Friday, January 20, 2012

Pre-X'mas Dinner 2011

Ok. This is a super long due post. Even CNY is around the corner  and now only I'm updating the X'mas post. Anyhow. I spent my X'mas last year at Singapore. Thus, I had an early X'mas dinner with my girls one week before that.
1st stop. Highway Cafe at Sri Kembangan. It's Kelly who introduce us to go. She went there before and said that the food there is really nice and it did not disappoint us. 

My outlook of the day. Simple make up with a dress the was given by the girls to me for my birthday. 
Oh ya, and with a new hair style as well. 

Potato salad. This is a complement. I am not a person who love to eat salad but I really likes to eat this. So it's a recommended. 

Mushroom soup with Butter + Bread. The soup was only so so but the bread is really nice. It came in warm and it's soft. So far it's the best western bread that I've ever tried. 

Fish and Chips. It's not thick but it's definitely in large size.
Rate: 5/10

It's not only omelet but it has combination with fish at the bottom. 
Rate: 6/10

Chicken Chop. They serve in half small chicken size. 
Rate: 6/10

Salmon Steaks. And I order this and I really damn happy about this cause I love mine the most. The fish is thick and the taste is good. Overall it satisfy my hunger towards salmon. 
Rate: 8/10

And we did our exchange present session there as well. So excited about it. 

The ex-change present look. I told you we're excited about it right? The pretties of the day. Kelly, Snowcloud and Vivian

Joanne and I. I'm really excited for the present I got cause Vivian manage to find a very cute box to contain it. 

I'm a happy girl with the Santa box. 

These are all of our exchange present. The present I got it the blue colour one. Now it's at my table filling in with my stationary. 

Next stop. Plan B for dessert. I'm so damn happy and excited about this idea. What's a X'mas if there is no dessert. 

Plan b at Bangsar. 

The way how they serve out drink and Vivian really loves this idea ^^


OMG so many delicious dessert to choose from. 

These are the few cakes that we've choose. 
1) Red Velvet cake. I love this the most. It's definitely going to my favourite list of cake. 
Rate: 9/10
2)Macadamia Caramel Cheesecake. It's delicious but it's a bit too much for me to handle. 
Rate: 8/10
3) Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake. Too chocolate. Not my taste at all. 
Rate: 6/10

Rocky Mountain. This is Kelly's favourite. It taste nice to me too. 
Rate: 8/10

Vivian and Snowcloud. Poor darling, snowcloud cannot eat most of the cakes there cause she is having a very serious sore throat. She only can stare and look at us eating. 

X'mas decorations at Bangsar



X'mas Tree

Decorations in the X'mas tree. Such a nice idea about recycling. 

Vivian, Snowcloud and Joanne


Best pic of the day. Simple and lovely X'mas dinner. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Randomness

Mid Valley 2012 Christmas theme decorations is Alice in the Wonderland

X'mas Tree <3

Sis bring me to La Gomera for buffet. This is a complementary restaurant. I love the food and environment. Simple and nice is always the best way to enjoy the food. 

Foodsy #1

Foodsy #2

Chicken Chop + Lamb Chop

Ice Cream + Jelly for dessert

My Favourite Mango Pudding

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Curly - Straight

I love my curly hair

But I've to say good bye to her (T.T)

Say Hello to Straight Hair

And Welcome back 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Introducing ABM 7

It's 16th January 2012 today. TIME, Y U NO WAIT FOR ME? ><  Have been working at KLCC for the past 2 days and I finally realize some stupid thing that I have not realize. Maybe I should just wait and see how things goes. Nothing goes too rush. Nothing. Aiks. Anyhow. I've just finish my 1st semester of the college lifes. Sigh. 1st semester and it's already killing me. I've no idea why am I not that hard working in study at all. So here is some class picture we took before the semester ends. And let me introduce some of my classmates to you all ^^

Introducing ABM7 

Actually I've not been thinking about which group to join in at 1st. I was just pushing my luck to the max. I choose a class which has the last name empty and I join in that class. And of course another reason is because I saw most of the girls name in this class. This makes me comfort. I've some problem when comes to having friends with boys ><

These are all the girls in my class. Now you know what I mean by the above sentence ^^

These are some of my girlfriends at ABM7


So many leng lui's in my class ^^

Oh ya, my classmates is the combination of KL Branch, Pahang Branch, Perak Branch and Johor Branch. So let's work hard for the next semester peeps ^^

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Resolution (Continue)

Have started off my 2012 resolution back in November 2011. It's the 5th day of 2012 already and I still haven been keeping up with the resolution. Really need to work it out. Anyway, this is a continuation part for the 2012 resolution. For this part, I want to present it in a different way. Got the idea from FB and I directly copy it from FB as well. So let's see whether do we have anything common for this coming 2012. BTW, you can read the 1st part of 2012 resolution at HERE .

Resolution 1
Think less is all what I need in my whole life. As a Virgo, I always think too much. Far beyond much. You have no idea how many hours have I waste in thinking nonsense things. 

Resolution 2
Ya ya ya, I've been working out my japanese. I wish I could actually go back to Japanese class at Sunway but I cannot find the right time to go to class. College student is far beyond busy. 

Resolution 3
Went to Weslife concert last year. I hope I can go for more concert this year. I really want to go to Mayday, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavinge concert. ><

Resolution 4
Will work this out on my private account. For sure I'll. Because I have to travel a lot this year ><

Resolution 5
Something exciting for year 2012 perhaps

Resolution 6
FML for this >< I was thinking, I should not have go back to college. Should have just start working at another company and try to work on more experience. Sigh

Resolution 7
Have been looking for the right converse shoes like forever. I still can't find back the only one that I love. Hope they will come out with that version again ><

Resolution 8
No cutting hair for year 2012

Resolution 9
Something new to myself but I really want to start learning drawing for sure

Resolution 10
Planning, thinking, savings money for it

Resolution 11
6 months is all I need. 6 months. 

Resolution 12
A must for every year. 

Resolution 13
This is a bit something hard to be achieve but I'll try my best to achieve it.