Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bai Nien

Date: 20th February 2010
Venue: Luke House

Visiting friends is one of the thing that we Chinese will do during Chinese New Year. Well, I'm not an exceptional as well. I went to Luke house with Jane they all. Another reason for visiting his house it's because he has move into a new house and we wanted to see how his new house look like. Of course we did visit some other friends house as well. Here is some of the pic while we visit Luke house. It's been a while since I hang out with Jane they all. It's been a real great time to meet them during Chinese New Year.

Jane with Hui Nee 

With me along. 
Oh my. I love both of them. 

The girls
Jane, Cindy, Hui Nee, Ling Ling and Suet Ying 

Hui Nee with me. 
I need to work on those promise that I've made with her or else she is going to kill me soon.

With Luke along

Jane with mua

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Princess Day

Date: 20th February 2010
Venue: Full House, Sunway Pyramid

It's been a while since all the girls can gather together and have a nice chat during Chinese New Year. Thus, we have decided to have a small gathering and chat what had happen to each other life's so far. I suggested to go to Full House because I want to have a look at the environment at the new shop and it did not disappoint me at all. It's really pretty and warm. The food was delicious as well and worth the price. I'm very satisfied with the princess day after all.

The menu book


 Ice lemon tea

Appetizer: The mushmroom soup.
The is definitely one of my favorite. 

 Main Course : Mushmroom Spagethi

My main course : Fish fillet with smashed potatoes

The many varieties of the dessert

 They have a very nice chandelier

They sell cloth too

 Full House has a very good environment

Suei Wan want to start eating already

Kelly finished eating already

Saw Sunway mascot


Joanne is promoting her phone again

Suei Wan, Rachel and Kelly

Vivian, mua and Joanne


Vivian and Mua

Kelly don't know calling who

She is going to kill me

Rachel and I in the mirror

 The gang

The bestie

The princess of the day

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Understand

Life is meant to be hard ; Yes, I know that
Life is meant to be difficult ; I know that as well
There is no short cut in life ; Please don't remind me of that
If there is no bitter then how will you taste the sweet ; Don't make comparison for both of them
Life is meant to be boring sometime ; And I'll spice it up
Work hard only you will get what you want ; I prefer work smart rather than work hard
Life is reality and not fairy tale ; But fairytale do come true right?
Have you made your choice?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Temple Story

Date:19 February 2010
Venue: Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom, Banting.
It was a last minute plan to go to this place. I had no idea that I'm going to this place until I reach home. I don't even know where I'm going until I reach there. All I know is I'm going to a temple. I got a real shock when I see the decorations of the temple. Went to have dinner with the sis and family then walk around. There is so many people there. Have a look at those pic bah. (n_n)

I love this pic so much

This is not Astro Boy

Red Lantern


My sis family + Mickey

My daddy with Jared

Last but not least
My sis and I
Don't we look alike

Monday, February 22, 2010

1st Day of Semester 6

Semester 6 is my last semester for my diploma course. Time flies without me noticing. This semester is going to be a short semester and the time table is so pack. Thank god that I only had 4 day class for this semester. This short semester is going to end at the end of April then I'll be graduating. That feelings makes me feel really scare and horrible.

Today is the 1st day of the new semester and I hate it already. I wish that my holiday can be a bit more longer. I had 2 lecture today. From 8.30 till 1 pm. That few hours feel like 10 hours to me. It feels like it wont end. The stupid me did not sleep last night because of nervous ( I don't know what I'm nervous for ) and to watch the Autumn Concerto. I thought it was the last episode but it's ended up not. What a disappointment.

I already almost fall asleep on my 2nd lecture which is Company Law. I had no idea what lesson I've learn today. I went to watch movie with Yn Sing they all after the lecture class. Can't wait for it actually because there is one movie that I want to watch for a long time but yet still haven. So finally I watched today.

If you are looking for laughter then I encourage you to go and watch this movie. 
I bet you can laugh till the stomach pain. 
Overall the movie is not bad but not as good as I expected though.
I don't really find the meaning of the movie inside.