Sunday, January 30, 2011

Family Re-Union Dinner

I really don't know where has all the time flies to. In a blink of an eye, it's Chinese New Year time. How have you all been celebrating it? I've been too busy recently that I actually did not enjoy for this festival. I don't know it's because I've grown up or merely because the situation have change. I don't really feel that there is Chinese New Year festival atmosphere around. My time has mostly devoted to work, family and friends. I really don't have much time to go enjoy festival anymore. I guess this is the changes that I've to face for becoming an adult.

Okay, back to topic now. My family usually will eat the re-union dinner earlier because we want to eat with my sister family. So we usually will have it a few weeks before. This year, my sis choose to go to a Japanese Restaurant. The restaurant is located at Bandar Puteri.

The cutlery

Food #1

Food #2

Food #3

My beloved nephew
The kids now a days is really addicted to phones

My father

My mother

Mua sis, our mommy and me

Hope you all will have a great CNY dinner as well.
Have a great year ahead. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If You Want Something, Then You Have To Let Go Something

It's the most basic concept in human life and yet I could not learn the moral of it. I always want everything. I mean like EVERYTHING. I just couldn't learn the concept that I can't have all the things in this world. I only have one me in this world and yet my world is full with everyone. I got family, friends, works, funs and all. I just can't get all of them together at the same time. I always tried to make everything balance but yet I just couldn't understand why I couldn't let it go when I couldn't get that very something. Perhaps I took in everything too important and that is why I would feel so hard to let go of something. I just don't know why I wouldn't learn the lesson at all. These things is like happening every day, months, years and yet I still did not learn a lesson at all. Sigh. I must be a moron. Or else I would have learn better.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Something To Remember

Have you all gone to I-City recently?
Well, you all better go before the entering fees goes up again.
The price per car entry is RM10 
Shoo expensive

No matter how, I still love this place
Who don't love lovely decorations

Favourite pic

Group pic

FYI, there is a snowhouse at I-City there.
You have to pay RM25 per person to enter this snow house.

It was so damn cold inside there. 
And I was the worst because I wore SHORT PANTS & HEELS to go to snowhouse
I was so cold but it was a really good experience
We played 2 types of snow games and it was awesome and fun
But no 2nd time going in with short and heels

Let's wrap this post with us in the Igloo house. 
(Can see my sexy  leg?)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


You think the story yourself

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

What Have I Done For 2010 X'Mas

Ok, I know I should have update this long time ago but I really don't have mood to so my blogging stuff. I've been neglecting my blog for so long. Maybe it's because time has change a person. But to think back, blogging gave me something that I really need. MEMORY. Something that I wish to keep forever in  my life. A diary for me to look back what have I done previously. A space to share all my memories with my beloved friends and family.

I've to stop mumbling so much here now. Ok. So how was your last year X'mas. Mine was a blast.

Pavillion X'mas Decorations

I went to Pavillion a few weeks before X'mas
It was actually a last minute decision to go to Pavillion. 
All I want was my brunch and it was ended up here. 
Everyone just love the X'mas decorations don't they. 
It was lovely and I don't know why I always felt warmth when I see X'mas decorations


 FYI, my brunch was Zenmai. 
I went all the way to KL to have Zenmai for brunch. 
Yay me.





Favorite pic of the day

X'mas Eve

I went to Movida, Sunway Giza to celebrate the X'mas eve and I had some very good hot dog there. 

Later on, we went back to Joanne house for the countdown.
Luckily we've made this decision.



X'mas Day

X'mas was celebrate in the simplest way. 

And my girls

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Resolutions

1st Resolution: Will try to live happily everyday no matter how unlucky my life is. It's not the matter of           how others think of me but it's the matter of how I think of myself.

2nd Resolution: I will not hide the problem and face it with many courage.

3rd Resolution: I shall remember that I still can depend on myself no matter what happen.

4th Resolution: I want to get rid of Ms. Fat.

5th Resolution: I want to achieve something un-believable this year.

6th Resolution: To travel place 2011 is Taiwan, Bangkok, Singapore, and any beaches.

7th Resolution: Less shopping, less food, more money

8th Resolution: Find the best place to suit myself.

9th Resolution: I will not cry on the day where Rachel will leave me. I will stay strong for her.

10th Resolution: I will welcome my year with more smile and brightness.

2010 Highlights

1) The girls is all re-united again. Adeline who gave us a big surprise on the X'mas made us to have a perfect new year. Something to be remember forever.

2) It's the 1st time that I go to KLIA and meet the depart of everything. It's not something happy but I'm not worry because she is coming back very soon. 

 3) I did not manage to graduate my diploma due to the subject Business Finance but I'm still very happy to have you all as my classmates for the past 2 years. Go 2DBU3. 

4) One of my 2010 resolutions is to study Japanese and I did manage to keep that resolution.

5) It's my 1st time to wear Yukata and I pretty much like it despite the hot condition.

 6) I finally had Dim Sum breakfast with my friends. FYI, this is one of my To-Do-List before I die.

7) I meet back one of long time no see aunty and gather with the cousin is my LOVE.

8) I have found my 2nd love dessert. The only one and best.
Mille Crepe

9) I'm so proud that the school band that I once join in had their own concert.
It was once my dream but I'm happy to look at my junior performing in the stage.

10) Bought my 1st hard disk with my own salary

 11) I had my 1st photo-shoot thanks to Gorgan and Jasmine

12) I dye, curl and doll up myself a lot this year.

13) 2010 I travel to Melaka, Pulau Ketam, and Singapore.

And this has sum up the pretty much of me in 2010.

Hope you had a great year too.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yenny Wrote

"Perfection is not reality. People sometimes lose sight of why they are doing something and when they are not getting their desired outcome. they become stressed and anxious. Keep things in perspective. Ask yourself: Is this important to me? Does it make me happy. And is it taking me a step closer to my big goal?"

"Don't let negative thought linger longer than the situation itself. If you are always bringing bad experiences or past hurts into the picture, then that's what people will remember about you. Instead, talk about what you took from the experience and how it's made you a better person. When confronting new challenges, remember that your initial reaction will not always be the right one."

I wrote it here simply because I want to type out and understand more clearly. However, sharing is caring as well. Hope it give some hope to those who is facing the same problem as I do now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello world, sorry for being MIA for some time. I've been really busy with works and study. I'm going to face my fear again this weekend and I'm super damn stress with it. I really don't like the feeling and with what's happens recently makes me worst. Life is so unpredictable sometime. Too unpredictable. Time flies without us knowing and we just don't know what will happen in the next minute. All we can do now is just try to life happily. As happy and faithful as we can be. I'm kinda jealous now because I want to travel so much. I want a getaway trip. To somewhere where I can see more new things and get a brand new experience.