Monday, March 26, 2012

The Belated X'mas Story

It's the end of the March now and I'm going to sit my 1st paper in semester 2 in less than 24 hours. However, it's an English paper. So I think it's no harm for me to update my blog since it will be a good opportunity for me to write in some long long essay. After all, one of the reason for me to blog is to give myself a chance to write more English essay. I do not write essay like how I used to be already >< 

So as per written in the above title, this post is going to be a very belated X'mas post. Why now? Cause up until now that I've sort out on how to update all the blog post. I wanted to update by date but I think it's too much and I really don't like to update long long post as my idea in updating the blog will drop dramatically. 
So here comes the belates X'mas post. 

Kelly, Vivian and I went to Singapore last year to celebrate X'mas. It was a really good experience. Hope for more soon ^^  Below are all the X'mas decorations we saw at Singapore. It's better to be late than none. ^^ 




There was suppose to be bubble outside. T.T












My favourite X'mas decoration for 2011 <3

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Delicious High Tea

It's a date made long long time ago while we're still studying at Diploma. I still remember Sheue Shin was keep on nagging at me during that time and keep on asking me to go to have those kind of high tea with her. That time we're still kinda young and don't know where to eat. It was a year after diploma that I realize that Delicious has these kind of High Tea Set and it's on 50% sales on The 1st thing I do is called Sheue Shin and she said yes. We bought the coupon on December and we only able to eat it at the early of March =.= These is all because of the time constraint and we're both really busy with studies and stuff.

We went to KiKi Taiwan Cuisine, KLCC to have our brunch. 
Sheue Shin had this Sweet & Sour Pork Rice Set. 
From what I know about Sheue Shin taste, if it's a food that she will order for 2nd time, the food must be good. 
Rating: 8/10

Because of the reason I cannot eat rice, I order Mee Sua. 

Along with Yellow Wine Chicken. I love this. It's alcoholic >< Just kidding. I always love food with yellow wine. It's spice up the food and taste great. Totally recommended. 
Rating: 9/10

Both of us went to shop and had a movie later on before the High Tea Time. Here is some little inside story. All along I've been thinking where is that particular Delicious. There is a requirement that we're only allow to go to the specific Delicious and not others branch. This is really frustrating because we don't know that place. >< So all along I'm telling Sheue Shin that we'll just go by taxi. I'm sure things will work out somehow. So like how we've planned, we went to a taxi stand and the kind taxi uncle told us this." Ohh, this place? Walk to the opposite road and turn left then you'll reach already" I was looking at Sheue Shin and we started to walk. In less than 5 mins, we reach that Delicious =.= Then we both laugh together. After all the frustration and thought, it was at the nearby KLCC all along >< 

Sheue Shin and I 

All the Delicious has these decorations.


Coffee for Sheue Shin and Tea for me ^^

The High Tea set in 3 levels. 

The bottoms is full will breads
Rating: 6.5/10
We're not really into their breads >< 

The Middle is full with cookies and chocolates. 
Rating: 8/10
The chocolate is really nice as well as the cookies. I love the cookies ^^ 

This is a little bit frustrating. I forgot the cake name >< I remember the name is very mouthful and that is why I did not bother to go and remember it. But this cake is really nice. If you want to try this out, just remember this cake picture. 
Rating: 9/10 (It's has become one of my favourite cakes after Tiramisu and Mille Crepe) 

Recommendation: DON'T GO AND EAT WITH ONLY 2 PERSON. Go for at least 3 person. It's really full after the tea set. Overall, it's a pretty nice afternoon high tea session with Sheue Shin ^^ 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Today's Topic

Life's been really busy for this semester. Short semester is the worst semester that we can hope for. However, this sem is really interesting. Things started to changed. I've to change myself too. To make myself to be more confident and have faith in myself. Life's tend to change everyday. So am I. It's bad that if a human choose to stay in the same place where it begins. I had a lot of fun and nice experience this semester. At least for me, I can take it as a positive impact. An impact that makes me grow and thinks better. Or this is what I called to becoming more mature. Life being at 21 is  a total change. Living with friends who is at different age makes it more varied. I want to have a better life's and I want to have a good life. I want to find the motive to live in this world and I want to know what else I can contribute in this life. We may not know when we'll go to heaven. Live the life's the fullest and be happy everyday. There is a lot to be update during semester break. Prepare for it ^^

Vivian Bong Birthday

A special "cake" made by Suie Wan for Vivian Birthday. 
Vivian almost cried when she saw the cake. (T.T)

The happy Birthday girl 

With all the beloved friends who spent the few birthdays with her

The present that makes her happy

Group pic of the day

The very happy birthday girl

It's weird to celebrate this year birthday with the friends. We're really getting old. I don't feel the word young any more. But hey, people say, you're young as long as you feel it in the heart. Let's be happy everyday and be young everyday. Let's celebrate all the birthday together now and in the future. <3

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Wine Palace

This is going to be a short post. I thought it's a real waste if I did not introduce this restaurant.  After all, I do love their food, service and environment. The restaurant that I'm talking about is The Wine Palace located at Bandar Puteri Puchong (Same row with Pappa Rich). It was my sister who ask my father and I go to eat at this restaurant as she bought us the Groupon voucher.

Chicken Chop with Spaghetti Set. My dad said that this set is pretty normal. But the spaghetti is a compliment. The original price for this set is RM24.90++ 

Foot Long Sausage with Spaghetti. I love the sausage and the spaghetti. I think both makes a really good combination. The original price for this set is RM24.90++ as well. 

But I guess the restaurant is famous for selling wine from different places. Most of the people went there for wine testing. Oh ya, just a slight reminder, the restaurant took long hours to prepare the food. Don't go there with extra hungry stomach as you'll need to wait for some time. ^^