Friday, October 30, 2009


Message: I have no idea why I wrote the title above.

So I went to MOS last night. It was a great experience actually. 1st time going clubbing but I have no anxious feeling at all. Don't ask me why because I don't know either. Maybe I've no reason to be nervous at all because Eliz is with me all the time. I meet back 2 of my primary friends. It's kind of weird meeting them back though. MOS was pack yesterday and a lot of Malays went there too. I meet Seow Wee at there as well. Our first time. (^.^) I only took one picture yesterday because the environment is too dark for me to take any picture. I need a digital camera. (>.<) I went home rather early because Eliz does not feel well. Now I'm worried that I'll get addicted to it because I kind of like the environment though. (^.^)

Joanna, Eliz and me

I've presentation for Economics today. " Kan Cheong Dou " (Meaning very nervous in Cantonese). I did my preparation the night before but then I couldn't understand the answer. I got the answer from my friend but I couldn't understand it at all. I was so scared about it because our presentation for this subject is consider as an assignment and it will take in account for final exam marks. I'm so nervous that I've presented wrong answer or I couldn't answer the tutor question. Thanks god my presentation skill is still there and I still manage to answer the tutor question. Pass with 8/10 for today presentation.

After today class, I went to KLCC with Sheue Shin. I meet Foot in the LRT station. He is on his way going back home. Then we went into the LRT together. Sheue Shin and I went to cinema to buy ticket for the movie "Poker King". Then we went to Sakae Sushi for our brunch. Finally I get to eat Japanese food. It's been awhile that I did not enjoy Japanese food. KLCC Sakae is much better than Sunway branch. Their food is nicer and more fresh.  We meet Edwin, Xue Ying ( Edwin GF ), Ling Ling and Kai Xin before the movie. What a "Friends Day". After the movie, Sheue Shin and I decided to go to Dessert Bar to have a try. We've spotted that Cafe for some time and we guess it's the right time for us to go and have a try. The dessert did not dissapoint us. It taste great and the environment is good as well.

Here is the pic of the day. Enjoy. (^.^)

Sakae Sushi

Sakae Chawanmushi, Tamago maki & Tuna

My brunch
Tori Udon (Yummy)

Sheue Shin Brunch
Curry Udon
(It taste much better than I thought)

The dessert
Yokomo Macha

The Dessert's Bar

Table 3
Latte Macchiato

The Dessert
Pannatini and Brownie with Ice Cream

Sheue Shin



Spotted this opposite the Dessert's Bar

The movie of the day

Note (1) Things is getting much better already
Note (2) Will you think of me everyday at 12am sharp?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Babysitting Day

Why am I sitting in Starbucks at the previous post? Because I went to Sunway Medical Centre as early as 7am. My mom need to go to Market so she drop me earlier to the medical centre. I don't want to disturb my sis and Jared sleeping because the time is still early so I went to Starbucks to sit and wait them to open. Thanks god they open their wifi 24 hours. I ate breakfast at Starbucks then went up to take care of Jared. All I can tell is taking care of a kid is very exhausting. I wonder how my sister get hold with it. Jared discharge today. Things been going well so far. Hopefully he can get heal soon. Here is some pic of the day.

My breakfast bread

I love this
Caramel Machiato

Blogging at Starbucks for the 1st time

The healthy Jared

Where am I?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Heart Ache

It was a tired day for me today. I've promise to bring Sheue Shin, Yn Sing and Seow Wee to go to TGIF today. However, we have to go and take our text book before that but my class boys is so not gentleman that we have to take for them also. At the end I have to call them back and take themselves. So 4 of us went to the new Wangsa Walk. It's more like the old IOI. We went to TGIF 1st because we were so hungry and we actually chat a lot there cause we got plenty of time. Then we went in to the Wangsa Walk to look around. They got Popeye's there. Sheue Shin and I plan to go there next Monday. (^.^) They even got Cold Storage there. I love Cold Storage because they sell a lot of different country food. We went back to college after that.

The 4 girls of the day

Sheue Shin & Me

Yn Sing & Seow Wee

Me with Yn Sing

Seow Wee & Sheue Shin

Yn Sing with Sheue Shin

Seow Wee with me

The appetizer
~ Mac with Cheese
~ Boneless Chicken Wings

~ Sizzling Chicken with cheese

~ Cajun Shrimp Pasta

~ Mocha Latte
~ Strawberry Parfait
~ Oreo Chocolate Mint
~ Snickers Treat

We found this large pumpkin at Cold Storage
Halloween is coming soon (^.^)

Sheue Shin with that 2 little corn

This is what the girls will do in class during free time

And when I thought everything's seem perfect, my dad called me during my Finance tutorial class and told me that Jared admitted into hospital. I got a real shock there. Thus, I went to Sunway Hospital once I finish my class. Poor Jared he slim down a lot. He did not eat and drink for 3 days because he will vomit once he eat or drink. Doctor inspected he got virus or bacteria inside his body. I went home around 12 today. I was so exhausted and tired. And when I thought that is the end but I got a news from my dear. Her mom admitted into hospital as well. Sad (>.<)

Jared don't have any hand injury
His hand is wrap because the doctor scare he move a lot and
he will move the needle that connect to the glucose.

He was very boring at hospital though


Small hand become big big hand

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Too Boring

Sing K

Well, I don't know why am I so lucky or maybe because I have a very good friend. Kelly called me last night and ask me whether I'm free on Saturday or not because she want to bring me go sing K. I remember she told me the other day at pasar malam that she will be going to sing K with MYFM DJ on Saturday at Neway Puchong because her friends won a competition and get the chance to sing K with MYFM Dj's. Kelly told me that is the one that she is going to bring me to. Well, I did not have any plan on Saturday so why not join her. But I feel very bad to Kelly friend because she miss this opportunity and I'm the lucky one who got this chance.

So Kelly came and fetch me today around 1 and we were the 1st who arrive. After a while we saw Wai Fun and we had a great chat with her before others came. There we 7 pairs including us. Then the Dj's are
Wai Fun, Royce and Mei Yan with 2 workers from Astro I guess. We take pictures and sing K. Food is provided but too bad I was too shy to take the food picture. I didn't really sing because I can't read Chinese and my childish voice does not encourage me to sing.

The best part of the day is the girls have to pk with the boys. The girls fought real hard and it's really fun. At the end of the party, we have to record some words for MYFM and tell how great the party was and how great after winning the competition. Of course we did not purposely make out the words because Royce already wrote to us. I think it's very true for what he wrote because the competition is really great. There were actually a guy won RM1500 Neway singing coupon. How many times can he go to sing with that amount of money? So the competition is really great. I had a great day today. (^.^)

p/s: I heard from Wai Fun today that being a star is really hard and stressful because they have to perform their best every time because once they fail, they will be in big trouble to be famous again. Lam Fung told Wai Fun that he only used 13 days to prepare for his concert and he is really scare the time is too short. He don't want to fail the concert because it will drop down his popularity. I guess different job has different difficulties.

p/ss:  I went to Neway sing K today. Eat Neway nice food. Drink 2 Ice Honey Lemon and I pay nothing. I even got chance to meet, sing and take picture with the DJ's and I pay RM0.00. What could be better than this? (^.^)

My outfit of the day

The empty Neway room

Me with Kelly

With Wai Fun

Kelly & Mei Yan
Me with Mei Yan

With Mei Yan

The beginning of the party

Royce sing K

 Royce writing the script

With Royce

Royce with me
Wai Fun with me
Doing the recording

Us with the DJ's

Preparing to take the group pic

Group pic of the day