Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cousie Wedding Dinner

I always felt so happy with all these gathering because I can finally meet back all of my "very" loving cousie.
This time we have to go to Melaka to enjoy this dinner and meet back my long time no see cousin sister. When I mean long time no see, I meant 10 years. How time has flies and goes with no trace leave behind.

I'm bringing Patrick to go along this time

 Jared & Mua

1st stop at Melaka is to eat chicken rice ball. Only available at Melaka. 

I really love this Cendol Melaka. The best and delicious.

The Laksa and Curry Mee is very delicious as well

Meet my cousin sis son Caleb.
He is so kawai and he really likes to laugh a lot. 
What a happy baby.

Bitting finger

I really adore this baby. So cute and loving.

My sis & I. Don't we look alike. 

Cousins Pic. I really love this picture. It's been a while since the last time we took such a big pic with my cousins. I'm waiting for more gathering in the future. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being Different

It's not something that I'm proud of but it's something that I want to remember. Mom went to Sunway Medical Centre again last week. Bro and Sis are still busy and thus I'm the only child there accompanying my mom. I'm not scare or what because somehow I'm very used to it. It's not the 1st time that I'll accompany my mom. Even tried accompany my sis son. This hospital somehow already very familiar to me. Mom can discharge on the same day. I went and do all the procedure as usual. While waiting for the bill, I thought back. The 1st time I do all these thing is when I was 18 years old. Not long after I've finished my SPM. I still remember that I was very scare that time because I do not know anything. All I know is asking the nurses and wait for the bill. Guess I grow up a little bit faster than usual 1990 babies. These were small things but it's something that not everyone will do at the age of 18.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Craving Satisfy

When you've had a really tired day at the office, a dessert would be a great craving. 
And when the craving are satisfy, the you can feel the simple happiness. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bubba Gump

Have you all watched the movie "Forest Gump"? Because I still haven't watch. But I've already went to the famous restaurant that was shown in the movie. Rachel told me this is a nice movie thus I've decided to go and find this movie and watch. Before that, why not some "Restaurant & Food" pictures.

Welcome to Bubba Gump

Please be seated ladies

This is to request the waiter/waitress to serve us

Vice versa : No request

I sit above these sos-es

And I saw Elvis too

Some words that I like

Some are funny too

Mango Sprakler

BBQ Chicken

Crazy Chicken

The restaurant was not bad overall. Great environment with great food. Rachel and I shall try the shrimp and the dessert when she have recover from the sick.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crab Island

Plan is only plan. To work out the plan only consider to be successful. We usually talk a lot when goes to traveling but usually it wont work out because of many sort of reason. Well, this is a last minute plan so no one can go back. So last minute that we only planned out the whole thing the night before. Well, thank god everything went well. At least non of us ended up in the sea.

p/s: On second thought, decide to do one post. It's too big to do for a small island. (n_n) 

Our transport is basically with one classic red car, KTM and "Bus No:11"
God the weather was hot on that day but luckily no raining or else things might get worst. 

These are my travel partner for this trip
Ms.Vivian, Ms.Joanne & Ms.Rachel

Something to do while waiting for the KTM to arrive

And finally we reach the coast. It take up approximately 2 hours for us to reach Crab Island though.

First view of the island was hot and small. 
Most of us have been there before but maybe this is different from before, all of us seems very excited about it. It was a very first time for us to take boat without parents, ordering food without them and decided on what to do and what to eat. 

We went to ate once we reach the island. All of us were in hunger. We chose to eat all seafood since we went to island to eat. We felt so warm and different in this dinner because it's the 1st lunch that choose to order food to share instead of ordering our own food. Something that only have happen after 4 years.

Some bits and dips at Crab Island. We went for a long walk and these are the pics that we've collected along the walk. It does not seems to be like a vacation to us because basically there is nothing in this small island. But somehow these long journey and this long walk makes us to have different feel. It's been a while that we did not spend time for such a long time together and have such a long chat and a playful day. 

The many faces of us in this small island. And definitely we did not take so many pictures in such a long time.
The twins pic

Below are all my favorite picture for this trip

The sexy leg picture is always a symbol for our generation

"Going back to the past"

"The blue pic"

"Blue white sky"

"Once upon a time"



"The fake: #1"

"The Fake: #2"

"Sea shell on sea shore"

"A different living"

"For Chinese"

"Stupid me"


 "Posing for the nature"



 "Best friend forever"

"4 Besties"

OK, lets' wrap this crab island post here. Basically there is nothing much to do in this small island beside nice food and nice places for you to take some different picture from city. On the other hand, it helps me to build a different relationship with me girls. Perhaps these excitement like these for once in a while is not a bad idea at all. Relax and you can spend some enjoyment time with those of your love one. 

The group pic for THE END

Days don't end after Crab Island. We went to find Kelly at night to have dinner together. We went to a nearby restaurant and order some food that's suit for everyone. Guess it is a different day for us. 

We end our day by visiting this cute fella. Rachel and I visit her on the 2nd day of her birth. She's almost one years old now. Time flies without us realizing. We just have to appreciate every minute we have now. So stuff that we like and enjoy. Live the life the fullest.