Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Four Season

Today indeed is a very tired day but I've used it wisely and did not left any time behind. I woke up at 5.30 in the morning to study my MIS then went back to sleep around 6++. Wake up again later and go to college for MIS mid-term. I think I've done rather well in the exam.

Later on we all went to canteen 1 to prepare for BMP presentation. Argh, I'm so so so so so so so dissapointed about myself. I can do better in the presentation. I should have done better than what I've deserved . Need to improve alot in my presentation skill. I do not want to do worst in the next presentation.

After the BMP we're waiting for eng replacement class. I called Rachel to tell her about my dissapointment. I'm really glad to hear her voice at that moment. I miss her alot x100. Haih. English class is equal to nothing. Play play play chat chat chat talk talk talk and discuss some assignemnt with eng teacher and I hate that part alot. =.=

Wayne is planning to organize a BBQ party at Wei Yin house. Yeah but also sad because I don't know whether i can attend or not. Hopefully can. I'm sure it will be a great party. I'm planning on our " Graduation Holiday " also. Seem like everyone is interested. Plan plan plan.

After eng class, we went to a restaurant call Four Happy Season at Wangsa Maju there to celebrate Yn Sing and Lee Ping belated birthday.
I'll let the picture to talk for me.....^.^

At Eng class

Toilet Pic ^.^


Leg Picture @.@

Pillow Pillow

X'mas Tree

Our Delicius Food


Happy Belated Birthday Yn Sing and Lee Ping

Look who is trying to " Pak To"
Ngek Ngek

Group Pic


Last but not least
Bus Stop Pic

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Presentation and Yet Again

I had my Personnel Administration presentation today. And we have took some pic as a memorable day................. ^.^

My Team Mates

My cutie frens

Yeah ^.^

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mid Valley Friday

In the last post I've said that I want to be hardworking and try not to skip class again. And yet, I've skip class today again. However, I've already made this arrangement weeks ago. I've promise Charlene to have a gathering to watch Harry Potter together but in the end only both of us watching. =.=

No matter, I still went to Business Accounting class in the morning. No reason to skip this class at all thus I attended this class. ^.^

After that, I went to Mid Valley to meet Charlene. We watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Maybe I'm having too high expectation, the movie is so so only but still very nice. Very funny this time but lack of fighting scene. =.=

I didn't meet Charlene for like half year or more. It's really nice to meet her back and chat chat chat. Tried a lot of shoes today but didn't manage to buy. No money. T.T Need to keep more money to go to shopping. ARGH

Here is the pic of the day. Enjoy.

What else is there to do while shopping?

Mi Sua
Love it ^.^

Watch this today


I grab this pic from Shawn Yue Facebook
Very cutie boy

Really busy lately. Everyday is full with assignment and works. I really need to get myself to be hardworking and not to skip class anymore. More and more coursework to do. I've to be hardworking ans start studying.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori 2009

I know I should have concentrate on doing my assignment but yet I just couldn't stop blogging here. At first I thought I wont have chance to go to this Bon Odori but luckily I've a really good friend who is willing to fetch me there.

Saturday morning should be fill with " MORE SLEEPING HOUR" and yet I still receive message to go to Sunway. Joanne say she want to go to Sunway for shopping. Since I've the mood so I agree. I've prepared myself then before I was going out, Angel sms and ask me whether I want to go to Bon Odori or not. Hell ya of course. So I went to Sunway with Joanne then later both of us wait for Angel to finish her class and fetch us go to this Bon Odori event. Here is the pic of the day. Enjoy. ^.^

Our Breakfast
Korean food is just not my taste =.=

The atmosphere

3 of us

Cam Whore with Joanne


Everyone is dancing with the performers

Group Pic

Shadow Picture

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Road Not Taken

I've been wondering lately. Am I taking the right road? Did I make the right choice? I don't know about it. It's really frustrating me. I went back to Batu 8 yesterday to make a party for Ms. Yap. I didn't take any picture so I don't feel like further elaborate it. After the party, I went to eat breaklunch with Eliz Yen Yee and Wei Keat. We went to Wei Keat house to sit for a while. Then I went to continue do my assignment. Later at night, I went out with Rachel they all. I've been really busy doing assignment and studying lately. So I might have to neglet my blog for a few more week. =.=
Here is some of the pic I took recently. Enjoy. ^.^

I skip class on the wednesday just to go to Old Town eat breakfast with Sheue Shin and I've tried their new drinks. And I tried a new kind of snack during me break. Both also taste nice. Yummy

My shoes. Can you see the reflected one?

I went to Little Taiwan yesterday. Taste a few kind of food and still okay. But really expensive. However, I enjoy the day very much. I'll always love you girls

I really can experience the poem above lately. For a better view u can click it to enlarge it.

Last but not least, a group toilet pic

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12th July 2009

I wake up early at 9 today. I sleep around 4 the night before. However, I've promise to meet with Jane and Hui Nee today and eat breakfast today. We went to OUG there to eat chicken rice. Not bad though. Then walk walk around and go to fetch SC and Foot and go back to Jane house to cut hair. Foot is helping me o cut my fringe. I thought it was a waste of money to go to hair salon to cut my fringe might as well ask Foot to help me cut. He cut mine and Jane hair. Not bad though. Then later on we eat at Jane house Karaoke room and went to her house and play. Edwin need my help to help him to do his assignemnt so we went back early to my house and do the assignment. Very tired now cause just woke up. Jin called just now ask keep on asking when we're free. He is having holiday now. LOL. Suddenly miss him so much after listening to his voice. I miss you too Rachel. How good it would be if you all suddenly appear at my house outside now and accompany me to finish up my assignment. Miss you guys. Will find you all soon after I finish up all of my assignment. Love you guys.

Here is the pic of the day. Enjoy.