Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Not Good At All

I'm going to cry out loud soon in front of Little Mountain
I don't know how to express my feeling lately
I try to make everything to be as perfect as possible
But my mind keep on thinking about thee date
Why do time must go clockwise and not counter clockwise
It's been 2 years already since I started my college
I feel like the time is really flying
Today is the last presentation for my Diploma life
Did not manage to take picture today because all of us had a very exhausted day
Imagine we start from morning 8 till 5 in the afternoon
Really feel like dying at the end of the hour
Really really sad
I wonder when I'll cry like how I felt when I was in Form 5
Is this a life routine that will happen non-stop
p/s: 2 more weeks till finals

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Blind Side

You know what is so great about movie?! It's actually giving you a lesson without you noticing. This is why I love to watch movie so much. My parents used to scold me that I watched too many movies a day. Even my tuesyen teacher scold me the same thing. But the one thing they don't understand about me is, I actually learn what I watch. In other words means that, I tend to manipulate what I've watch and learn it. It's a life lesson. Don't ask me why I want to manipulate what I watch because I have no idea as well. It's like a habit. I tend to look for more and special movie that really worth to watch. What's that surprise me this few year is, I don't really seek for funny movie anymore. Yet, I tend to look for some that I really feel like it's worth the watch. That's explain why I have cut back so much on the TVB and Taiwan drama. No matter. I still want to introduce this movie to all of you. It's the 2nd time I've watched this movie. 1st time yesterday night and 2nd time today. Why?! Because I want to fully understand this movie. "The Blind Side"

To know more about this movie, click HERE

I'm not going to make a synopsis about this movie because if you want to know about it. GO AND WATCH IT. One thing that I can tell you is, this movie might change your perspective of life. It did not change mine because I've adopt this kind of perspective before and still thinking about it. Wonder what? Go and watch the movie. I must comment that Sandra Bullock has done a real good job in this movie. I totally love the personality of the character. She has done a real good job in this movie. 

Did I mention that this is a real life story? Yes, what you will watch in the movie, there is a real person that has experience the same thing before while he was young. Imagine a 18th years old big boy, did not sleep in a bed BEFORE. Now think how grateful you are to have your own bed since you were young. I'm totally going to keep this movie and let Jared and Hins to watch when they have grown up.

This is Lily Collins. She portray the character Collins in this movie. I must admit. 
She is one real pretty girl. So pretty and has some kind of personality.

Feel odd about the picture above? Go and find out by watching this movie. 

Like I say, this is a real movie. This is the real Michael Oher and his family.

T.H.E  E.N.D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

When 1 Don't Work Then You Go For 2

Date: 26th March 2010
Venue: Yenny House

It's not much but Yenny and I really tried to do our best to surprise the be-lated birthday girl. But luck in not on our side or maybe the birthday girl herself is too clever. Very hard to surprise her though. So we went to Yenny house to have a small celebration with Eliz (since last time did not really went well). What happen next is the most outrageous thing. We went to Port Klang at 10pm just to eat seafood. Well, all because Eliz really want to go to 1 restaurant there. But too bad the restaurant did not open so we went to another restaurant instead. I did not take a lot of pic. I'm too tired and hungry to do anything yesterday night. I went through a very dramatic Friday due to some reason.

The be-lated birthday cake

Eliz with her cake

Happy Happy cut cake
Happy Be-lated Elizabeth

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sometimes Old is Better Than New

Date: 20th March 2010
Venue: Otak-Otak Palace and My Honeymoon at IOI Boulevard, Puchong

One of the Saturday routine now has become like searching for food to eat. One strange thing about me and my friends is we tend to look for new things to eat unless we really miss that restaurant or have no other choice to go. But this Saturday only left Joanne and me. The others is too busy to go out with us. Sigh.

This is the MENU book
Remember where you have seen this kind of book before?!

 The surrounding is decorated by "memories"

This is the old fashion cup + bulb

No joke. It's all over the restaurant.

 My Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang
Feel like I went back to primary school and the lunch box along

Joanne san food
Ayam Percik

1st time tried 
Vita Milk + Cincau
They replace Soya to Vita Milk

Joanne order Kopi
Combination of black + white



After a long chat at Otak-Otak, 
both of us decided to change place to continue chatting
I forgot what is the name of the dessert d.
But I don't like this dessert from My Honeymoon

I prefer this
But it's not as tasty as I thought
So much disappointment for this dessert restaurant

Joanne try to promote the cute cutlery


Okay, life lately was as tired as usual. I spent some time to read a book (Like finally got time). I used only 4 hours to finish the 463 pages. Break my own record already. Yippy. 

This is the book that I've read yesterday night. 
It's going to be shown in movie soon. Can't wait for it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Once Story (Part 3) Australia Trip

Okay, this is more to human picture. Please bear with my "used to be" image. Now I really wonder how I'll look at myself today in the coming 10 years? Childish much?!

 My grandma and I

Wide Sky

Mua with the ocean

My aunt with my cousin bro
I forgot what is the name of the car but I know my aunt
and grandma use this car to travel around Australia

My uncle try to capture the waves mode here

Me at Brisbane

Mua with the cute Alpaca

My uncle is inside the tree
Apparently it can be done at Australia

With the parrot
Kind of scare experience for me
Those parrot BITES

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Desktop Background

Recent desktop background

You know what
I suppose to study instead of blogging of going to Facebook
Or maybe I should really shut down my laptop for good
But the weird thing is
I can't stop it
I have no mood to study at all
5 minutes before I was staring at the note
5 minutes later I fell asleep
How great am I
How the hell am I going to take the exam later
Kind of nervous and scare now
But yet still not willing to go to the notes now
Can anyone tell me how to find and search for study mood?
Very frustrated now

Monday, March 22, 2010

Surprise Much


Dear readers, you all don't have to press play for this video. This video is merely one of my piano exam song. I don't know where the hell I suddenly got mood and recorded it down and post to my youtube account. It's not the best cause I only play once and then sms hit me "Wei, tomorrow got 2 paper to study?! ETC" And that ruins my day (And I still blogging here. Kaka)

p/s: For those who know and care, I've choose to study Advance Diploma in Commerce (Business Management) after getting my sister advice ♥
Jahat Kakak bought new phone that I want. Sob Sob.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland at Mid Valley

Date: 19th March 2010
Venue: Mid Valley

So I had another accounting session with Charlene yesterday. Gosh. My head is so reject all those information. Luckily I did not choose accounting for my major course or else I think I'll cry out loud. Next week is even worst, Finance. Gosh. Who create all those subject?! WTH. No matter, I still manage to take a lot of picture of the new Mid Valley decorations. Be frankly, I don't really like the movie but I love the decorations so much. Hope you all enjoy looking at the picture.

 Alice in Wonderland
Already in cinema

 Some of the character in the movie

Big big mushmroom

The happy flowers

The mad flower

More and more mushmroom

Mua with the mushmroom

Mua with Charlene

They even prepare a tea party table there

 Argh, I'm shrinking

For once, I'm short

I like the big mushmroom
But I hate my face expression

Apple tree much

The End

p/s: He will be the last person that I want to be with.