Friday, April 1, 2011

Delicious Random Food

Korean Style BBQ Plaza

Home Cooked Crab Porridge

A Help Day At Secret

Meet the tall black guy for a very very long time

White Chocolate Macadamian 


Shepherd Pie

White Long Coffee

I forgot this Cheese cake name (>.<)

Chocolate Cheese Brownies

Rachel and Mua 

*Don't worry. All these food was not taken in one day. You imagine how long did not look at my blog. Then it's part of the days  I shared the cake with my friends. 
I hope you have a great view and feel hungry now. 

CNY Random-ness

Out of no where Kelly called me out and said going to Jin house to Lou Sang
And I said "O"


Boy, Girls, Lao Sang, Chicken Wing, CNY Food, Gamble and lastly LOST 

Guamz 21st Birthday

Don't ask me how our friendship keep on maintaining. We only meet like 5 times a year but we still hold on to it as strong as possible. It's something that we want others to know what we're still here. Somewhere in Malaysia. (n_n)

Went to Bubba Gump for the celebration 
21st birthday for the birthday boy

Rachel and mua

The opposite table

Nom Nom Nom

Sorry, I actually forget all the food name 

But looking at the picture already make you hungry 

Best Spaghetti ever taste

Run Run Run

Birthday Cake

The Birthday Boy

Group picture

I told you we love mirror picture 

Meet Mr. Ginger