Monday, October 25, 2010

Sharing Is Caring

People say you will meet your true friends when you are in the worst dilemma because they will always be there for you no matter what happen. I don't believe it myself until I meet the moment myself. Live have never been easy especially when we've grown up. There is too many things to think and worry about all the time. I'm just to desperate to find a ways to have  a better future. Sometimes we just have to open our heart to those who care and will return the love to us. It was a night we shared the deepest thing and share something that we usually don't. Guess we really have grown up and changing and fitting ourselves to the reality world.




Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm so happy on the very special day because I've found my beloved SPONGIE. I always wanted a big soft toy but I couldn't find a love one and I've found it on that day.

I like my outfit of the day

And I love this pic

Us 3

 They are so devil for bullying my Spongie
I try to fight back

But Eliz slap me back with my Spongie

I forgive them back at the end because they kiss me back
I just love and hate them so much (n_n)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It was another random day. Unexpectedly I finished my work early and I've decided to share the rest of my day with my dears. It's been a while that I did not hang out with both of them and bring them to go and share a good food meal. It's was in the middle of the afternoon and I've decided to bring them to go and enjoy some delicious snack.

Mille Crepe is always a good selection





We girls just love mirror pic don't we

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Sneak Peak

Peak - Ka - Boo

I just love to annoy him when he is playing games

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone To

It was indeed a very tiring morning and I just want to lie on the bed and have a silent day at home. It feels like there is tons of work to do at home. But then my sis insists me to go and visit a long lost cousin family. Think back, we used to hang out a lot together and have a very great relationship. Guess times has separate us and now we lead a very different life from each other. Sometimes I really wonder where has the time has gone to and now why are we at this moment?

Looking at my cousins and their family really makes me feel different. They have their own kids now and it really changes the world. Looking back when we were still young, we're still one batch of naive girl and having our own sweet time. Guess time do not wait for human. We just have to go and grab every minute that we can.

My morning was started with Balakong Pan Mee

 Meet my loving cousin sis daugther


And of course there is Jared


Mua with the Angel

Coincidently, it was her birthday today
So we celebrated together

Jared, the photographer

We just adore small kids cake don't we

Let's end this post with this sweet pic

Monday, October 11, 2010

On 10/10/10

On this 10/10/10
I would like to confess
1) I'm glad that I'm still 1 perfect human
2) I promise you that the 2 of us will not be separate forever no matter what happen
3) I'm glad that the 3 of you is always be there for me no matter how many times that I've disappointed you 3. I really appreciate it and love you 3
4) The 4 of us comes from a total different world but somehow I'm glad we clicked and had some great memories together
5) I'm glad that I my 5 fingers on the left and right hand still can dancing at the piano key. Thanks you god for giving me a skill that can always calm my mind.
6) 6 (Saturday) is the day where I always make date with those whom I care only
7) 7 (Sunday) is the day where I meet my beloved darlings and family
8) 18/Sept will always be my happiest day of the year because you all exist
9) I know I can't give you all the perfect things but I promise to give you at least 9/10
10) Life is perfect 10 with you all here by my side

Thursday, October 7, 2010

BBQ Night

The last time I've had my BBQ was last year with my college mates. Perhaps it's something that reminds me back about my childhood. I seems to have enjoy a lot that very night. But it ended with tiredness. Rushing to finish work and rushing to go home and sleep. Talk less. More pic.


I wonder why chicken wing is a need in BBQ party

My kawai wifey

And this is the birthday boy

Kissing Teck Hee

The boys of the night

Best pic of the night 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mid Autumn Celebration

How was your "Moon" day. Mine was celebrated with the simplest. Tang lung, candle and family.
The moon of the night was round and I have a intended to spend it with those whom I care and love. Thus, there goes the night with a little Chopin. I hope that you all have a great celebration as well. Nothing but just a simple post.

Tang Lung


My sista and mua

Saturday, October 2, 2010

5th Celebration In 2010 ( I Guess)

Can I presume that this is the birthday cake from my family?

Due to some blah blah blah and blah blah blah, 
my bro in law decide to bring us to go to I-City

 A very colourful city

My dearest Jared

Can you spot Mr.Jared?

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Letter To You Both - 4th Celebration In 2010

Dear dears,

So sorry for disappointing you all recently. So sorry that you all can't celebrate my birthday as what you both wish like. So sorry for me behaving like a kids and giving you both so many trouble. So sorry for making you both worrying me so much. So sorry for all the scolding, emo and cold moment that we once shared. So sorry for taking your smile away.

Thanks you for celebrating my birthday even when all the plan have to be cancel. Thanks you both for being there when I need a hug. Thanks you both for remembering what I want and what I need on the most important day of my life. Thanks you for giving me a memory that I want on my birthday. Thanks you for listening to all my childish thinking and nonsense thinking. Thanks you for whacking me up when I was in the dreamland. Thanks you both for loving me so much. Thanks you for sharing all those "ji mui" hours with me. Thanks you for borrowing me your ears and heart when I need it. And lastly I would like to thanks for putting me somewhere in your heart and care about me.

I just want to say here that there is nothing much more important than having you both on the "one" night . Thanks Eliz for satisfying my crave for Zenmai and thanks you Yenny for "I Don't Know" part. Thanks for the cakes and XXXX. We shall finish it again on the next night over. (n_n) I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH

The sweetness that we shared

I wish that we could smile like this forever
Nothing but friendship and the life