Sunday, May 31, 2009

300509 / 310509

Another day yet another day. Went out with Rachel yesterday to buy Little Mountain present. Her birthday is on Monday meaning tomorrow. ^.^ Should have a lot of pic to post. But I'll try to minimize it cause it's space consuming. After that Rachel came back to my house and chat chat chat. Later on she went back to bath. BTW. She bought a really nice shoe from VOIR. Later on she come and fetch me and Vivian to go to Jin house. The last time we went to Jin house it's like 2 years ago but lucky Rachel still remember the place. That Jin too addicted to palying DOTA already ahven't bath oso. So 3 of u sit at his house and wait for him. We visit visit his house too. Never been into it. Very nice and preety. Like British style house. Very WHITE. Then we took some pic at his house too. Hehe. With his professional camera. ^.^ But still haven get the picture from him. Will get from him asap. Then later on we went to find Kelly and go to OUG eat. Nice Lamb chop.Later at nite we went to Jane K HOUSE to sing K. Hehe. Here is the pic. Enjoy ya.

After that we all went to Yum Cah until 2 only go home. Really break record d. ^.^

Friday, May 29, 2009


What does human being means?
How come it is so hard to predict human behavior?
Sometimes what we see does not means the truth
Though there might be a lot of secret behind it
What we see might be unreal
What we feel might be true
But we still have to be careful
Sometime even human itself also don't understand itself
Though love ourselves more
And try to look through people around you
So that you wont get hurt
And no harm in your life

Yet I've Done It

Finally I can confirm my result. I'm pass for first year. I can continue taking for 2nd year. No need to retake whole course. Thank god.

I went to pasar malam yesterday. Went to eat my favourite "Chao Tou Fu". But the boys didn't eat before. They were like keep on ssaying very smeely at the surrounding. But after I force them to eat. They say very nice. Haih. " Don't judge a book by it's cover"

My favourite "Chou Tou Fu"

Today went to KLCC after class. Me and my classmate went to watch movie. Yeah. We watch Terminator Salavation. LOL. The movie totally gives me a shock. Maybe the audio at the TGV too strong d. My heart beat so fast every fast and exciting action. Though it's a happy day. The boys follow me go around KLCC look for Little Mountain present. Not much happen though. Some pic of the day. Enjoy.

p/s: 1- Went out 1st time with Yn Sing and Tirashak
2- Listen and spoke too much today

Yn Sing n Me

Big bro in my class

Check out the hand sign

Watch this today. Yeah

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just An Update

Sorry for lack blogging lately. Kind of busy around lately. Bought a new thing and trying to handle it.

My college life has begun again. Well, this time is kind of different. I've to start as a new position. Temporarily position. My class rep went to Wataniah already so I've to replace her temporarily for 2 weeks. Well, it will be a very busy 2 weeks. I manage to pass my first year I guess. Don't have to retake whole course. Not confirm yet, will be double confirm tomorrow. But no matter what I'm still not satisfy with my exam result. I should have get better than that. No matter. Just have to work harder lo.

I've met almost all my lecturer . Only 1 less. Wow. It's going to be a tough sem. Change rules d. 40% coursework and 60% final exam. More case study and assignment to do. It's going to be a tough sem again.

Jane went to Kampar d. That day we went to her house to farewell her. Cried alot. Here is the pic of the day. It's going to be a busy week. Will try to update more story k. Hehe

Went out to watch movie with Connie on tuesday. We watch this movie. Nice one too. More like comedy. Hehe.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'll be back soon

Monday, May 25, 2009

An Update

Sorry for the lack update lately. Been really busy lately and a lot of thing happens. I'm not going to share all my story here so I'll just cut short and tell some nice story. I had a tea time with Jane they all yesterday to farewell Jane who is going to Kampar this Wednesday. We went to some shop to eat ICE. Sorry I didn't take picture of it. I was really forgetful lately. The ICE is really pretty though. I promise to take the pic of it next time. So here is the pic of the day.

I've started my college today. Nothing much really happen except the fact that I've to become class rep for 2 weeks due to certain reason. Well, wish me luck people. ^.^

I bought a new thing....^.^

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The picture of the day

Friday, May 22, 2009

Melaka Trip Part 2

My second day was Okay. We eat breakfast at the condo. We bring the food ourselves. Then rest a while and go to the Animal Park to watch the show. Here is some of the picture.

View from our Condo

Taking pic in the condo

The bird show

The monkey island

After that we take taxi to go to Melaka central and headed home. Miss home so much d. Hehe

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Melaka Trip Part 1

Hello everyone, I'm back to Kuala Lumpur again. I just want to shout:


Well, my trip was fun but not the food matter. The food in KL is still the BEST. I already very exhaust now because of editing picture so I'll post my first day at Melaka first .

The bus trip was fast because 3 of us keep on talking talking non-stop. Then we take taxi to go and eat lunch. Later on we went to A Famosa. We check-in then chat chat chat then went to Cowboys town. The town is not very pretty but the show was great. Love it. We dance and play along in the carnival. Worst thing about the show is they want us to take picture with snake and monkey. I'm okay with monkey but definitely not snake . Everyone is looking at me when I saw the snake bacause I'm running away once I saw it and I almost wanted to cry because of it. But I didn't manage to take pic with both animal as well because I ran. Lucky me. But Claire she voluntere herself to take pic with both of the animal. She's brave. Here is some of the pic. I tried to edit in Power Point so I don't need to upload so many pic. Give me some comment about my editing skil k. I need some opinin to improve.

Our 1st day lunch
Call "Kai Lup Fan"

The river at the red city

The fountain at the Red City

The Church

The reception centre for the villa's

Some part of the show during carnival

The fireworks
Love this the most
They even burn longer than countdown and prettier
Worth to go and watch this

Last but not least
The memorable pic of the day

Monday, May 18, 2009

Off Mode

I'll be away for 2 days. I'm going to Melaka tomorrow with Kelly and Poh Yee and will be back on Wednesday. Hopefully can take a lot of picture come back to post. Wish me luck guys.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Belated Mothers Day

I went to play badminton with Edwin they all today. My whole body now started to give me effect. It's was so sore all over my body. Then later on we went to OUG to eat Loh Mee but the shop didn't open so they just simply choose a restaurant to eat. I was totally no mood to eat things so I just sit there and watch them eat. What a ME. Later on I went home and bath and rest. Later at night me and my family went out to celebrate Belated Mothers Day. Here is the pic of the day.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 Things

I'm finally done my header. I've been working on it for hours. Don't think I'm doing it in a easy way. I made it with Microsoft Power point. I am so proud of myself today.

The uncle came and repair my air-cond today. My air-cond is not really cold and the weather is killing me so I ask my mom to find people to come and repair it. During the process they have to climb out from my window to repair the paip but my window had never been open. I mean the steal part not the glass. So the eventually they have to break the lock. Lucky I've a spare lock. So now my air-cond is fully repair. I tried to switch on for an hour just now. Mother it's damn freeking cold. Maybe it's because I'm sitting just below it. Lol

I've been practicing my Chopin pieces this whole morning. It's killing me to learn it. It's not hard to play but I just couldn't play it smoothly. I'm so mad about myself. Do a bit of theory also but need to work harder on it.

A women face is very important. Especially for my skin, oily skin. I had pimple all over my forehead. So I've wash my face when I was bathing as well as scrub. After that I've done mask too. I'll see how it changes. If it's good then I'll introduce in my post.

I'm going o Melaka next week. Since the student there is allow to go back to school then I think it's safe for me to go there too. Wish me luck.

Tou Fu Fah

Went to Puteri Mart yesterday. Jane say she want to eat a very special Tou Fu Fah( A kind of dessert)
So we go there and eat with YYY Jason and Edwin. So here is some of the tou fu fah pic.

Tong Yuen

Choco Chip

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Why do I have to make decision all the time?
Where to go?
What to eat?
Should I go to Melaka this time?
Which laptop should I buy?
Who I should call?
What I should do today?
How I should wear today?
Tie up all let down my hair?
Which cloth should I buy?
Which shoes I can choose?
Life is frustrating
And yet you still have to make all these decision everyday

Just Some Pic

I look ok in this dress but I didn't buy
this instead I buy the other one.
But I didn't take pic of it

Jane & me at toilet mirror


How come there is so many disaster coming along lately?
I had a friend family been through for a week.
I think I'll cancel my Melaka trip because of the new virus spreading there.
I don't want to die at a early age.
I so don't want to being exposed to any disease.
I have a very weak body.
So I went to sing K today.
Went to Amp Square.
I don't like it.
I still prefer Red Box.
So here is some pic of the day.

Jane and Eliz

3 of us



Edwin & Me


Edwin & Jason

Monday, May 11, 2009



My holiday seem to be kind of busy this time or I should say all my holiday seem to be very busy everytime. You can check back all my previous post about my holiday week. So how am I going to spend my holiday this time?

  • Facial appointment next Monday
  • Melaka holiday Next Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Planing to go to Genting now for 2 days 1 night
  • Practice hard on the new piano song I'm learning
  • Do hard and Do well on my piano theory (I'm not even that hardworking for my college homework)
  • Planing to sing K with Edwin they all(AGAIN)

Well, that should have fulfill my holiday plan
But I'm sure there will be something in between
Today only I spend my day with unexpected shopping
Didn't buy anything cause no money already
Maybe will go out yam cah tomorrow also
Who knows?^.^


Saturday, May 9, 2009

2nd Update for Angel and Jane Birthday

Unbelievably we took more than 100 picture on that no more elaboration ...Have a look at those silly pic bah...leave me some comment k...hehe

Group pic

Let me disturb u 2

Ashley & Edwin

Jane & Eliz

Posing > Cool