Monday, August 31, 2009

Independent Eve Day

Most of you might think I'll be going to to celebrate and countdown on this day but so sorry to disappoint you all that I did not went to countdown. Instead I only went to Jane house in the evening to have a small gathering. Didn't do anything special as well. Glad to meet back Hui Nee. Miss her so much. Chat a lot with her. I went to Ramadan Bazaar near BHP there. Sometimes it's great to live in a country that have multi-culture because we can always enjoy different kind of festival and food. Here is the pic of the day. Enjoy.

Hui Nee & Me

Ramadan Bazaar

Happy Independent Day

Happy Independent Day
Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka

Been watching these lately
 Nice Nice ^.^
Funny Funny @.@
p/s: will update blog later

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long Long Time

It's Saturday and it's a shopping day. It's been a while that I went to shopping with Joanne and Kelly. It's really an enjoyable Saturday. We went to eat Pizza Hut for our Break-Lunch. Too full. Too regret that we ask so many to eat. After that we went to watch this movie Laughing Gor Turning Point. It's a really nice movie and worth to watch.

Nice Movie ^.^
Monsters at Mid Valley
After the movie we went to walk almost the whole Mid Valley. Walk until the leg also pain. We tried many cloth but didn't really get to buy what I want. Got a 30% discount card also didn't get the chance to use it. Sad case. I only bought a cloth from Padini Authentics. No matter it's still enjoyable to have window shopping. We went to have tea break after the long and tired walk.

The restaurant that we went to have high tea
Cam Whore 1
The restaurant environment
Cam Whore 2
Cam Whore 3
Our nice food
Sweet ^.^
Shadows and Fingers
Cam Whore 4

I went to Jane house to eat dinner at the same night. Long time didn't see Jane already. So paiseh cause everyone is waiting for me to eat dinner. No matter still chat a lot tonite and really enjoy a lot. Lastly is some pic of the dinner. Enjoy.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Day For 2nd year Sem 1

14 weeks pass in a blink of an eye. What have I done in the past 14 weeks? I still remember in the beginning of this semester, I really worried whether I can enter 2nd year or I've to repeat my 1st year. God bless that I manage to pass to go to 2nd year. Really worried. Then things just can't go right all the time until I've to start my mid term and start doing all my assignments. This semester is the worst semester since 1st year. College have change rules that now assignments and mid term will contain 40% of our finals exam marks. Another 60% will be taken from the final exams. So all of the subject this year also have assignments and all of them is very hard to do. No matter all those had pass. I only finish all my mid-term exam and assignments on week 12 and most of the mid-term exam paper is very tough. Luckily I pass all and get to take all in my finals. This 14 weeks has been my most tired weeks in TARC and also the happiest one.

The relationship among me and my classmates had increase a lot although sometimes there might be argument happens or some dislike among others but I believe every humans also have their weakness. Thus, I choose to accept rather than to reject it. ^.^

Waiting outside Mr.Johan room
Nice weather

The last day in this semester, I went to college to attend BE lecture. Last lecture in this semester. Later on I went to find Mr. Johan to do something regarding BMP and went to IOI to look for Charlene. We continue our account tuesyen. I've decided to release Statements of Cash Flow. Not only it's working is long but it's a waste of time. Too many things have to count and I only got 3 hour to finish this Account paper. So I don't really think there is enough time for me to do this question. I really have to work hard on account theory if I want to get an "A" for it. Ganbahteh.

Study Study

Later on Charlene and I went to IOI new wing. Padini Concept Store is having big sales but then I don't have money. Need to save money to buy Eye Cream. Save money Save money. We went to meet Angel later on to eat lunch. We went to this Penang Village. Angel say it's a new shop at IOI so we went there to have a try.

Penang Village
The Malaysian Best Choice
The environment is nice

Our food
All RM 9.90 per item

After our lunch + dinner, we went to eat SoyaBean Ice Cream as our dessert. If you are a person who like soya bean so much I'm sure you will like the ice cream so much. I'm not really fond to it so the taste is so so for me only.

The Soya Bean Ice Cream

Then Charlene say want to go back to the sales and have a look whether got things to buy or not. This is when the misery start to happen. I saw a really nice shoes. Heels and it's pink in color. 50% discount and last pair some more. Argh. But I've to save money to buy Eye Cream so I didn't buy that shoes in the end. Sad =.=

Toilet pic of the day

My day ended up at IOI Popular Book Store. I read Princess Diary and Charlene read a chinese book. The place where we were sitting reminds me back a lot of things. I still remember during my SPM period , I used to go to this very spot to study with Rachel they all. We were too lazy to bring books go there thus we directly take from the book shelf at Popular to study together. Everyone is looking at us when we were discussing the topics but we enjoy a lot during that time. We even have a group study where we went to
Rachel house to study about the subjects every friday's. There is this one friday that the weather is raining heavily and suddenly the electric shut down. All of us scream so loudly and laugh in the end. Nostalgic. I miss all of those so much. My secondary life is the best I've been through so far. ^.^

This is the very spot I used to study with Rachel they all

I might want to post about my secondary life one day . When I finish my final exams and have more time to find back all those nice memory. My exam is going to start next friday and I'm going to Mid Valley tomorrow to watch " Laughing Gor" with Kelly and Joanne. Ganbahteh everyone. ^.^

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mr. Liaw Chun Voon

Mr. Liaw Chun Voon is my Managing Information System lecturer as well as a tutor. He is a really good teacher that all my classmates also like him a lot. I still remember there is once where I overslept and late for his class for an hour but he did not scold me. Well,I tried very hard not to be late in his class anymore but sometime I think I just too lazy. ^.^

Anyway,today it's his last lecture in DBU. So we took some pic as a memorable. @.@

Me and Myself
 Classmates and Mr. Liaw

After that we went to BMP class as usual. Later on I went to Mid Vally to meet Charlene and study account. Tired day. =.= Still have a lot have to study. Sad.
 Zenmai new cutlery 
My favourite Udon ^.^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Butterfly Fly Away - Hannah Montana Movie

Butterfly Fly Away - Miley Cyrus

You tuck me in,
Turn out the light
kept me safe and sound at night
little girls depend on things like that

Brush my teeth and comb my hair
had to drive me everywhere
you were always there when I looked back

You had to do it all alone
Make a living, make a home
Must have been as hard as it could be

And when I couldnt sleep at night
Scare things wouldnt turn out right
you would hold my hand and sing to me

Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who youll be
cant go far but you can always dream
Wish you may and wish you might
dont you worry hold on tight.
I promise you that there will come a day
Butterfly Fly Away
Butterfly Fly Away (butterfly fly away)

Flap your wing now you cant stay
Take those dreams and make them all come true
Butterfly Fly Away (butterfly fly away)
We been waiting for this day
All along and know just what to do
Butterfly Fly Away

(Butterfly Fly Away)

(Butterfly Fly Away)

15 Malaysia

Potong Saga

A laugh-out-laud film about a Chinese boy's misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account.

Funny yet meaningful.
I think only Malaysian can understand this.
Foreign friends can ask me if you don't understand


An Indian boy is asked to build a model of his house at school. 
A tale on the social economic plight faced by many Malaysians.
Meaningful story
To know more you all can visit 15 Malaysia

Monday, August 24, 2009


Life's a climb but the view is great
Hannah Montana The Movie

It takes a million year to build an earth but it just need a second to destroy it
Appreciate what you see now
And enjoy it

Puteri Mart and Sense

My phone rang damn early this morning. My mom called to go out eat breakfast with brother family and sister family. We went to Puteri Mart because my sis in law want to go to that market to buy stuff. Nothing really special about the food to introduce but really enjoy playing with both of my nephew today. ^.^

Jared and Hins
Later went home chat MSN with Jin for a while then decided to go out at night to go to have a drink. Too bad Kelly can't join us. We went to Sense and eat eat eat and play play play and study study study....^.^
 Vivian and her hot Mocha

Take pic with the tree @.@
Study @ Work
 Play Play
Study study study

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Full House NZX

Today indeed is a tired day. I woke up early morning to wait for Edwin they all to come to teach Ling Ling how to play a piano song. So I teach and of course we play along in the duration. Took a lot of silly pic. ^.^

Silly Silly
Then later at night Joanne call to go out yam cah at Full House. So I went. Then Mr. Driver don't know how to go to NZX ended up I've to call my friend Jian Pin to help or else we really going to get lost. So end story and let the pic to do the talking. @.@
Me and Myself

Full House

The Enviroment

Play Play Play

The Food
More play play play