I feel expensive but I really like it. Anyone willing to pay for me?

Friday, February 13, 2009

On The First Beat


Chung Lap-Man (Ron Ng) and Lee Pak-Kiu (Sammul Chan) patrolling the streets of Hong Kong with fellow senior constables. During one patrolling shift, Pak Kiu messes with the wrong group of gangs, Cheng Chi-Keung (Wai Ka Hung) and Cheung King-Fung (Michael Tao).

After realizing that Pak-Kiu got screwed over by Chi-Keung, Fiona Ma Oi-Lam (Fiona Sit) tries to clear Pak-Kiu's name from the complaint by Chi Keung. Fiona and Lap-Man finds Chi-Keung and King-Fung dealing drugs in a parking lot and tries to photograph their drugs-transaction. Fiona accidentally sets off a car alarm and is discovered by Chi-Keung and King-Fung, holding her hostage. Pak-Kiu tries to rescue Fiona, instead he gets shot in the side of his head by Chi-Keung and subsequently Chi-Keung shoots Fiona in the stomach, consiquently she dies. Pak Kiu then wakes up in the hospital and finds out that Fiona is dead and blames it all on Lap-Man. Throughout the whole series, conflict and extreme hatred for each other is constantly shown between them.

Half a year later, Lap-Man and Pak-Kiu are introduced to their new sergeant, King-Fung. Turns out King Fung was an undercover police officer responsible for the arrest of Chi-Keung earlier. Lap-Man and Pak-Kiu both develop a sense of hatred towards King-Fung. Lap Man gets angry and files a fake complaint letter on King Fung. King Fung's sister, Cheung Nim-Yan (Joey Yung), who is an investigation constable, discover the fake letter prank.

Lap-Man and Pak-Kiu then meets Kuk Ming-Cheung (Chin Ka Lok), who tells him about Pak-Kiu's father, Lee Man-Shing, (Michael Miu). Apparently Pak Kiu's father and King Fung had a bitter past. During this time, Pak Kiu tries to take some psychology classes to try to build up a better resume when he applies for an inspector position within the police department. Yuen Wai-Nei (Sonija Kwok) joins Pak Kiu's classes as she thinks its beneficial to police officers.

Man Ching (Kate Tsui) comes to Hong Kong from the United States in hopes of finding her mother, who turned out to be Lap Man's aunt. Man Ching then develop feelings for Lap-Man, even though she is aware of his girlfriend. Trying to get Man Ching off of his back, Lap Man challenges her to be a police officer at the Police Training School (PTS). Man Ching accepts the challenge. Yuen Ka-Fu (Kenny Kwan), Yuen Wai-Nei's brother, coincidentally just came to Hong Kong from Canada. He was expelled from a Canadian university, and applies to be a police officer. He meets Man Ching in the training.

King-Fung, Ming-Cheung, and a few other sergeants receive a letter that tells them they will be training for the Police Tactical Unit (PTU). During the time at the training camp, Ming-Cheung tries to screw King-Fung over. During the training Pak-Kiu and Lap-Man always get into arguments, their behaviour then noticed by King-Fung, Ming-Cheung. One day Lap-Man tells Ming-Cheung that King-Fung no longer holds a grudge against Man-Shing and that everything is back to normal, Ming-Cheung then becomes all friendly to King-Fung.

At this time, Wai-Nei is still angry over the fact that her ex-husband, King-Fung had "slept" with another woman and that she doesn't forgive him. One day King Fung goes to make this glass vase as it has sentimental value to both him and Wai Nei, he gives it to her and they are back together.

Lap-Man and Nim-Yan slowly starts to get closer and develop feelings for each other. But knowing that Lap Man has a girlfriend, Ho Fa (Tavia Yeung) and Man Ching has a crush on him, Nim Yan backs off. Wai Nei and King Fung's relationship grows and plans to get married. At this time, King Fung encounters Yip Ling-Fung (Selena Li). Ling-Fung runs into some financial problems and King-Fung helps her. On the day of Wai-Nei and King-Fung's wedding, Ling-Fung tries to draw King-Fung's attention by attempting to commit suicide. King-Fung tries to get Ling-Fung to cooperate, but she ignores him, eventually King-Fung has to go with her to the hospital and becomes extremely late for his wedding. As soon as he gets to his wedding, Wai-Nei calls off the wedding and vows that she will no longer be friends or anything with King-Fung. At this time Wai-Nei finds out that she is pregnant with King-Fung's baby.

Wei-Nei soon discovers that Pak-Kiu has developed feelings for her and is willing to be the baby's father...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wedding Game


Jack Fang (Christopher Lee) publicly proposes to Vikki Tse (Fann Wong) during the live telecast of a regional awards show. Surprised but happy, Vikki accepts. What the public doesn't know is that the entire love affair of these two famous celebrities, Jack and Vikki, is an elaborate and meticulously planned ruse designed by their ambitious managers May (Alice Lau) and Tom (Charles Chan) to trick the public into believing that they are getting married. In reality, Jack has disliked Vikki from the first day they met and vice versa. Yet for fame and money from endorsements, these rival celebrities keep up with their “fake” marriage to up their popularity. Just when everything is going so well, an incident has rattled some of the fans and the media. There is doubt now lingering about the authenticity of this love match.

My Opinion
The movie is not bad. Nice comedy and very touching actually.

Another Day Again holiday is fun so far....I still have many friends accompany me to enjoy the holiday....but time flies when you are having fun right.

Yesterday, I went back to Bt8 AGAIN because I'm going back to take my Real SPM result slip. Then Angel and I actually have a bit tour because I want to seek for teachers and friends. Saw Mr. Goh today, he is teaching the band while we were visiting, I miss my school band so much. Haih, time really flies. It had been two years since I've finished my SPM and graduate as a secondary student.

Later on , I fetch Angel to go to Sunway. Yes, your guess is right. I took my mom civic car to go to Sunway. Yeah me. Hehe. n_n

We watch a movie. The wedding game. I'll post an intro about the movie after this. We went to look for my Little Mountain 1st, OOOOO....I miss her so much, It is good to see her back, argh the bag in her shop is good. Wanted to buy so much but of course Little Mountain will stop my reckless behaviour.

Later on is Guamz shop. I need to buy the mask with special discount from Guamz of course. Hehe. Thank you Guamz.

Next stop is eating. Zenmai. Yeah. My 1st time though. Everyone had been telling me that Zenmai is much better than Sushi King so I went and have a look yesterday. Gosh, it is true. Not only cheaper but better enviroment as well. The food had a bigger portion than Sushi King. Not to mention they look and taste better a well. And the fish is fresh and sweet in the toungue. I'm so gonna go back again if i have chance. I ate Udon mee today as well. Love it so badly. the soup is the best. Next time I'm so gonna try the Cold Udon/ Soba.

Zenmai Cutlery

The Delicious dessert

My udon and green tea

The food of the day

They used to wear bracelet want but they finally can took it off. So cheers girls.

Xiao Rou and Me

Bright Smile

Sapo smile

After the movie, we went to find Eliz and Xiao Rou. Guess what, they are waiting for us at Zenmai again. Lor. Then we sit there and chat chat chat. took some pic then went to Eliz house later on.

We were waiting for YYY to finish class and we went to dinner. a special combination of me YYY Angel Eliz and Xiao ROu. Never had been like this before. We went to a tong shui po ( Dessert shop) at Bandar Puteri there. The fod is not bad. I was too hungry so I didn't even bother to take the pic of the food. Maybe next time.

The pic of the day ( I look sucks)