Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss Me

I promise to be back soon 

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Life is very un-predictable all the time. You just wont know that what will happen on the next moment.
Time goes on and on and while you're busying with your own stuff, people will just stab behind you because they thought you hate them. I truly understand the words that we wont understand that person situation unless you wear their shoes. You'll never grow up if you don't face difficulty and understand what's your most need things. When people is busy they tend to think the most efficient way because they want to light up their next burden as much as possible but when they're too free. They will just think of the 1000 most negative things about those friend who neglect them. God gracious, people have their own life to live on. 1 day only got 24 hours and you expect that they can at least spend a little bit time on you. Please think properly who the hell are you. It's not the word friend who should make yourselves priority. A true friend will understand the friend situation and do the right thing on the right time. I guess that is why people do change and the environment will change as well. My daddy said: Those who has seen the real world, will not think about any fantasy about any others or make a high expectation on the others. You must know that you must give people the expectation they need before you want an expectation from others. No one was mean to live because of others. There wont be the same person live with you in this whole wide world and don't expect others to help you merely because when you need it. Think of others and others will think of you when the time is right again. God I'm really angry writing this post. KNS shit~~