Friday, September 30, 2011

Rachel's Farewell

I still remember when I was young, I always whine to my parents, how come the time pass so slow. I want to grow up faster so I can play with all those restricted games and movie. But now when I grew up, I wish the time can go slower. As slow as it can be. 24 hour a day is really not enough for me. Now, I finally understand the word " Time goes off in a blink of an eye "

I still remember a year ago, I keep on mumbling beside Rachel's ear, you should prepare yourselves to go to England already. A year to go only. And I've been mumbling beside her for a year as though I'm the one who is going to England. And finally, the day is arrived. Somehow, it's not a day that all of us want to come. The day before it, I keep on thinking, what will happen next. What and how shall I do all the things next.

We went to eat Dim Sum for brunch on her depart day. Something that she has been craving and wanted to eat before she leave Malaysia. 

Charis and I

Ian and Rachel. For those who don't know, Ian is Charis cousin brother which is like a brother to Rachel. 

Group pic. This is the last brunch I had with Rachel before she leaves Malaysia

We went back to Rachel's home after brunch. She said she still need to do the packing and all. But all she did is lying on the bed. All the packing is done by her aunt and her younger sister. 

Us with Mickey

On the way to airport

Reach the airport already. She brought the Mickey Mouse all along the way until before she departing. Due to many reason, she can't bring the Mickey along to go to England. 

Us at the airport

30 minutes before her departing, Kelly they all came to surprise her. And gave her some gift that she can be use at UK there.

Group pic #1

Group pic #2

Dear Rachel, please bear in mind that we'll always be here waiting for you at Malaysia. And we'll always post a lot of Malaysian food at FB so that you'll miss us more. Lot's of love from Cindy ^^

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Un-Expected 21st Birthday Present

On the 12th of August, I won a pair of contact lense from Beverly. I've been her reader for about 2 years and I'm so happy that I actually won that contest. The contest prize is a pair of contact lense and 2 bottles of nail polish.

AQmore -Icy Fairy and AQmore - Sweet Bride
Still haven got the chance to try this 2 nail colour but by looking at the colour already makes me so excited about it. 

The I Fairy Hera Brown Contact Lense. I superd like this contact lense. I look so different in it and it makes me look younger than I'm suppose to. 

My eye power

See. It makes a lot of different and I love the effect so much. Took this pic on my actual birthday <3

For more information, you can go to Uniqso. More option available there. ^^

Friday, September 23, 2011

21st Birthday With Rachel

I celebrate birthday with Rachel this year since she's not going to be in Malaysia on her birthday. And worst of all, she is going to go to England before my birthday. So both is going to be an early celebration.

We went to Secret Recipe with Charis and Ian for a very very small celebration and gathering as well. 

Candle on the cake

Charis and I choosing the cake in the same pose. Photo credit to Ian. 

Me goofing around while chatting. We had a lot of great chat that day. Great to know something from the boys opinion. 

Rachel and I

Us with Charis. Simple celebration, great meetings up ^^

Rachel and I personally went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant to celebrate. Only with both of us for a day and go to shopping later as well. 18 is my birth date ^^

Me likey the cutlery


Rachel. Happy Happy ^^

Seaweed soup is <3



Side dishes can be refill and I'm really happy about this because there is many many side dishes that I like ^^


Fried Glass Noodle. Rachel has been whine-ing to me while we're on our way to the restaurant. Rachel keep on saying want to eat this glass noodle ^^

My darling and I

Take Two


This is the present I bought to Rachel as her birthday present. Coincidentally this only comes in 2 and I've decided to buy the other one as well as my own birthday gift ^^

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mooncake Festival 2011

Sorry. I know. I'm MIA again. But I've reason to do so. I've really busy recently that I really have no time to sit and blog about my life. And also of course I've drama to chase on (Many many reason) And I've been preparing to go back to my college. Yup, my college life have started AGAIN. Nothing much to tell because I just go for 2 class only so far.

Ok. Back to topic. So how have you all been celebrating your mooncake festival?! Mine is a blast. 2 celebration in one day.

First celebration is with family. All family member came home and celebrate this year ^^ 
Me so happy about this ^^

Food of the day. Simple and nice. The Tong Yuen was made by me one ^^

2nd round went to celebrate with my darlings ^^ We go for steamboat beside the basketball court. 1st and the last time we shall try for this way. Next time better steamboat inside the house ^^ Since the light is not enough outside, so all the picture we took is inside the house. 

Girls of the day 

This is also a farewell party for Rachel since she is leaving to England on the coming saturday 

Jin in the pic ^^


It's been a while that all of us take so many group pics together

Check check check

This is the most epic pic of the day. Hahahhahahhaha

Back to normal

And that's the end of my mooncake celebration. Hope you all had a nice one just like me ^^

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Current Addiction

Aloha people. Sorry for being MIA again. Really getting lazy to blog now a days. I've been on holidaying for too long. Kinda regret to resign so early. But college days is getting nearer as well. 2 more weeks till I've to go back to college again. I'm kinda scare when I've to think about it. Speaking of which, Rachel is also going to leave me in 2 weeks time. Such a sad case. Anyway, so what I've been doing recently? Nothing at all. Or perhaps I should say not something too meaningful. Just something that I wanted to do long time ago. Meeting back old friends, chat and have some great time. That's all.

This is the current me. Nope. I did not put in blue colour contact lense, I've no idea how this picture turn out to be I've blue colour eyes. I'm an alien ^^

Current Addiction #1
Have finished reading Water For Elephant and now jut starting on One Day. Water for Elephant was great. It's a very hard and force love but yet I love how the ending turn out to be. It's a choice for human to go back to where they really belong. Life is un-predictable and we shall face it and walk as how the road comes out. 

Current Addiction #2
Zenmai food has always been my love and my love and my love. This is their new weekly food know as Soft Shell Crab with Lady Finger. Taste awesome. 

Curry Chicken Katsu. Always a favourite. 

Zenmai Salad is the only salad that I eat in this world. One and only ^^

Current Addiction #3 
胡歌/Hu Ge

Current Addiction #4 
胡歌/Hu Ge

Current Addiction #5
胡歌/Hu Ge

Well, what do you expect. He is so goddamn handsome. 

Current Addiction #6
Chinese Paladdin 1
I've finally put up my guts to watch this sad drama. I've been thinking and thinking for very very long time but I guess I just want to watch this drama and cry out loud. Currently still watching. 

Current Addiction #7
I watch this drama merely because of Hu Ge. I've no idea at all of what is this drama talking about at the beginning. And I can't imagine myself at all that I will actually went and watch these kind of drama. But who knows, it turns out to be a great drama. Guess we shouldn't watch drama based on appearance. It was indeed a great and tearful drama. You should have a try as well. 

Current Addiction #8
Honestly to speak, I prefer Shangri-La. I think that drama is much more excited and have much more meaningful. For this modern drama,I would give a 7/10.  Too predictable for me. 

Current Addiction #9
The Life and Times of a Sentinel
This is a must watch drama. Very very nice and very very un-predictable ending. MUST WATCH. 

Current Addcition #10
Lives of Ommission
Still watching but it's getting more and more exciting. Can't wait for the ending ^^