Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The center court of KLCC is always covered with people. Have you ever wondered who are those people and why are they sitting there? Most of you might think they are just looking for a place to rest and that is why they are sitting there. But here is some of my imagination comes.

1) A man is sitting there waiting for his shopaholic girlfriends. Although he don't like it but he has no choice because he love his girlfriends so much that he is willing to give his credit card to his girlfriend and let her swap the card and whenever the girl hand is full with bags. She will go to the center court to look for her boyfriend and pass him all the bags and she kiss him and say how much she loves her and she continue her shopping spreed.

2) A spy is sitting there looking at his target and writing down one of the target routine. SHOPPING. He is observing which shop does the target often goes to.

3) A boyfriend who is having lunch is thinking the best way to propose to his girlfriends. Looking at the Tiffany and Co. shop and thinking which ring should he buy to his girlfriends which will bring him victory when he propose.

4) 3 man who is still single but they are reaching 30 in one month. So they are sitting there and see whether there is any suitable girl that might coincidentally fall to them and start a new love story. This story can goes to girl as well. Just vice versa.

5) The people are too tired to walk in this huge KLCC so they are resting there. (^.^)

This is all I could think of. Spread your imagination and tell me what you have you imagine. I know I'm being boring and you all might think why am I posting this lousy thing but hey, what is life for. If there is no imagination will there be so many movie and novels? Who knows, some of my imagination could be true (^.^)

Cousin Sisters

One things I cherish the most is my families. I went out with 2 of my cousin sisters from Cameron Highland. They came to Setapak to study and work. Since I'm having holiday now might as well spend some time with them. 3 of us can't get a chance to gather when my college starts. Everyone will be busy like hell. 

So we went to KLCC to watch a movie called Accident. It's not a bad movie but not a nice movie as well because there is no peak point in this movie. Everything seems very flat to me though. I even late for 15 minutes because my cousin sister is late. Nymph.

After the movie, we went back to Genting Klang to eat steamboat. I got pass by TAR college. Gosh, the college look so lonely without me. Haha. Just joking. Everyone is having holiday now except A-Level and Form 6 students. Too bad.

We went to a really nice steamboat shop. I'm glad we have this gathering. 3 of us chat a lot but one of my cousin sister is having a tooth pain so not in a real good mood. Poor her. We plan to go back to Ipoh together to find my uncle there. My little cousin brother is there as well. They told me he become very fat. LOL.

After the delicious steamboat, we went to this Thailand market to have a look and see whether there is anything that is worth to buy. Many funny things happen as well. It's just too usual for me and my cousin sisters to play like maniac and keep on talking each others weak point. No harm feeling of course.

We went home after that. Well, my cousin sisters is not the kind of girl like me who love to take picture so sorry. No picture of them. Here is the pic of the day.

The pic of myself before going out
This is a theory I'm going to tell in my next post

Steamboat. Yummy Yummy

The Thai Market


Monday, September 28, 2009

Pre Mid-Autumn Festival

Went to sister house to have dinner yesterday. As usual I sure want to play with Jared. My cute cute nephew smile sure melt my heart. After dinner, I play candle and lanterns with him (Jared actually call all these as "birthday" because there is candle and he can blow it) I thought the whole things is very pretty so I took picture of the environment. Then I ask Jared to show some pose for me to take picture then he ran back into the house (=.=) I was thinking since he don't want to take picture also don't have to ran back into the house so I follow him and see what happen to him. Oh, he is looking for my sis handphone and he want to take pic with me (My sis actually allow him to do that though) Yes, my 3 years old nephew can take a camera phone and take picture. He even can play my laptop. Brilliant right? Ya, I know he is my sis son. Haha. So back to topic, I took picture with him and oh god, he really do have skill. Don't think that Jared couldn't take pic at all. He can and no shaking hand as well. My sis sure taught him well. Here is some pic of the day. Enjoy.

p/s: Mid-autumn festival is coming soon and I have no activity on this day. Anyone want to go out celebrate with me (^.^)

My brother-in-law decorations

See, I did not cheat you all

The lantern

Jared is trying to take pic of the lanterm
Amazing right (^.^)


I need to save money
I need to work
I need to save money
I need to work
I want a camera
Thinking Canon or Olympus or Sony

I need to save money
I need to work
I need to save money
I need to work

Autumn Concerto (下一站, 幸福)

下一站, 幸福

Autumn Concerto

Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. He’s the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice hockey player. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation. That is until he meets Liang Mu Chen, the new bento seller at his school canteen. Although orphaned at a young age, Mu Chen does not let her past affect her and lives life with great passion and determination. A harmless bet brings the two together and Guang Xi slowly changes as Mu Chen teaches him how to give and love. Tragedy strikes when Guang Xi suddenly has to go through a major brain surgery which causes him to lose his memory. His mother begs Mu Chen to leave him and the latter has no choice but to do so. Little does she know that she already has Guang Xi’s child.
Six years pass. Mu Chen lives a quiet life with her young son in the countryside while Guang Xi is now a successful lawyer and is engaged to He Yi Qian, the kind and beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery. A strangely familiar piano piece stirs Guang Xi’s heart as he struggles to recall his past romance with Mu Chen. How will the couple make up for six years of lost time? Happiness, which stop will I alight at?

This drama seems like a very nice drama. Just finish watching Easy Fortune Happy Life ( 福氣又安康) and they have this new drama trailer. Oh my god, This drama look so temptation but I think I'll cry a lot watching this drama though. Can't wait for it. Hopefully they have more than one episode per week or else I don't know until when only I can watch the ending of this new drama. Excited (^.^)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miss You

My sis came and visit us yesterday. Actually we are the one who suppose to go to her house to visit her since her leg is injured but she say she want to come to the morning market near my house so yeah, she came to our house. So happy that finally I can meet Jared. It's been a while and I miss him a lot. Kids now a days is really growing very fast. Thank god he still remember me. Nothing special happen so there is nothing to post actually (^.^) Here is the pic of the day.

Jared & Me

Another pic from Michael & Shane b'day

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Ugly Truth

I went out with Rachel and Charis yesterday. We went to Sunway to watch a movie called "The Ugly Truth". Love the movie so much. So funny and romantic yet horny. I don't advice underage people to go and watch though. Not good for you all. 

It's the first time I go out with Charis. Kind of regret didn't get a chance to take picture with her (>.<) I only remember to take the pic of the food because the food look so beautiful. We plan to go to Zenmai at 1st but the restaurant still haven't open so we change to Kim Gary. We shop around Sunway after the movie. Too bad my favourite shoes don't have my size. They have 50% discount for it (>.<)

The most embarrassing things that happen yesterday is I thought I'm talking to Rachel but actually the girl I was talking is another girl. I look at her shoes and keep on thinking "Rachel did not wear this shoe today and she definitely wont wear this kind of shoe" Then I know I'm talking to the wrong person. I told Charis that I thought the girl is Rachel then she laugh so hard. OMG. I'm so embarrassing. We were at Vincci shop by the way.

Here is the food of the day. Keep your saliva to yourself.

Mango Sago

Spicy Noodle

Soup Noodle

Spaghetti (My Favorite)

Tony Romas Fries
Love them so much

The Ugly Truth
Nice movie
Worth to watch

Friday, September 25, 2009

Once Upon A Time

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Woke up early in thins morning and prepare myself to go for badminton. Once again, I did not sleep well the previous night. Still facing "exam lag". I wait for Kelly to come and fetch me to go to the badminton court. 1st time sitting on Kelly's car. Very scare at 1st but things seems to be better after that. So Kelly, Ai Yee, Rachel and I went to meet up with Vivian. We already book one badminton court near my house. We only saw Jin car but don't know where he has gone to. Vivian and I ended up looking for him (=.=) It's just like I guess, he is playing basketball with his friends. We don't want to bother him so Vivian and I went back to the badminton court and lay badminton. Jin came and join us later and we start playing. Overall the games was fun except the part I already don't know how to run for the shuttle cork or jump for it. I only want to remind myself not to hit the shuttle cork after all the bad experience last time (>.<) And when I thought my nightmares has end, my darling Rachel "gave" me one shuttle cork and YES it hit my HEAD AGAIN. Ai Yee even wost. Got hit into her breast from Jin. All of us win and lost as well and this has makes my day.

Badminton Player

The messy Rachel and Me

We went to eat Wantan Mee after that. It's just a small stall next to the road but it turns out to be a very delicious shop. We chat a lot there and the food is good. Like it. Kelly and Rachel came to my house to take something and they went back home as well.

I thought I want to have some rest but then Eliz called me to go to One Utama to watch movie. Well, I know it will be though to meet her when she start college next week so I said yes and I faster go to bath. Eliz came and pick me up and she is bringing her younger sister to go along. That was a surprise.

We plan to watch G-Force and we went to BBQ plaza to have our lunch. It was a blast. We ate a lot but we did not pay much for it cause we have student card. We went to watch movie after lunch. The movie was great. Very funny and touching. Not to mention it's very cute too (^.^)

We went for shopping after the movie. Let me tell you all. Shopping in heels definitely not my choice. Not only it hurts my leg but it makes me tired as well. I went to Padini Concept Store to buy present from my mom. My mom gave me money to buy my own present. I bought a shoe as well because my old shoe is spoil (>.<) Yenny bought a red heels shoe from NOSE as well.

BBQ Plaza Food 1 


Eliz & her sis

Yenny & Me

My present from mom

My new shoe

Nice movie

Yenny and I went to Eliz house to play Lami after that. I miss Jane so much. Wish she could be there. It was an exhausting day yet fun.

p/s: Finally I know why my sis don't like to bring me to go to shopping with her when I was young.

" Doll " present

The Present

The back of the " doll"

Bunny (=.=)

A birthday present from Foot and Hui Nee
Thank you so much

p/s: The title was name so because Foot told me that he will give me a doll as a present but in the end it turns out to be a bunny. He say the bunny look like doll. Hehe (@.@)

Watch this today
Overall is ok but it's funny

Michael and Shane Birthday

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Another busy day. Though it was not a good day for me. Skip the detail straight to the point. I argue with Mr.Z today and I guess that is the end of our friendship. I admit I did wrong but I apologized. So I don't know what will happen next.

I went to Eliz house to see the result of the cake and all of us tried the cake. It was a blast. Everyone likes it although it's kind of sour.

When every things has ready we gather at Jane house and decide to go to Old Boy at 1st but the environment is very disappointing and we decide to change place to Station One. I'll leave the pic to continue my story.

Jane & Me testing the cake

Me cutting out the cheese cake

Jane with Ashley

The Birthday Boy

Yenny and Me

Cut Cake

The Birthday Cake

Boys Group Pic

Group Pic

Shane and Me

Nicholas & Me

The Boys

Jane with the birthday boys

Me with B'day boys

Boys pic
Girls of the day

Yenny & Me

B'day Boys