Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jared Birthday

Today is Jared birthday. My sis make a birthday party for him. Wah. All children . My dad and I were so awkward there. Cause all parents with baby. So I sit there and chat with my dad. But my dad left me there cause he is tired and I've to wait for my mom to finish work and go there. So my dad left and I wait there for my mom alone for one hour. Boring one hour and stupid me forget to put back my handfree back to my bag and left it at my pencil case. So boring + no music. More boring.When it's time to sing birthday song and go and take some pic lah. The birthday cake is so cute + expensive as well. But never mind lah. Once a year. So here is some of the pic.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Joanne
Although you are away from us but all of us still miss you so much
Love you

Finally . Sad

I think exam makes me until became a freak. I thought just want to change my blog layout turn out to be changing whole new blog web page. I think I had use more than 4 hour to get back all the pic and details and I'm not done yet. Still got something I've to do.

My exam was so far so fine. I know all the question. Just the matter I wrote the correct answer or not. Still got 3 more paper to go. Then I'll be having holiday. But my life so far is already like holiday. I suppose to study by now but I just can't bear to watch my empty blog. So I keep on adding things and changing things as well. Have to study. Tomorrow is Jared birthday so need to help my sister Then Friday will go to Karaoke with Kelly they all. Saturday will be my FOM paper. Then Sunday is my piano class. Monday and tuesday I've to resit my Micro and FOA. I'm going to dead soon. Very soon.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Edwin's Birthday and Jogoya

Saturday Night

As I mention before at my last post. I had a birthday party with Edwin on Saturday night. So here is the pic. Hope you enjoy it.

This is the birthday boy

The Pizza we ate

The atmosphere

The birthday cake

Cut cake

Me and the birthday boy

Last but not least the group pic


At last I went to Jogoya today. It's not at high class as I expected. Maybe just once is good enough for me. The food is ok ok only but the desert is great. Love it. Here is some of the pic.

I've watch this as well. Nice movie. Love Pavilion cinema.

Organisational Behaviour

It's a real long saturday.
My weekend seem to be very busy every week.
I woke up in the early morning.
Jared woke me up.
He miss me a lot every saturday morning that he has to wake me up and play with me.
Though actually I didn't sleep well on friday night because I was so stressful about my saturday paper OB.
So I woke up and play with him.
Watch movie with him.
He seem to be doesn't like me going to college on saturday.
I've prepare myself to go to college.
I've promise to study with Jian Pin on friday.
Lol, when I reach library that time only got boys.
Haih. Making me so paiseh a.
After finish studying with them I went to look for Sheue Shin and chat a bit with her.
Later it's exam time.
Well, it's not as hard as I expected.
Maybe because I memorize all the things in the note this time.
But I already know I've lost 12.5 marks fr that paper.
Before the exam I sms with Angel and know that they are celebrating Edwin birthday on Saturday.
Surprise party. I like it.
I attend as well.
I've got a lot of funny pic but I don't think I want to upload now.
I'll upload again when I got the pic from Edwin camera.
Going to Jogoya on sunday and going to watch The Sniper at Pavilion on the saem day.

Friday, April 24, 2009


What are friends for?
When you need them
They will appear and comfort you
When you miss them
They will appear and be there for you
Do all the things to make you happy
Share every moment in their life with you
Maybe that's too much
But friends is something you will need in your life
I love you guys and girls

Thursday Nite

Went out to pasar malam again. Hehe. Love it so much. But this time a bit special, Jin is the one who ask us out (1st time ever). He brought 2 friends come along as well. Well. Nice to meet them. Actually I've meet them before but last time I'm not very close to them only. No time chatting. Hehe. Notice some of their weakness at the same day. Hehe. Well. I enjoy alot on thur nite. Love going out during at nite. Have more mood.


I went out with Vivian and Rachel to go to yam cha again. Well, I'm not suppose to go out again nor blogging now but I really miss them till cannot tahan already. Very hapy meeting them. Chat alot. Well although we're having different lifestyle now but people seem to be same around us cause some problem appears to be the same around us. Haih. Human problem is the worst in this world. Anyway. I'm going to Jogoya for real this sunday. Hope there will be no changes . Cross finger. Tomorow will be OB paper. Study hard and get good result. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Me (2)

( My dad bought this to Jared yesterday nite at PM )

I always wonder
Why we live in this world
Full of happiness
Full of sadness
Full of unexpected things
We always have to guess what will happen to us in the next minute
You might go to toilet
I might went to bed already
Or you will play game and lose in the game
We wont know
We've created a word called appreciate
We have to appreciate all the things that had happen to us
Each and every minute
I still remember on my last CG
We have been given a paper to list down what we want in the coming years
Or at least what you want this year
Most of the thing I wrote in is about appreciate
I really want to appreciate every moment I had with you
Each and everyone
Though we only can stop until that step
No more further up
Just me and you
Friend Forever

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Desperate

I'm so desperate about time managing
Can someone come and help me about my time manage?
By the way
I bought a new pants today
Shopping era begin again

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My sis just said that I've very little cloth. Does that mean I need to shop more?


I went to watch a show with Rachel on friday. It's sort of like a drama but just that it's live show now. The show was great. I totally love the music. The sorting of the music is totally great. I heard they made the music themselves also. Great show. Here is some of the pic we took. Due to copyright they don't let people take picture during the show. Only some before and after the show pic. Enjoy.