Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gathering + Farewell

People say that humans will have their own life in the future. Everyone will be at different places and that is the reason why that we should always cherish the time we had. These word is getting more and more sticky to me. It's something that I've been encountering so much recently. Something challenging and yet happy for them.

The girls and I went out for a long time no see gathering at The Nyonya Imperial, Bandar Puteri Puchong. The main reason was because we're planning for a farewell party for Hui Ying as she will fly to Korea for student exchange for 6 months. Not a long time but it's not short either.

For those who has forgotten, this is Hui Ying. Yes, I know. I have a lot of pretty friend. Don't ask me why. It just happen ><

1st of all, I've to make apologies about the food we ate that day. I forgot to take down the menu =.= We were too hungry that day that we did not actually get a good look at the menu. All we does is ordering the cheapest dinner set for 3-4 person. But don't worry. I remember the taste. 
Rating: 5/10

I love to eat lady finger. It's always my favourite vegetable in the world. ^^
Rating: 8/10

This is actually fried tofu. Taste kinda normal though.
Rating: 6/10

Mixed vegetable soup. Too many ginger inside and I dislike ginger ><
Rating: 6.5/10

Baba and Nyonya style Curry Chicken. Taste superb. 
Rating: 8/10

Girls pic. It's been a while that all of us went out to meet and discuss about stuff. We chat non-stop that night and I remember we're the last customer who went out to the restaurant. The staff there was actually waiting for us to go and close the restaurant. Haha

Close up #1

Favourite pic of the day
p/s: I love that Angel ah moi ^^ "10" years only meet once. Haha.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

CNY Randomness

1st of all, thousand apologies. I know. I've been very off from blogging (T.T) Please do forgive me about this. I"ve been having a very stress semester. I used to think that short sem will be the best sem I'll ever had but I am wrong for this time. > < Instead. I think this is the worst sem I've ever got so far. I got a very terrible time table. IT can goes from 8.30am till 6pm and only 1 break in between. I want to end my life soon. Anyway, I've been making myself think more optimistic recently. Just to make sure I can survive till the end of the semester (Been telling myself everyday that the semester is going to end soon) I'm actually not suppose to do the updates now as I really have to concentrate on my exams and assignment now but I guess life has to stop for a while. Anyway. This is some short update on what I've been doing during CNY. Yes. I know I'm terrible late to make this update. Just bear with me. There will be more updates soon when I finish all the assignment and tests ^^

Meet up with Singapore cousie. We went to Sushi Tei, Mid Valley to have brunch. I always have the concept that this restaurant food is really expensive but I think my guess is wrong. They have a normal price but I still prefer Zenmai food. I'm a Zenmai Die Hard Fans. 

Tuna Mayo Maki & Soft Shell Crab Maki
My all time favourite. The food taste average only. Not my best preference taste.  
Rating: 6/10

Curry Chicken Katsu Udon
I don't want to make comment. Just look at the rating will do. 
Rating: 5/10

Went to Delicious to celebrate Yenny Birthday. We gave her a extremely big ang pao.  We took a lot of picture that day but still haven got them yet. 
Above Pic: Tunisian Eggplant & Roasted Tomato Spaghettini
Rating: 8/10 
I love this dish. I'm not someone who will order a vegetarian food but this is really nice and had become one of my best Spaghetti I've ever ate. 

Manage to meet up with Little Mountain also. This girl is going to kill me soon because she tried to date me for many times but I always ffk her >< Thousand apologies 

My friend  and I did something un-believable this year as well. I guess it's true to say that human does change when they grow up. I'm usually the slowest when comes to this kind of thing. I'm the one who is always left behind when comes to growing up. We went to Dragon-I this year. 

To eat This aka "Pun Choi"
Rating: 8/10

We want to eat abalone ><
In usual circumstances, my girls and I will go to someone house and "lao sang" for CNY. But for this year, I don't know what happen to them, they change the event to eat "Pun Choi" They said we've already grown up and legally 21 years old d. It's time to make some different. Worst come to worst, they plan to eat something more expensive for next year. ><

We order some side dishes as well as these are famous at Dragon-I
"Siu Long Pao" 
Rating: 9/10

"Lao Sa Pao" 
Rating: 10/10
My favourite of the day 

A happy day with my happy girls. Thanks for celebrating many many CNY with me ^^

The End

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Visiting The Once Me

It's a tradition for Chinese people to go and visit their old homeland during their CNY. Of course my real homeland is at China but in our case (I mean Malaysia), we usually go back to our hometown. And my hometown is at Tapah, Perak.  A small town that you will now think of that I came from that place.

This is my youngest cousie Emily. 

And there is no way I'll never take picture with her ^^


The child nowadays already know how to make posing during young age


Smiling for the cameras

It's my turn to hug the pretties ^^

Cousie <3


Cousie Part 2 <3




It's a long journey to go back to Tapah but I only meet up with my cousie once a year, so this is something that I miss to do during CNY. Afterall they are the person who grew up with me.^^

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Good Leader And Team Makes A Lot Of Different

Suddenly got the title idea when I think back the experience I had when I work at KLCC. It was a Joey Yap event (And I really love the T-Shirt they gave) and I did not expect such a great working experience there. It was beyond what I'm expecting. Because of the idea of want to earn more money, I took out the step to work part time during holiday. It 's something that I don't usually do but I guess human does grow to love money after all. 

My position in that event is Cashier. A position that not many willing to take as it involve money. Money is Evil. I actually need to go to extra training in order to learn how to use their cashier system and of course to learn how to use the credit card machine. 2 days of working and I've already learnt a lot. Learning on how to deal with different people, what is know as customer service, the pleasure of communicating with customer, look at my leader and learn how she is able to manage the situation when everything comes together, meeting new friends and how to communicate with different people. This is what I called Society Universities. At the end of the last day of the event, I've know that the cashier team was actually the best team. Others part does not have a close relationship like we do. I think mostly it's because of our leader. She really makes us tight up together. And of course I do think it's the people in our team is friendly. The scariest part of our job is during all the break time. It's like a swamp of bee's being release and come to our side to buy their honeys. It's what we use to express while we're working. It's tired but it's a great pleasure to work there. 

Below are some of the bits and dips of  our working. Enjoy. 

Me on the training day

Me on the working day

This is some funny thing to be shared. There is a water dispenser right in front of the cashier counter and they provide Mentos as well. So all of us was like, ohh, free Mentos, go and steal some to eat. And ended up all of us goes and take whenever we go to toilet. And it's a custom to give to everyone else as well. 

And of course we'll always take extra to make sure that we'll not fall asleep in front of the counter. 

Vivian and I. I drag her to come and work with me so that I wont feel lonely ^^

We meet this new girl as well. 

She is Ritchie Ex-Classmates

And she is Kok Keong senior as well. What a small small world. 

So this is the cashier team. 


And our team is really fun in many ways. The stood out head is our team leader. ^^ Now you know why I enjoy this job so much ^^




The End
It's a great pleasure working with all of you 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Still Alive

Don't worry. I'm not dead yet. So does my blog. It's just that there is too many things comes out of sudden of I need time to handle everything. 1st of all, my sis have give birth to another baby boy name Jacob. ^^

This is Baby Jacob. He came out 5 weeks earlier and that is why he is so tiny. He is so eager to come and take Ang Pao from everyone ^^ My sis say he look exactly like Jared when he is a baby ^^ 

So this whole CNY, I spent most of the days at my sis house to help out and take care of Jared as well. 

This is Jared during CNY. Finally willing to take some pic with me ^^

Family Re-Union dinner at sis house as well

Mom's birthday falls on CNY as well. So we had a simple celebration with her this year. Dear bakery, I know you want to have CNY holiday, but please considerate that there is people birthday that falls during CNY as well. So please do open next time. Thankiew. 

And I cook this for my dad for lunch. YES. I can cook >< And I do cook every CNY

Of course there is many things happens during this CNY. Many things to update and to tell. Shall I just leave here now and continue tomorrow. I promise that there will be another update by tomorrow. ^^