Friday, December 7, 2012

Outbac Broga Part 2

Finally, all of my assignment for this semester is done. The feeling is unbearable because I have not felt so relieve for the longest time. Anyhow, finishing the assignment is only the beginning of a nightmare. Final exam is going to come in 3 weeks times and I am so terrified in it because I am always bad in taking exam. Thus, the only thing I can do in this coming 3 week is study study and study. Sigh. So, let me continue my Outbac Broga story ^^

Wake up early in the morning and ready for the walk and climb

On the way to the top of the mountain. The road was steep and slippery but many people told me that this is the easiest mountain to climb. I cannot imagine for those which is really hard to climb. >< 

This is the pathway that almost reach the Peak 1 and this is the hardest part in the whole way. But I guess that in order to get the most beautiful view, this is the road that we have to face. 

This post is going to be flooded with many view from the Peak 1 Broga Hill. 

We are standing above the cloud

The red spot that you see in this picture is the Broga Camp

Finally reached the Peak 1 of the Broga Hill ^^ Happy 

Group 7

Beautiful sky in the morning. Thank god for giving us such a good weather to climb the mountain

2ABM7 Class Pic ^^ 

With the other course-mates

 The road to Peak 2 and Peak 3. But Outbac Broga only allow us to reach until Peak 1 cause we have to stay in the group. 







Another 2ABM7 Group pic ^^ 

ICSA Team 

Us with our instructor 

On the way going back to the bottom of the hill. I am telling you, the road going down is worst than going up. I am so afraid of height that going down is actually a big problem for me. Luckily I got classmate that is willing to wait for me and guide me along on how to go down and which step. 

Me trying so hard to go down. Not so easy >< 

Ending this post with mua pic in it ^^ 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Outbac Broga Day 1

Currently I am doing this post at Pantai Hospital as my mommy is doing a small surgery. This few weeks has been really busy as there are many things been going on. Not to mention the forever non-stop assignment that has to be submitted every week. Actually I am suppose to finish up my MCSP assignment but I forgot to bring along the most important note with me. Well. Guess today was meant for blogging.

So, life has been hectic but my classmate will not stop looking for ways to enjoy our student life. Our MAICSA Club has organize a trip to go to Broga Hill climbing and the main organize was actually one of our classmate. So to support them, most of our classmate went. I do not want to go at the beginning as I have tried before and failed but I got cheated by my "heart attack" that Li Ming will not be climbing and ask me to go and accompany her. So I decided why not since that I do not have to climb and yet I get the chance to enjoy some bonding time with my classmates. So I paid all the fees and told Li Ming about this story (=.=) and she told me "No way, I am so climbing the Broga Hill." OMG. I got cheated and I have paid all the fees. Thus, I went along. With a scary and un-willing heart.

On the way 
Outbac Broga is a camp that organize many
 activities that is meant for adventure. 

Us waiting for the adventure to begin. This is the 1st time I join in these kind of camp thus everything seems very new to me (^.^)

1st adventure - Climb up into the lorry and bring us to our location 

Not so much of an adventure for me as I have been used to doing this since I was small but for most of the classmates, this is their 1st experience riding the back of the lorry. Their feeling is as though being "mai chu chai" aka being sold like a pig (:D)

The beautiful scenery along the way. I  really have to thank god for giving us such a beautiful weather especially on this rainy season. 

We have walk in to the deep on the jungle to reach our destination. 

And the journey is really scary. The road is very narrow and we have to climb along the way. One wrong step and we will all fall down into the deep on the jungle. 

But the scenery is something to be enjoy along the way. Actually I did not see the scenery at all cause I am fear of height thus I only enjoy the view now while I was blogging. Haha.

Going to the another side of the jungle using the river. We are holding hand as the water is pulling us downwards (The morning rain is really heavy) 

Reach destination safely. Almost everyone got wet especially the shoe. 

1st Mission: Rock Climbing
I had do some research before going for this trip and I know this is part of our adventure but I DO NOT KNOW THEY WANT US T CLIMB SO HIGH >< 

There are 2 instructor who will be guiding us on the safety equipment and demonstrate on how to climb the rock mountain. On the other hand, they will pull us along (to make sure of  our safety) while we are climbing. 

I tried and I failed (T.T)

Playing in the water while waiting for other classmates climbing the rock mountain. 

2nd mission: Rapid Tubing
Basically we are sitting on a tire and the instructor will throw us down to the waterfall (=.=) Yes, every word typing here is true. But don't worry, it is a small waterfall and it is a must try for this trip. Once again, instructor will teach us on the safety and demonstrate to us how it was perform. 

While waiting for my turn. 
There is an instructor waiting for us at the bottom of the waterfall. For those who do not know how to swim like me you do not have to worry about being drown by the water. The feeling was really great. Scary but at the same time it was really exciting. 

Group pic before going back to the camp. 

Once we have reach the camp, we all can't wait to play this Flying Fox. Flying down from 60 feet was really scary but it was shoo much fun ^^ 

Disclaimer: All of the above picture was taken by my classmates Beh and Steven.

Comments 1) For those who is planning to go for the Outbac Broga adventure, I do not encourage you all to bring along the hand-phone and camera while going for these activities. Although there is many memories to be taken down but you all have to consider the fact that there might be a chance that you gadget will drop into the water or fall into the mountain. So, for those who want to bring the gadget along - PLEASE BE PREPARED. 

Comment 2) The dinner food prepare by them was not sufficient for us. Luckily we brought snack and cup noodle or else we would starve to death. So, you are advice to bring some of your own food along. MUST BRING. 

Comment 3) There is a camp fire during the night. Go for it. Don't think that you are tired for the day and want to escape this activity because you will regret. The camp fire is special made for us and I admit that I do had some real fun there. Since you have been out, why not just enjoy the night. 

Comment 4) Do not expect to live in a very comfortable environment cause we are at a camp. Be prepare for some camping style living standard but do not worry, air-conditioner is provided ^^ 

So here is the end for my day 1. Hope you all enjoy reading it ^^

Monday, November 26, 2012


2012 Resolution: Work out really hard and be at the peak of Broga Hill
Mission Complete^^

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Melaka + PD Again

Ok. I confess my sin 1st. I am suppose to be very hard working to work on my CG assignment now. But I am really frustrated and have no idea how to do that assignment, so I have decided to do something more useful like blogging. Who knows while I am typing here I can get some inspiration on how to do my CG assignment. For the 1st time in my life, I cannot even write one word for my assignment and I need to submit it on the coming friday. Oh god, please help me. I pray you to be beside me and lead me on how to do the assignment.

So back to today topic, yes, I went to Melaka and PD during the Deepavali. It was another last minute decision. Decide to go 2 day before the holiday. So here comes my holiday.

Jonker Street Dragon 
2012 is a Dragon year so here goes comes the theme

Tripmates + Classmates

Joslyn + Jess + Cindy
Sorry for the light exposure. Thank god that it was not raining on that day we visit Melaka. 
Somehow it was very sunny on that day. 

Insert your own caption 
I myself have no idea what we are doing as well ^^ 

Jess and I 

Sorry. No food pic for this Melaka trip. The reason is because thisthisthis and this will give you sufficient information on the Melaka food. ^^ 

Group pic at Melaka 

2nd day at PD
It was raining and jam while we are on the way to PD and they all blame me for it (T.T) 
It was a say in my class that whenever I sit on any of my classmate car, for sure it is either jam or rain. So whenever this happen, they all will put the blame on me >< 

Thank god it was a beautiful day when we reach PD
Beautiful sky as well ^^ 

I always wonder how come this beach is more clean and beautiful compare to other beach, then only I realize that it is near the Avillion Hotel. So I guess somehow it is more clean then other PD beach. 

Beach pic #1

Beach pic #2

Very busy moving the bag along. 

The end for the short trip ^^ 

#Finish blogging and still no idea how to do CG. Macam mana ya ><#