Saturday, October 15, 2011

21st Birthday With Tarcian

Okay, this is superb long post. Basically my birthday is like a month ago but this is my last birthday post ^^ I can give guarantee for that.

So before I start my post, I would just like to update my life a little bit. My last post update is on the 8th of Oct and today is the 15th of Oct. So my aim to update the blog is still valid afterall ^^ So now my study life has began and basically everything has not come to the place YET. Meet a lot of new friends from different branch and some from the KL branch and all of them is very very nice too ^^ College is still the same. Have to walk a lot but the biggest different is there is a lot of things that has seem very new to me. Basically the college has undergo a big construction and everything has change. The study is the worst part. I've really have to put my butt on the chair and concentrate in the study. Basically I can't fully depend on the lecturer because I can't understand what they're saying. I think in most part, I still have to study myself to make sure I understand it. Life is so busy recently and I just need to find the time to breath in.

Back to the post, I went to Ben's at KLCC to celebrate my birthday with Leslie and with my college friends. This is the 1st time in 3 years time. The reason is because usually Leslie and my birthday fall into exam period so there wont be any celebration at all for us. And this year is a good year for us, we manage to celebrate afterall ^^ But before that, Siow San and I went to Spaghetti Grill at Mid Valley. Simple and nice celebration ^^

Foodsy #1
Too long time ago and I already forgot the food name ^^

Foodsy #2

San San and I <3

I <3 this mirror pic to the max ^^

And this is Ben's at KLCC

The surrounding environment. It's a place with warm environment. 

This is my favorite spot of the restaurant <3

Another long table for birthday <3

Foodsy #3

Foodsy #4

Birthday cake for Leslie and I. For those who doesn't know, Leslie and I shared the same birthday ^^

And this is him ^^


This is me, not ready for camera yet ^^


The girls of the day 


Shoe pic is <3

Group pic, Group pic

And this is an ending pose for you all ^^
Have a great weekend everyone <3

Saturday, October 8, 2011

21st Birthday With Secondary Friends

This year 21st birthday "almost" got cheated by the secondary friends. All were saying that they are not free and all but actually they have already planned something great for me. But too bad that someone broke off the surprise and I got to know about it early. So guess I'm not that surprise after all. 

Went to eat dim sum with Eliz earlier. Too hungry to wait until dinner. Worst of all, we order many many food and it's bloated while we're having dinner. They gave me the surprise during the dinner at Kissaten. 

The food at Kissaten. Personally I don't really like their food. I still prefer Zenmai for Japanese food. 

But I love this long table. It feels like as though I'm having my own private birthday party. 

Twin pic #1

Twin pic #2

Secondary classmate + Besties (Where is Vivian Bong and Rachel Yap? ><)

With Teh Peng and Hamsup Edwin 

With Jane and Hui Ying

It's cut cake time ^^


Thankiew girls for always being there for me ^^

With the honey boys which I always love and hate at the same time 

With the exceptional girlfriend (We never study in the same class before but I guess fate made us join up together)

Group pic of the day
Whee <3

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

21st Birthday With Family

Went to Shabu Shabu with the family for this year birthday

One of the many great things of having a pregnant sister is when her mouth can't control and eating something that she shouldn't, the sister is always there to eat up all the good food and prevent the pregnant women to eat this ^^ (FYI, the picture is demonstrating goat meat)

My mommy and I <3

This year birthday cake 
Sesame Cake from Tong Kee

Happy cutting the cake. It's the 1st time I actually cut cake with my family ^^

My brother family 

My sister and her son (Playing Ipad)

These are the most adorable nephew in the world. And they belong to me ^^

Family pic. Can you all spot Jared in the pic ^^