Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wood Noodles aka Pan Mee

Date: 26th December 2009
Venue: Noodle Village, Bandar Puteri ( The restaurant is next to AmBank only)

This is another food blog. Adeline called us to go to her previous working places to have a dinner. It's a Pan Mee shop. Let me introduce some of the pan mee that we ate that day. We choose a lot actually because Adeline want to try out the new variety of pan mee. All of us share the pan mee to taste each of it.

The cutlery

This is the original pan mee with loh mee sauce. Taste well. New comers can try this as a starter.

This is a cold pan mee with brinjal and meat sauce.
Taste good. A little bit of spicy though. I'm still wondering until know whether did Ken put in the chili sauce or the pan mee itself is already spicy.

Another cold pan mee with preserve vegetable and meat.
Taste like normal only. Not too spicy not too salty.

This is definitely one of my favorite. This is Chaw Pan Mee aka fried pan mee. Taste like Chaw Keow Teow but it's much better than that. I love the noodles whereby it nice to chew and taste really good.

This is Chicken Sauce dried pan mee. Again it taste like normal. I did not taste the chicken but from what I observe, Jin and Kelly both like the chicken. I guess it does not taste bad. Haha

This is a cold pan mee with preserved dry duck with some vegetables. I don't like the taste but Ken sure does because he recommend this to us. Others seem to like it as well. Different people different taste.

This is the Tomyam pan mee. VERY SPICY. I only tried one spoon. All I can say is it's not bad and the guys seems to like it so much. Worth to try I guess. Haha

Comment: Overall I think the restaurant is not bad though. Good environment and good food. For those pan mee lover, this place must be a heaven for you because they have so many different variety of pan mee. This restaurant have different kind of snack as well. The price range is not expensive. All I can say is affordable.  My recommendation is the original Loh Pan Mee and the Fried Pan Mee. Both taste great and nice. Hope you all enjoy you food.

Kelly, Adeline and Ken
Thanks to Adeline and Ken working experience at this restaurant, we manage to find out such a good restaurant to eat next time. (^.^)

What would a day be without a group pic.
This is the gang of the day.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Christmas 2009

Date: 25th December 2009
Location: Jane House and Domino Restaurant

Sorry for the lack blogging. Been really busy or maybe I should say LAZY lately. I don't know why I don't have mood to do anything at all lately. This is bad because my finals is coming soon. Damn shit that the exam time table is so scheduled pack but if it's a good news as well. Better end my misery soon. Sigh.

So how I spend my Christmas. At 1st my girls and I plan to go to Look Out Point but there is some interference so we change plan to have a party at Jane house. Be frankly, I wasn't really happy on my X'mas day because maybe I'm still mad at someone and a too many party is tiring. Especially when those boys just sit there and wait for the girl to do everything. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder, a good looking but not gentleman guy is better or a not very good looking but a very gentleman guy is better? How often you meet a good looking and gentleman guy? Don't think about it. There wont be any perfect guy in this world. If you really want to meet one, go to sleep and dream about it. Regarding the too many people party, all I can say is sigh.Though unpleasant, I'm still happy to meet back all those secondary friends. It's been a while since we meet last time. Haha.

Back to topic, Yenny, Jane, Hui Nee and I went to Domino and Cake Sense to buy the food for the night party. Damn shit that all those Domino is heavy. Should ask for delivery next time.

Yenny and the Homesoy

Hui Nee and Jane
Laughing non-stop cause of a laugh. Haha


Yenny and Jane

 We went to fetch Foot later on and went back to Jane house for the preparation.

The X'mas cake
A little bit out of shape

Jane and the very cute dog.

The girls

Some of my secondary friends

Hui Ying and Angel

 Tat Chin
He is the photographer of the day. All those nice nice pic is taken by him.

Long time didn't take "ji mui" pic liao. Haha

Joachim and me

The girls of the night

My favourite group pic
Merry X'mas Everyone

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Eve 2009

Date: 24 December 2009
Venue: Puchong Pappa Rich and Caff, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Christmas for 2009 is over and in less than 4 days I'll reach my "2" world. Hey, wait a minute. I still got 9 more months to enjoy my teen. I'm a September girl after all.

Back to topic for today post, is my Christmas Eve. I enjoy my Christmas eve a lot. I got a lot of surprises and meet back a lot of long time no see friends. Off talking. Let's go with the picture. (^.^)

My prisoner outfit. I know I don't look good in this shirt but I don't know why I love this shirt so much. Haha.

The gonna exchange present

Charlene and me
Pardon my face lah. Very tiring that day for no reason. Sigh.

Winnie, Jane and Yenny

Charlene, me and Vicky

My exchanged gift from Yenny Yap. That lazy girl lazy to wrap the present and just simply put it in a Elianto plastic bag and staple it only. Got mumble by all of us. Haha. Inside is 2 pieces of mask. Still thinking whether should I use it or not because I'm really afraid in trying new things. Sigh.

Vicky and me

Jane with the exchanged present

Charlene and Vicky

Our group pic of the day

Some of us went to IOI to shop after the gathering. Then I went home and prepare for the 2nd round party. I was suppose to go with Kelly, Joanne, Vivian and Ai Yee to Caff to celebrate the eve but who knows that there is actually a surprising guest is waiting for us there. Haha.

Adeline came back from Hawai and gave us a real surprise and shock. I was waiting though because Foot saw her at TARC the other day and he already told me. I was hesitating whether want to believe him or not. Haha.

Winnie and Edward

Joanne with me

Ken with Adeline

Joanne with Vivian

Ai Yee with Kelly

The boys
Edward, Guamz and Ken

The girls of the night

The appetizer
Mushmroom soup

Main Course 1: The lamb

Main Course 2: The pork

Main Course 3: The turkey
I choose this. I prefer the lamb actually, taste better but mine is not bad as well.

Dessert: Tiramisu

We girls really love each other so much. Haha

The group pic of the day

The dinner was not bad actually but it was kind of expensive. Sigh. Guam is so generous that he invited us to go to his new bungalow house to continue the party. FML his house is so damn big and his house got  A LOT OF BIG MIRROR. So damn jealous. Haha.

Me with Ai Yee

What would a night be without alcohol. Haha

The going exchanged present

The girls

The last group pic