Friday, April 30, 2010

Crying Out Loud On Joanne Birthday

Date: 28th April 2010
Venue: Wings, Bandar Puteri

Thinking back the secondary life really makes people feel so nostalgic. I actually did not plan for this but yes, most of us cried on Joanne birthday. Though the beginning of the party had some trouble (speaking of this I really want to thanks a lot to Guamz. Still feeling very guilty now for needing him to drive 2 different way. TQ) but yet we still manage to make something memorable for Joanne. What is a birthday for if there is nothing to remember right. It's all started when I show Joanne a video about the departure of Adeline a few months ago. I guess Joanne must have miss Adeline too much that she cried out. Since the birthday girl already cried so I think it's good to make everyone cried together. At least the birthday girl wont cry alone right. So I gave an idea to give a speech to Joanne about the feelings and journey we had with her. I'm the one who suggested of course wont cry but as I expected some others did cry. Though it's not the best night but at least Joanne heard some of our heart word on her 20th birthday. (Okay lah, I admit I only cried when I reach home. I miss my secondary life so much. A happy go lucky life. Sigh) So here is some pic of the day.

The birthday girl

Birthday wishing

Sit in front of the mirror is my favourite

Mua with Guamz
Group pic

And free style

Not Only One

I'm sure most of you will face the same problem before. Different friends that is apart  from your own class. So I had the same experience. I've face the same thing while I was in secondary and same goes to my college life. They are having a different class with me and Little Mountain and yet we've got the chances to meet at lecture hall. Sometimes friendship is all about fate. I'm so glad that I've meet them.

Ah B and mua

Ah B and Little Mountain

Constance and Little Mountain

Yingki and mua

Yingki and Little Mountain

Swee Jia and mua

Though we came from different classes but yet 
we still got the chance to meet each other

Happy Happy

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The End Of The Journey

Date: 8th April 2010
Venue: Tunku Abdul Rahman College

It's the last day of our Diploma life. Almost everyone came just because everyone want to get tips from PRM teacher. It's a fun day though. We always get a lot of laugh at PRM class cause the teacher talk a lot. I was kind of surprise that I did not cry on that day. Maybe I really started to grow up already. And I shall put an ending to this memory with pictures.

 This is my PRM sir

Little Mountain oh Little Mountain

Lee Peng and sir

Little Mountain and sir

Mua and sir

Very concentrating on listening to the guideline and jokes

Class Photo #1

Class Photo #2

Class Photo #3

Class Photo #4
And that is the end of 2DBBU3 Year 2008 till 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Once Journey I Had With Them

Date: 6th April 2010
Venue: Tunku Abdul Rahman College

It's the last week of the semester and it's the last semester that we're going to have together. It's been a 2 years journey already. This 2 years past with sour and sweet, bitter and spicy. It's part of our life I guess. Getting together and we shall separate one day. Life's is meant to be meet and separate all the time. It's just depends on how you think. Our class begins with empty-ness and now it's full with memory. And here once again to create a memory before everything ends. After all, it's still part of our story in our life.

 Laughter might be the best things that can symbolize our class
Cause our class is the most happy go lucky class

The many faces of us

The twins pic of the day

The girls pic

The boys story

Happy - Go - Lucky

Presentation team mates


And I shall end this post with my class pic
Sayonara 2DBU3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last One

Date: 26th April 2010
Venue: Chilis, KLCC

So, it's the last paper that I have to sit for this semester. Incredibly there is so many of them join us for the last dinner for this semester. And I thought it might be only me and Sheue Shin. So, now we shall let the pic to speak for us.

By the time we reach Chilis is already 5pm something
But it's the 1st meal of the day for most of us
All too nervous to eat before exam

Sheue Shin and Rainie

Us 3

Rainie and Wei Yin

Rainie and I

Sheue Shin and I

So now let's get ready for all those yummy-licious food
Don't drip saliva on your keypad ya

Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers

 Fish and Chips

Monterey Chicken
My dish taste absolutely great
Especially the mashed potatoes and the gravy

The dessert is the everyone's favorite
Molten Chocolate Cake
It melts everyone hearts


 Dessert is every girls best friends

Wei Yin, Heng, Mun Keat and Wayne

That Wayne always don't co-operate one

A "romantic" dinner

The DBU3 gang

Us girls
Don't worry, we know who is the guy behind us
It's not a stranger

Shopping Gang

Wayne and Sheue Shin

Ivan is trying to pretend the guy on the poster

And that is the end of the day
8 of us has once study in the same class room
and now it has been a 2 years story

 We went to watch this movie as well
It surprise me so much because I did not thought that Malaysia could actually produce such a high quality movie. The storyline is great and the movie actually has put in a lot of high tech touch and all the kissing scene did not cut off. A very nice movie to watch.