Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy X'Mas Everyone

H A P P Y    C H R I S T M A S      E V E R Y O N E

H A V E    A    G R E A T     Y E AR     A N D    H A P P Y     N E W     Y E A R

Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm kinda blur of what I want now. One thing for sure is I can let go of everything that makes me sad. I know I can do it because I'm Cindy Fong. No one can make me feel not happy anymore. Why want to make me and my friends to be miserable when I can makes everyone to be normal and happy. I may not know what I want now but I know that I want a happy future. I may not find the love of my life but I know I'll still have myself no matter what happen. I can survive with my own living in my own world.

Nite peeps~~ It's 1.06am now~~ Bye (n_n)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Steamboat In A Different Way

Ok, it's a new food review post. Hope you all can enjoy the food. Please don't drool all your saliva into the keyboard. Thanks.

 Location: BBQ Plaza, Puchong

Have you try the BBQ Plaza new Tomyam soup. Got to try if you haven. It's really nice and delicious. The soup is not too spicy and sour. Just at a good point for steamboat. 

The ingredients serve is different too. It's with more mushroom and with Kang Kung vegie. 

This is my favorite of all. The Nasi Pulut. Serve the best with the soup. A very different style of steamboat. 

Location: Hoi Tong, Serdang

This restaurant is famous with the Buffet BBQ

 And with steamboat along. Yes, 2 in 1 style. 

 The variety of food comes in all kind. The kind you usually can find in all steamboat buffet shop with this time you can BBQ the ingredient instead of boil them with soup.

 And most of the food is ready made with sauce. So all have their own taste in it. 

 And I just love to look at the clamps open up and ready to eat. 

I hope you all enjoy this short food post. Hope you enjoy the food as much as I do. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 Facts I Love About Myself

1) Thank god that I was born with white skin. Not perfect white but I love how my original skin colour is.

2) I was born tall. Yes, I was 168cm and I bet many out there is jealous with this height.

3) I was born in a small small town but live in a big big city. FYI, I was born in Tapah, Perak and only started to live at Puchong since 1997.

4) I might not be the smartest of all but I'm defitinely not the most dumb person in this world. With a little bit of knowledge, I survived in this world.

5) I played piano and that is one of the thing that I'm proud of. I'm not a rich girl and I'm not a good girl yet I got to learn something that every girl should have. *Proud*

6) I was born with childish voice and personality as well. Well, sometime it makes me feel like living in fairy tale with these 2. Believe me, when life is hard, you want to have some fairy tale feeling.

7) I was born in a very independent family. Basically, I have to do everything myself. I learn how to do everything myself. My parents always believe that the children must survive on their own. They just can't help us in everything. My parents never ask for me to do anything at all. I decide my life on my own. (Sometime my sister decide for me)

8) I have a very good bunch of friend. I argue, fight, scold, cry, yell, love, smile, crazy and all sort of stuff with them. I love them just the way how they love me.

9) I love to make my life more meaning every single day. I don't have a family who can afford me for travelling but I earn my own money to makes my dream come true. I even buy my own phone and gadgets.

10) I just love myself for being myself. No faker no others. Just me. *LOVE*


I'm pretty sure I'm back to normal because for finally I knew what I can let go off.
Hello everyone.