Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yenny 20th Big Birthday

Date: 23th January 2010
Venue: Logenhaus Restaurant, Taipan and Jane House

 The January baby request to have a dinner at a western restaurant so Eliz brought her to a restaurant that provide nice and cheap western food. Personally I love that restaurant so much because their food is really good and the environment is not bad as well.

This is the restaurant we went to.
It's located at Taipan.

The Cutlery

They serve garlic bread as appetizer. 
The bread taste good.

The Latte

I forgot what is this. I don't even remember who order this.

My Cappuccino was great.
Not too sweet and taste great.

Spaghetti Carbonara

I think this is the Chicken Chop

This is the Chicken Burger. I think!

The 1/2 Roasted Chicken

This is my dish. Guess what is inside.

It's the combination of Ham, Sausage and side dishes.
The taste is good and the portion is big as well.
Recommended by Eliz.

This is the birthday girl YennyYap.

This is the twins. Best Friends as well.
Eliz with Yenny.

Me with the birthday girl.

Us girls

Group pic.

And this has mark Yenny Yap Teen age and enter into a brand new different stage of life. 

We went back to Jane house after the dinner.
A celebration with the red wine really makes the day.

Eliz with me

Kian Wai with me.

Yenny drank the red wine and got drunk. 
She barely make it to blow the cake before she fall out.

This is how Yenny look like while making wishes.
I wonder did she make the wish or she already fall asleep.

She suppose to take pic with the cake but her eyes is still close.

We bring Yenny to Jane room after the blow cake session because basically she is already drunk.  The boys play the cards and went home earlier. We girls do our own things and accompany Yenny till she is fully awake. What a night to be remember forever.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Night

Date: 16th January 2010
Venue: A Restaurant at Bate 16,Puchong. Near the Famous Bak Kut Teh at Batu14.

There is no reason for gathering but since Jane is going back to Kampar soon so I might as well join them for a dinner. But sometime I really don't understand guys. When people ask them what they want to eat they just keep silence and when problems come they blame on the girls. Sometimes it's better to make suggestion to avoid mistake rather than sitting their silence lor. Sigh.

 Hui Nee and Yenny

Jane with me

Luke with Kian Wai.
I wonder why they laugh so happily.

Jane with Seng Chea

One of the special thing about this restaurant is they serve the rice inside this pot. 
And you can refill until you are full.
This is one of the reason why we came here.
The boys eat like monster. 

Fried Tofu with meat.

Mar-mite Pork

Fried Brinjal.
This is the dish that keeps me going back to this restaurant.
This dish is so delicious.

Lemon Fried Chicken

Well, after dinner sure need to find things to do right.
And this action has become a habit to us now.
The guys are so cham. Haha

Cubit Tan Teck Hsiang

The happy Kian Wai and dreaming Jason

I love this pic. Got some feeling there.

Pour water to the guys.

Clip the boys head.

Us girls.

With Her (s)

Date: 11 January 2010
Venue: SMK Batu 8, Puchong and Shabu Shabu , Kuchai Lama

I miss my form 5 years so so so much. It's really been a great time for me because I live with NO stress. During my secondary time, I can pass all the subject even without studying but now in college, even if I study does not guarantee that I can pass the papers. Sigh.

It's been a long time that I did not go back to my secondary school ( I go back every year ). So I went back with Rachel they all before my finals start. I miss those old times I had there. But sometime it's really so unfair. The facilities at my secondary school change dramatically good. I mean very good. New building and everything. Not to mention my school band is going to have their own concert soon. I don't even has a change for band exchange but now my junior tell me that they are going to have their own concert. So sad. I'm demanding a refund from Mr.Goh soon. Haha.

So we meet up with Pn. Ooi at school and went to take the English 1119 certificate. I did not take any picture. Paiseh mah. Later on, we went to Sunway to have lunch at Zenmai.

Zenmai January Sushi.
Something related to the scallop.
I personally don't like it because it does not taste well to me. 

We went to a small shop later on. Well, it's been a really busy day for me because I don't even have time to rest then I rush out to meet Jane and Hui Nee for dinner. At 1st we really can't decided where to eat and after all the argument and finally we have decided to go to one of the Buffet Shabu Shabu Restaurant at Kuchai Lama and recommended by Hui Nee.

For those who don't know. Shabu shabu means steamboat but a person has it's own pot. For those who really care about hygiene ( Like Hui Nee ). Shabu shabu is definitely a good choice for you all. (^.^)

This food is not bad. You can find most of the common food in there like fish  balls, different kind of vegetables and etc. This restaurant even serve sushi and some cooked food. Drinks, fruit and dessert is provided as well. 

Once again, I makes Hui Nee day. All my little action also can make her laugh. I swear if I'm a guy she will fall in love with me. Hold on a minute, she is my "wife". Haha. It's been a real good time for us to have small talk and chat about future and stuff. Sometime friends is nothing but to share things. I had a great night with both of them. (^.^)

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Year Eve

I know February is coming already but I just got all the picture from Adeline, Guamz and Jinz. And up until now only I got time to write this long day post. I mean like we really went out whole day on the new year eve. It's going to be a long post. Please be patience while reading this post ya.

Date: 31 December 2009 (LAST DAY OF 2009)
Venue: Adeline House, OUG pasar malam, Little Tree at Kuchai Lama and Guamz House

So what have we done on the last day of 2009? We went to Adeline house at 1st because we want to visit her new house.

Adeline house balcony

Joanne made Adeline Chocolate Banana Cupcakes.
Yummy Yummy
Kelly with me

Jinz, Kelly and Joanne


We took a lot of this kind of pic. 

The best among all.

We went to OUG pasar malam after that. Because Adeline miss Malaysia food so much. This is the best among all of them. Chow Tofu (Nasty bean curb).

We went to this restaurant after pasar malam session.

Guamz and Jinz. 

Ken and Adeline

Vivian and me

Joanne with Kelly

The 3 boys
Fu Hou, Ken and Chun Loong
( I hope I spell their names right )

Jin with the HUGE drink

4 girls

We went to Guamz house later on for countdown and to see the fireworks.


Taking silly pic again.
Check 1 2 3 4 5

We no face see people

Yeah. So funny taking all those silly pic. 

That's the end for our new year eve.

New year new life. What has past is the past. The future is ahead of us and it's nothing more important than that. I love you guys so much and I'm still glad we're still the best friend ever. I hope that we still can be gather together for the coming many many years. 
Happy Belated New Year Everyone.

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