Friday, August 26, 2011


In this middle of the night, I would like to write in something that I've been having for a long time. Everyone said that life is full of many stages. We wouldn't know the real meaning until we really face these stages. So does a relationship. 

I went out with my cousin sis last week and we actually talked about this. A relationship start of with stranger. Knowing something that you have no idea who that person is. All is depends on the feeling whether you want to be friend with them or not. If lucky, he or she might become your friend.

I used to be this kind of person. When I've decide to friend with you, I'll pour in all my heart as though you're my lover. And this is the very reason why I got hurt so many times in my life. So the stages has changes. Life becomes difficult to makes friends since the "trust" has lost. 

But how about those that you still called as friend. For me, I'm selfish person. At least I think I used to be. I always think that friends should treat me back the way how I treat them. But life reality makes me realize that this will never ever going to happen in our life. 

Slowly, I've lost faith. And that is something that I think it's really terrible. It was weird to think back how much I used to love them but now, I just don't care about their action anymore. When the feeling of betray has fade. you know it's the time where you don't care about them anymore. 

I felt a lot of these recently because I'm so tired of being the one who pour out all the love and friendship. I felt so hurt whenever there is disappoinment. So I guess the best way to protect myself is not to give out anymore. What commoners say it's true, it's not that quantity that counts, it's the quality that says. 

I'm not asking for more in my life ever since so many dissapoinment happens. So all I can do now it go on with my own life and think more for myself than anyone else in this world. Because I'm the only one who can love myself more than anyone in this world. ^^

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If life can be change then what would you choose to change?
If there is a wish for you and it will become true immediately, what will you wish for?
If you can choose your future career, what will you go for?
If life is meant to be difficult, will you still choose to life on or you will choose to end it?
If there is something to be taken from you life, what will you choose?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kelly's 21st Big Birthday Party

First of all

This is Kelly Yap which is the main character in this post
First celebration with her was actually held at Red Box because we actually planned to go sing K but she actually receive her birthday voucher so we decide to spend it along and she got a champagne as a birthday present from Rex Box. Actually I encounter something very scary at Red Box but I guess we just leave it there is the best

This is Ai Yee and I on Kelly actually birthday party. This year kelly actually held a birthday party for herself and it's a great party afterall. ^^

Meet the girls

Everyone dress up so pretty that day. And something un-usual is everyone actually wore dress. This is the first time since we've graduate  from SMKBL. That was something to be remembered.

This is Claire. We're in different primary or secondary but we actually meet in tuesyen centre. Well, this is what I called as fate. 



Poor guy. These are the only guy in our table. Hahahhahahahahah

 Best cutie pic of the day ^^


Kelly's Big Birthday Cake

Us with the cake




Best pic of the day

Of course Kelly birthday does not end here. Her birthday party was not held on the actual day so we decided to go and give her a surprise party on the actual day. 

She's actually eating her dinner and we interrupt her in the middle

The birthday cake 

This is a big birthday cake we made for Kelly. And hereby I thank you all Kelly's college friends for all the comment and all. Thank you ^^

And you've meet Xiao Qian ^^

She seems very happy with the Birthday Card ^^

See, I told you she is very happy with it ^^

Kelly reading each and every one of the birthday wishes and note

The aunty and the niece

This picture is to demonstrate that the birthday card is bigger than Xiao Qian. Haha


All pretties here ^^

Did I mention Guamz went too. He really give "face" to Kelly o ^^

The big birthday card

And the last pic in this post shall dedicate to the main character Kelly ^^

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lunch Date

It was really random. I mean it like too random. It was a day where out of no where I wrote something on my FB which said as below :

Dear Darlings. I'm planning to make a lunch this Friday (29/07/2011). Time is : 12.00pm till 2.00pm. Please advice who can come. I'm so sorry that I've to make it on the afternoon cause the kitchen only available for me during afternoon. Thanks. ^^

I actually thought that I want to make Pan Mee Noodles but due to some reason, all of them only can come on the Friday after that week and as usual, the time has passed and my mood has gone as well. Too lazy to cook Pan Mee anymore.

But invitation is still on, so the only thing that I can do is to go outside and take food from my mom. Actually I got think before to cook myself but the day before that Friday, Joanne and Rachel came to my house to do assignment and this is the conversation:

Me: So you both coming tomorrow to eat my cooking skill

Joanne: *Shock Face* Har, you cook?????? Not your mom cook meh? I thought you take food from your mom shop only!!!

Rachel: Dear, you sure you want to cook? 

Well, at that moment, my confident drop dramatically. Safe way is better to go to my mom shop and take food and just let them eat (T.T)

This is the food of the day. Of course I still put my effort on cooking that potatoes. All said don't dare to eat it but thank god we manage to finish all the food on the table ^^

So dear darlings, my cooking is not bad right? At least that potatoes wont make you all feel like going to toilet ^^ 

This is Guamz examine My Passport. I actually had no idea who took this picture and why Guamz 
suddenly look at my hardisk. I just thought he look good in this picture so I just post it ^^

This is Rachel and me working very hard to serve the rice ^^ Wakakkakakakakaka

I like Adeline smile in this pic. She look really really really happy ^^


Miss Vivian Bong and Mr. Guamz Tan

Group pic without Vivian

Group pic without Guamz


Friday, August 12, 2011

BBQ Gathering With DBU3

Somehow I feel like this gathering is very special because somehow I don't know why I just feel like going and somehow out of no where, Siow San also told me the same thing. So we'll just have to work things out and make sure that we both actually can attend the BBQ party. Thank god that the party was on Friday or else I would have no idea how Siow San manage to wake up and go to work on the 2nd day ^^

Thanks to Teh Peng, we manage to go to the BBQ at night at Setapak safe and sound.  It's was great to go back. It's been a while since I last show up at Setapak during night time. I miss those old times that I once had.

Siow San and me. We both choose to tie up the hair because we know our hair will get very messy once the fire started ^^

Our BBQ style. The more original, easy, fast way ^^

Many got to attend the party as well. This is kinda un-usual actually since that most of us actually did not meet for the past one year ^^

Hui Ying was there too cause she's Teh Peng GF. 

Girls of the day 

How messy can a BBQ party is 

The BBQ party is near Jian Pin and Shing Tsur birthday. So they decided to throw a party for them as a small celebration. 

This is Jian Pin and Shing Tsur which born on the exactly same date,month,year

Money money faster come come come 

Cutting cake session is the session that everyone's waiting

You get what I mean (That stupid Thira, I just can't get a proper picture of him ><)

This is the exactly the same thing they did last year. Hang him around somewhere ^^

Boys pic

Girls pic

This is the original DBU3 picture. Of course some can't attend due to some reason but most of us are here.

Funky face

It's great to have this gathering. I miss those old studying time. I've been working for a year already and I actually realize that I did not get the time to enjoy a school life at all. Maybe this is what people has been saying that you'll have to sacrifice when it's time for you to earn money. 
Something that I've realize is no matter how time change, something wont change. The BBQ party is still maintain to be the same. Boy is boy gang, girl is girl gang. Oh ya, this time the boys bring along their gf. It's so good to meet them. We actually at a "meeting" session after the BBQ. Talk back about the past, present and future. This is something that I miss and something that only can be done during our age. 
It's a lovely night and many good food to be eaten. 

I shall end this post with pretties picture. Have a great night people ^^