Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello Singapore

Spent the 1st overseas X'mas at Singapore 

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Late But I Attend It At The End

I still haven got the picture from my sister but I think I've already got enough picture to make my diploma convocation post. So as I stated at the above, I was late for my convocation. How late I was? A total sum of one year. Yup. A YEAR. I was suppose to graduate last year but due to my stupidness to fail Finance, I did not manage to graduate last year with my beloved classmates. I was so depressing about this case as well. I keep on thinking that why the hell am I not graduating with them.

Anyway, so now that I've graduated, I've used a lot of thought whether to attend the convocation or not because I was afraid that I'm going to be the only one. Most of my friends has graduated. >< But who knows a lot turn out in the convocation as well so I guess everything went fine. I'll let  the picture to continue elaborate my convocation day. PS: I really don't know how to smile in front of the photo. I think I'll need to practice for my Adv Dip convo.

A few warning beforehand. 
(1) I totally don't care about my convocation that I ended up messy hair on that day. I keep on thinking , aiya, no one will come one lah. Why care so much lah. So I ended up with my worst image of the day. 
(3) Please mind my panda eyes as I did not sleep the day before that. I was busy playing Tetris. Now you know how I don't care about my convocation. Haha

Something that surprise me is my sister actually came. All along she has been telling me that she will be very busy that day and can't attend my convocation, so I already gave up the mind that she will be coming. But who knows, she came afterall. Of course the above picture is showing her son Jared. 



And this is my sister. She is pregnant now. Going to give birth next year. I'm so excited about it now. 

My sister, my cousin sis and mua. 
God will know how much I love them. 

My 2 cousie sis ^^

My father was there too. Thank you daddy ^^

Saw these. OMG. I'm so asking for this next time. 


Siow San and Sheue Shin came for my convo as well ^^

Of course my brother Leslie came also ^^

In this convocation, I'm graduating with few of my friends too
1) Jimmy Lee (Siow San BF)

With HB, Jian Pin and Mun Keat also

And with Shing Tsur as well




With my beloved San San

Diploma classmates <3

And of course my secondary classmates came too ^^

Roses and teddy from my beloved cousie sis ^^

Awesomely beautiful Lilies and teddy from Sheue Shin, Leslie and Wayne

Beautiful roses from San San

Roses and Snoopy from my beloved secondary classmates

Beautiful Daisy and teddy from my beloved brother and sister

Thank you for all those who came to attend my convocation and bought me all those beautiful flowers. I'm so touched and glad that you all are part of my life. I'm so bless to have you all in my life ^^

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

X'Mas Is Coming To The Town

Nope. I am not going to update about my convocation because I still haven get all the picture from my sister so I still don't have sufficient photo to update my convocation post. Anyway, today I'm going to update about Christmas instead. Christmas, my oh my. Where has all my time pass? It's almost the end of the year already. I really can't remember what I've done for this year. At least not in a clear memory. My memory starts to fading since I don't know when. Anyway, the girls and I went to Pavillion and FeRenHeit before attending Kelly's convocation.

Went to Zenmai to have our brunch. Tamago is always my favourite and a must order ^^

Fried Soba and Soft Shell Crab Maki

Agedashi Tofu

Say hello to Christmas everyone. This is the decorations at Pavillion. Their theme for this year is "Sweets" I guess. It's full of lollipops and sweets all around. It's so colourful and nice. 

Adeline and the extra large Lollipop


We saw this golden man outside FeRenHeit
I'm so excited when I saw this. Joanne and Adeline has no reaction instead. Why do I always have to be the childish one? ><

Saw a sticky booth at the Pavillion. It makes the surrounding more colourful. 

See what I mean it by colourful ^^

Adeline bought one of this as well. 

3 of us at Pavillion





The deer and I

The Ding Dong Bell and I


Adeline and I are trying to grab the Lollipop from Santa ^^

Later on we went to the Tokyo Street and saw there little cute Turtle Bread 
*Sooo Adorable*

Teddy Bear Bread

We ate this Fruit Ice Cream as well. 
Rate: 6/10

3 of us in front of the counter

Adeline and Joanne

Let's end this post with my favourite picture of the day 
Let's prepare for the Christmas people