Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love & Like

Have you all really wonder and thinks about the difference between Love and Like. You can like a person very much but that does not mean that you love that person. You can love a person very much but yet you might not like that person. You can like a person but then when time goes by, that feeling somehow will change and become love. It's just a 4 letters word but somehow it's a very complex thing. This 4 letter somehow can change the perspective of out life. 

Situation 1:
You like you friend (Opposite Sex / Same Sex) and he/she has been treating good to you but then somewhere in your heart you knew that is the limit of your relationship with him/her. Thus, you just can't love that person.

Situation 2: 
You don't like you family. Nagging and all the scolding makes you feel frustrated. But yet somewhere in your heart you knew you love your family because it's the one last place that you can go for when problem comes. 

Situation 3: 
You've been friends (Opposite Sex / Same Sex) with that very person for sometime. He/She has been there for you all the time when you need a person. Both of you has been sharing thought and memories together. Spending time with each other seems to be not enough and wanted more. Slowly it changes and becomes love. A love that makes you hurt but yet happy at the same time. 

All there situation do not only happen between family and couple but same goes for friends. But then how do we evaluate all these? We actually don't evaluate it. We don't and can't evaluate our feelings but then it will tell you the answer when the time goes by. And when you finally know the answer, it will be the day that you finally realize what you need the most. And you will finally see whether were you should put your heart to.

I'm still searching for the right place to put on now. Sometime it's very easy to say it but yet it's very hard to achieve. Perhaps someday sometime, I'll truly find the true place for it.

"Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, stupid little fights and all our lame jokes.. I fell in love
But then I know it deep in the heart that you are unreachable"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ya, I'm Not Happy

So many things that has happen recently and I don't like most of it. Life just have to be so frustrating all the time. When you thought you've found some happiness in your life, there would be a things that came out of no where to makes your life to become a trouble. I don't ask for more. I just want a normal life that I can smile decently everyday. I'm sure that is not a too over request. But life just wont let it to be perfect.

Working life has been a very new experience to me. Meeting with new people and works with them makes me feel weird. One thing that I've learn is I've age gap with those who is older than me. I don't know why but I just seem don't click with them. But so far still so good. Good as in there is no personal argument YET. (I don't promise for anything regarding life). Everyone seems to be disagree with my plan. Either continue full time study or continue working or full time working, part time studying. There is always someone there to reject my plan no matter which one that I've chose. It's just so frustrating sometimes.I even think that perhaps I should fail again so that I can have more time to think of what I want and what should my next step to be. Has been confirm as a full time worker last week. I don't really have a special feeling towards this acknowledgment though because Lynn has been treating me like a full time worker all the time. As in teaching me all the things that I should have know. What do you expect? She already brought me to go to Singapore on the 1st month of my work. Well, I shall see what I can do for my future then. There is still a month before the exam result comes out. I shall use these times to think properly of my next step.

Family has been random as usual. Nothing big happen expect the fact that I've seen my parents less and less because of my working. There has been once that I did not see my mom for more than a week. Got nagged by her for this case. Well, I've been trying very hard to spend some time with them but my working hours kill my days. Same thing goes for dad, I went down to watch dramas with my dad on one Sunday. He suddenly tells me that I've not been sitting in the living room and watch dramas with him for a very long time already. My heart felt guilty. I know I should have spend more time with them but yet, it's something very hard to do. I'm just too selfish to protect myself. Perhaps I should have open my heart more to them and see how it goes.

Friends has been my 1st priority all the time but than there is so many things that has happen recently makes me lost confident in making friends. I've been thinking, am I treating others too good? Mostly answer me yes. But somehow this positive personality becomes my negative point. I've decided to become more selfish in being friends. Of course not to those that I love. To those that I think I should not care that much. Please don't blame me for having this thinking. I just want to protect myself more. "I would rather to be alone than being betray".

Love life has been changing and it's not good. So not good. In fact I think it's just so wrong. So not suppose t happen. I hope it can fade away in short time. I just don't want it to be near me again. "Out of sight, Out of mind" Once again please don't hate me for this. I just want to protect myself. "If there is no end, then what is the point of walking forward at the 1st place?"

Well, I've updated most of my life in this post. The reason for me to do so is because I've realize my relative from overseas read my blog to know me and my family life. Well, life been good at Malaysia. Don't worry.

My life is all about work, piano, theory, friends and Restaurant City now. No love life, no night club life, no reckless life. Just an ordinary girl life. So I guess that's me. A random girl. Will update again soon. Chao.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kelly's 20th Birthday

How com time flies just like that
In a blink of an eye
Everyone seems that they have turn to their 20 years old
I wonder what will happen in the future

Happy Birthday Kelly

Mua with her

Somehow I think that this pic really sweet

This is better

Thursday, August 19, 2010








Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Let me introduce this doggie to you all
His name is Ryan and he is very cute
He is Yenny cousin dog

But I've no idea why Eliz is so afraid of him

Don't worry
He got Yenny to love him
So cute~~

Friday, August 13, 2010

PC Fair 2010

I've been talking about buying Hard Disk for like ages and finally I made my move to go and buy it. Well, Of course I wont go alone since I'm really noob in IT. Thus, I went with those who knows about IT and know the market price of the product. I don't even know there is so many brand for Hard Disk. Well, the PC fair was a mess because there is too many people. Glad that I've meet a lot of people though.

Went to Sakae Sushi to have brunch
They've got a new menu
It's much better than the old one

We've order this one set for sharing
Honestly I think it's worth the price
All the maki in this plate taste great
Or maybe I'm just a Japanese food lover

Mua 1st Hard Disk

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Singapore Trip

Okay, this is not my 1st time to Singapore but it's only my 2nd time. Please forgive me that I did not take a lot of picture to share with you all. Please bear in mind that this is suppose to be a working trip and I'm not working at those mass communication company. Honestly I really felt "paiseh" to take picture in front of my boss. So I just can take picture at those places where they are not there or when they did not notice it.

They brought me to a lot of nice restaurant at Singapore and all of them taste great. However, they brought me to this Revolving Restaurant that mark up my last day at Singapore. It's really cool to eat at a restaurant that can move and you can actually view the whole Singapore through that restaurant.

Chocolate Mint
The dessert that makes my day

p/s: I don't understand what is the big deal of going to a working trip makes such a fuss to some people. Does a small company means that it will not provided an outstation opportunity. My boss was right after all, work is work. Travel is travel. Both is a different things after all.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Xian Ding Wei

I've started my work for like 2 month ++ already. Honestly I do not know that the time flies like that. I wish I can do more and better in my work. As a perfectionist (That's what people say about virgo lah), I was hoping there is no mistake with my work at all. But who knows and perhaps only god knows what happen with all my wrong doing. Somehow it might be just a stepping stone for me at this moment but at some stages, I felt down and stress. I wish there is someone there for me and share my feelings. For some reason, I felt I'm on a different island now compare back with those friends who is still studying. I can understand why they can't understand my feeling but yet, I felt I'm drifting away from them. I've tried my best to keep the relationship and hopes it will hold on till the end.

After working for this period, my boss always brings me to nice nice restaurant to eat. My boss preference is more to Taiwanese and Japanese. We went to this restaurant called Xian Ding Wei inside Sunway Pyramid. The food was great and it's in reasonable price. Hopes the food pics will makes your day.

 Spoon & Chopstick
The Chinese Tradition
Chicken Claypot
This taste really nice

The sets comes with the side dishes
The soup taste so nice

Tomato Fish

Fried Tofu