Monday, November 28, 2011

2012 Resolution

1) I'll work out really hard this year.
 Reason: I went to Broga Hill today and guess what, I'm not even finish 1/4 of it and I'm down. Totally out of breath and the leg is shaking already. I ask myself, I'm only 21 this year and I don't want to become like this. I want to live my life. I want to do things that only can be done by youth. I want to enjoy my life as a normal person. So this is where this resolution comes from. 

2) I'll only get online 2 hours a day. (Not counting in the assignment time) 
I suddenly feel that it's so useless to spend most of my days online as though this is the only thing to do. I spend a few day at home and I realize that since I had a laptop and internet, I spend almost 24 / 7 in front of the lappie. I've forgotten that there is many many things to do in my home. I miss playing hours and hours of computer and most important of all, it distract me from studying. I guess this is the main reason why I've not getting a very good result there few years. It's time to get back to life. I'll get my plenty of time to online when I get old ^^

3) I've read at least 8 English book and 1 Japanese book
I've  achieve reading 6 books in year 2011 alone and actually I'm still reading one. So let's welcome 2012 with more books. ^^

4) Max 2 drama and 4 movie a month.
You might think why I will put this resolution. 1st of all, I'm a movie and drama addict. You've no idea how much I addict to it. I've actually cut down a lot in these few years but I still want to cut down more. Life has much more to do that sitting in front of a square and watch a fairy tale. 

5) Manage to practice at least 1 Chopin Classic Song
You might think what so hard about this. But for a full time college student with lack of basic classical music training, this is really hard. But I really want to play at least 1 Chopin, 1 Beethoven classical music song. At least this is the reason why I play music at the 1st place.


Saturday, November 26, 2011


After 2 years of study + 1 year of working
I'm graduated
And now I went back to study my Adv Dip

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Long Long Randomness

Black Pepper Chicken Carbonara 
(Sunway Pyramid)
Rate: 8/10

Chatime Caramel Latte 
(Chatime, Pavillion)
Rate: 6/10

Chocolate Creme Crepe
(Tokyo Street, Pavillion)
Rate: 6/10

Tokyo Street, Pavillion

Salmon Fish Head Set
(Ichiban Boshi, Pavillion)
Rate: 7/10

Cheese Ham Maki 
(Ichiban Boshi, Pavillion)
Rate: 8/10

Went to Big Bad Wolf Book Fair. Those book are damn cheap. All of this in less than RM100. I got a shock of hell. 

New Moon. Only for RM8 per book. ><

Winnie the Pooh that wears a jacket ^^ 
Found this at Eliz bf car. Haha

Korean Restaurant at Taman Desa
Restaurant Name: Unknown. I totally forget about it. Haha


Rate: 7/10
I actually tried another Korean Restaurant at Taman Desa known as Seoul Korea. That restaurant taste much better. I'll give a 9/10 for the restaurant. ^^

Genting trip purely for 1st gambling session

Blur blur pic with a big mouth open 

It was so cold that night. All of our hair got wet once we went back in to the lobby.

Appetizer from grandmother birthday. 


Rate: 10/10

Fried Chicken Wing
Rate: 9/10

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sushi King Bonanza 2011

I was updating this post about the Sushi King Bonanza, but half way looking at the picture makes me too hungry and thus decided to stop and eat 1st. Haha. I hope those who is reading this post will not get hungry like how I did. 

So, this is my 1st time go to Sushi King Bonanza with my college friends. But it's not really a good day for me because I lost my sound on the same day. (><) The main reason for the sore throat is because I did not sleep well for the past week. I think less than 8 hour for 2 day. Let's the pic to continue talking. 

Me at Sushi King ^^ It's been a while I went to Sushi King

The food that we've ate. Total 47 plate. We ate 20 plate at the 1st 10 minutes already. Shocking. 


Ying Ting and I

These are my college mates for Advance Diploma ^^


We went to Snowflake before the movie start. Because all of them are from Johor, they did not taste snowflake before. I'm a good tour guide for food. Haha

Kam Kam and I ^^

This is Adeline. She is a really great person. Nice ^^

We love the mirror in this Mid Valley toilet 


This is Sze Hui. She is a top student. So jealous ><

Group pic #1

Group pic #2

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Westlife Concert

I must the worst blogger in the world. I can't even keep a small resolution to blog at least once a week. Sigh. I'm the worst person in the world. But I've all the reason to do so. I'm so busy with my life recently. Or at least that is the only reason I can think of why I can't blog on the right time. Assignments due date and coursework weeks all falls in the same month. And I actually have to start preparing for my finals as half of my semester has already gone. How time flies. Sigh.

So, let us go back to last month where Kelly and I attended Westlife concert. This is my 1st concert where I actually have to pay myself. I feel so excited about it. I bought the ticket before my birthday and I keep on thinking that the concert is still long time to go. But with all the busy college life going on, the concert came just in a blink of an eyes. This is my own 21st birthday present to myself.

It was my 1st and last Westlife concert >< They are going to dis-band end of this year. Heart broken to the max. 

The ticket ^^ <3

Kelly and I ^^

The concert hall 



Some souvenir that I bought back. I even bought a T-shirt but I very lazy to take the pic of the shirt ><


Shane is LOVE ^^

Uptown Girl <3

I adore their Mickey Mouse shirt. Me want too (T.T)


Did I mention that there is someone propose in the concert. The atmosphere was at the top most on that night. Haha

This is the best pic of the night. It was during You Raise Me Up. And Shane love this moment the most as well. He said he has never seen this before and he love Malaysian Fans the most <3 I LOVE YOU TO SHANE

I told you I love Shane. Haha

Westlife forever. I think that no matter how many years has passed, I'll still remember that one night that I've spent with you all. Thanks for the memorable memories and a night to remember. May god bless you all and your families.You know I'll miss you all forever <3