Monday, November 30, 2009

One More Month

I know I should be studying instead of cam-whoring but hey, today is the 30th November 2009 which means that 2009 left one more month or to be specific that there is only 31days left for year 2009. Time flies. I wonder what I have done for my past 11 month. (o.o) I'm going to have 2 test tomorrow. It's going to be Tamadun Islam and Business Management test. Wish me luck guys. Appreciate the time you left in year 2009. Make sure you have done what you what to be done in this year. Chaos.

p/s: I've got my fringe back. So happy. (^.^) As usual everyone says that I look very childish in fringe but hey, don't you feel it's better than straight ones. Hehe

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon

I went to watch New Moon with Yenny today. I've wanted to watch this movie for a long time. Since I did not get the chance to watch Twilight at the cinema. I so don't want to miss out New Moon. I got a real shock when I reach the cinema. It was around 10.30 and the line to the counter is so long already. Yenny and I waited for almost and hour just to buy the ticket. Then Yenny say that she want to eat a special french fries and so we went to the store.

The many type of varieties of french fries

Yenny flavours

Miss Yenny Yap and the french fries

I've tried the french as well. It taste awesome and nice. Thanks to Yenny Yap recommendation. Later on, we went to eat my brunch while waiting for the movie. We went to this Ramen shop just below the cinema. I did not really remember the shop name because I'm too hungry to do anything else but to take picture.

Chicken Karage Ramen

It's movie time. There is good and bad about reading the book 1st instead of waiting for the movie. Reading the book can makes me understand the story much better and I can know the storyline faster instead of waiting for the movie for the whole year. But after reading the book and go for the movie is making the movie very boring and since you already know the storyline, you don't get any shock or surprise at all. However, watching the movie can sort of taking all the things inside your mind and make it into a real film and it's real. Books it's just the paper with our own imagination. I know you all don't understand what the hell am I talking above. Sorry. Back to topic, the movie is sort of nice but since I already know the story line from beginning till ending, so I don't feel any surprise or touch. Just a bit at the Jacob part when Bella decided to leave him. Yenny on the other hand, feel very surprise and anticipating at the movie because she did not read the book. The movie was kind of dragging though. Talking too much like me now. Haha. The "lame" ending making a lot of people kind of anticipating about the next Twilight Saga: Eclipse especially Yenny who can't wait and keep on asking me whether will Bella married to Edward. Later on, we went to shopping while waiting for Eliz to arrive. We aspect she will be arriving in an hour. Yenny and I shop around Sunway and we went inside Kitchen. We found the same dress and we tried and we love it so much. We bought the dress and we directly went to toilet to change the dress. Same outfit for the day. (^.^)

Twilight Saga: New Moon

Yenny and I sit at No: 13, 14 in the cinema
(1314 in cantonese means forever, friends forever)

Yenny and I before entering Kitchen

After Kitchen
We change the same dress with different color

Christmas is coming soon. The christmas decoration so beautiful at Sunway. We went to the main hall to take picture. But before taking the picture. Yenny and I went to Starcbucks and wait for Jane, Seng Chea, Eliz and Kang. We went home after taking picture with the decorations. I hope I can go to Sunway with Jared and take picture with him.Picture time. (^.^)

The lights

Yenny and the cupid

Seng Chea & Jane

Yenny and I

No candy No x'mas

Spotted cute girl with Mr.Black & White

Us with Mr. Black and White

Them with Mr. Black & White

Jane with me

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ninja Assassin

I mention before in a previous post that I've won a pair of ticket to go and watch a movie premier called NINJA ASSASSIN. So I went to the movie premier which is located at Mid Valley. I went with Edwin because I couldn't find anyone who can fetch me and interested to go and watch this movie with me. Be frankly, I have no idea what is this movie about before the screening. I only know I've won the movie premier ticket coincidentally and I've got the chance to go and watch for don't know why. I rarely go out and watch movie at night because of transport problem.

So what I would have comment about this new movie which perform by a very famous Korean Actor Rain. I would describe one word. BLOOD. There is so many blood inside this movie. It's terrifying. It's very exciting. It's funny. It's a very nice movie to watch. The storyline is very interesting and it's out of my expectation. It's actually a very touching and sad story but yet still very terrifying and exciting as well. Got a shock in a few parts in the movie. Overall the movie is very worth to watch.

Here is some pic of the day and some introduction about this movie. NINJA ASSASSIN

Me with the ticket

The ticket (Front)

The ticket (Back)

Edwin & Me

Sure got camwhore


Raizo (Rain) is one of the deadliest assassins in the world.  Taken from the streets as a child, he was transformed into a trained killer by the Ozunu Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth.  But haunted by the merciless execution of his friend by the Clan, Raizo breaks free from them…and vanishes.  Now he waits, preparing to exact his revenge.

Europol agent Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) has stumbl upon a money trail linking several political murders to an underground network of untraceable assassins from the Far East.  Defying the orders of her superior, Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles), Mika digs into top secret agency files to learn the truth behind the murders.  Her investigation makes her a target, and the Ozunu Clan sends a team of killers, led by the lethal Takeshi (Rick Yune), to silence her forever.  Raizo saves Mika from her attackers, but he knows that the Clan will not rest until they are both eliminate


Check out his six packs

Naomie Harris
p/s: oh ya, I forget to mention how terribly good is Rain fighting scene is. It was really awesome and so good and nice and  really good at those fighting scene. I guess he really work very hard for this movie. Go and support this new movie guys and gals. (^.^)

p/ss: Thank you Nuffnangs for the free movie tickets. (^.^)

I'm Sick

First of all, I would like to declare one thing. I LOST IN THE WAR. I'm sick AGAIN. For god sake why do I have to be sick whenever I'm having exam or when I'm very busy with the assignments. The bacteria started to attack me on Sunday. I thought that I'll be better on Monday after having a good night sleep. However, my night ended up with misery. Not only that I couldn't sleep but I'm having a very heavy migraine as well. My head is killing me so much. I barely want to wake up on the next morning but I must because I have an assignment that is going to due soon. Like very soon. So I push myself to wake up and go to College. I did not even bother to attend the lecture or the replacement class or the tutorial class. I went to college for like 2 hours and I cannot stand on it anymore. I can feel the heat is going up and I went home. And I thought I can attend the Finance tutorial class.  I so don't want to miss that VERY IMPORTANT class. I have to work triple harder to catch up what the teacher has teach. FINANCE IS VERY HARD.

No matter, I still choose to go home. I so don't want to think what will happen to me if I suddenly faint at the college. I straight went to my bed once I reach home. Oh ya, I forget to mention that the journey from my college to my home is around 2 hour. Imagine me sitting on the LRT and bus for 2 hours. I thought that I would be better off when I wake up. FML. It just getting worst. So I had to go to my last choice. DOCTOR. I don't hate doctor of course but I don't like to meet them either. I've went to hospital too many time and I've meet many doctors before but I still don't like to visit them.

Here is what the doctor had told me:
You had a little bit of fever and the infection at your sore throat is not very bad. Regarding your migraine, I think it's because of your sleeping late habit and you are giving yourself too much stress and thus it causes tension to your body. Relax and sleep on time should be ok.

So, the doctor has given me some Tension medicine and the usual fever, sore throat and antibiotic. I got a real shock there. Having too much stress is not something that I would expected from myself. It reminds me back about Angel incident. Sigh.

I like the Tension medicine though. I can sleep for 12 hour non-stop after taking in the medicine. For an insomnia patient like me, sleeping like a pig is what I'm always hoping for. (^.^) But don't worry people. I'm going to be better soon. Very soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

胡 歌

I did not realize that there is such a talented actor until recently. I've known his existence since a few years ago. I was having my SPM that time.  I still remember that I was cutting back a lot of my TVB drama time because it's the most important exam for me. Actually I cut all. I miss out so many Raymond Lam drama and Nicholas Tse movie as well. What to do, I'm having SPM and I should have concentrate 100% for the exam. However, there is this one day, I was waiting for the water to boil so I can make Milo for myself as a supper. I study until very hungry. While waiting for the water to boil, I switch on the Astro and simply press on a channel that I usually don't watch. It's a China channel and I'm not fond to the China drama. However, there is this drama that attract me to watch the channel because I found a small little girl whom I think she can act very well. So I continue watching the drama even though it's my SPM period. The worst part is I actually influence Rachel to follow me and watch. Oh god, I'm such an evil friend because Rachel also addicted to the drama. So, this drama is my only entertainment during my SPM period.

The drama I'm referring to is 少年杨家将. This is a very nice drama and worth to watch. Very touching and have a very good story line. "He" actually perform well in this drama but there is too many people acting in this drama and i did not notice that he actually can act well.  So a few years later which is now, I found another drama act by him but this time I finally notice that his acting is beyond what I expected. I did not realize before that he can act so well. I mean, it's really change my perspective towards mainland actor and actress.

After all these long talk I still haven introduce this guy to you all. I actually stated his name as my blog post title. His name is 胡歌(Hu Ge). The very recent drama that I've watch is 仙剑奇侠传三。 Inside this drama, Hu Ge have to portray 3 character and I must praise him that he actually perform really well in each of the character. I totally recommend this drama to everyone.

Hu Ge is not only a good actor but he likes to take picture as well. His picture inspire me a lot. You all can have a look here at Hu Ge Blog. There is one post that is written inside his blog said these


Translation: The very one who couldn't eat the grape said that the grape is sour. However, saying the grape is sour is not enough. They must say that the grape is spoil already. My brother is going to become grape juice soon. (Thanks to Miss Yenny Yap, I finally understand the statement above and manage to translate to English. Oh ya, I'm a BANANA as well. Got critics by Yenny cause I have to ask her to help me translate)

Meaning of the statement: The one who did not do anythings keep on critics on the stuff. Saying the stuff bad is not enough. Must tell until the stuff is worst of the worst. Hu Ge is putting the grape situation towards one of his friends.

Actually the whole phrase sound much meaningful in Chinese and I actually like this phrase very much because I found it so meaningful and I actually had the same situation before. *sigh* Less talk. It's picture time. Oh ya, I forget to mention. This guy is very handsome and cute as well. (^.^)

p/s: If anyone notice, I'm actually using his face as my blog header. I can't resist it. He is too handsome. (^.^)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Rachel finally got time to go out with me. It's been a while that I did not see her because she is kind of busy with her exam and family stuff. Kelly join us as well but she did not take any pic with us today. At 1st we thought only want to go and buy some necessaries stuff and have a brunch together as gathering like that. But we ended up buying so many stuff because IT'S MEGA SALES TIME. I'm so happy. Some more it's the 1st day of mega sales. All stuff is still new but yet discounted so much. So happy. (^.^) We went to this new restaurant at IOI at New Wing. At 1st I brought 2 of them to go there because it's a new restaurant and I want to try new things only but it's actually ended up very well because the food there is really nice and really worth to eat. Had a really great day with Rachel and Kelly. I really enjoy the day but the heart ache as well because I've use a lot of money in one day. Sigh. Have to postpone my plan to buy the camera because of mega sales and I have to go and do rebonding. My hair is getting really ridiculous. Sigh. Here is some pic of the day. Enjoy. (^.^)

This is the restaurant we went to
It's located at IOI Mall New Wing

The Menu

The drink
Ice Honey Lemon Tea
Taste like normal only

The Soup of the day
Mushmroom soup
Totally recommended
There is a lot of mushmroom inside and the soup is thick enough
Very nice and yummy

Main Course No.1
Dory Mushmroom
The dory is very fresh and the spaghetti  is not bad
Worth to try

Main Course No2
Grilled Chicken Chop with Honey Lemon sauce
Not bad but for those who don't like lemon I suggest you all to choose other sauce
Kelly don't like this sauce but I like it so much

Rachel and me
I told you all my hair ridiculous
So long didn't take pic with Rachel

Friday, November 20, 2009


Went to KLCC today with my college friends. We plan to go and watch this new movie called 2012. I've been waiting to watch this movie  for a long time. Finally can go and watch since I've finish up my 1st part of mid term. Going to have one week rest then I'm going to do my 2nd mid term. We went to Sushi King to have our lunch. It's been a while that I did not go to Sushi King due to the existence of Zenmai (^.^)

The Cutlery

Seow Wee & Yik Ying
Busy sms-ing boyfriend

Finally got time to take nice nice pic

Sheue Shin & Me

Sheue Shin, Seow Wee & Yik Ying

YikYing Salmon Garlic Rice

Yummy Yummy

Sheue Shin Fry Set

The portion is enough for 2 person though

Seow Wee Kodomo Bento
One of my favourite set at Sushi King

My Sake Kat Don
The Salmon is fresh and sweet

Philadelphia Maki

Everyone is giving a really good comment about this movie 2012 including me as well. the movie is so nice and so real. It's like 2012 incident is really going to happen. Wei Yin cry while watching the movie. Actually I feel like crying also but I keep holding up the tears because I don't want to feel weak or look weak. This movie is totally recommended to watch.