Saturday, April 28, 2012

How To Travel at Cameron Highland Without Having a Car

I realize that not many information I can get about these when I was searching in the internet. Most of the people said that it's best to travel to Cameron with cars. But I think that it's not necessary. It's depends on how much you know about that place. Well, I made some mistake in this trip but it makes me learn on how to travel at different places. So in this blog post, I'll try my best on explaining on how to travel at Cameron Highland without the need to having a car.

Day 1
Well, Sheue Shin and I depart from Pudu, KL. There are a few hours of bus that are available to travel to Cameron.  Then we'll reach Tanah Rata, Cameron. For those who always get road sicks, please prepare medicine or some sour snacks. The journey from KL to Cameron takes around 4.5 hours. they will stop by at Slim River for 45 minutes. But the journey to Cameron from Tapah is really narrow. Please prepare for some dizzy ride.

We've book that motel beforehand so we took a taxi from Tanah Rata to Brinchang (RM8 per ride. Cameron is a tourist places so most of the taxi fares is standard) This is where we make the 1st mistake. We should have take a good look around Tanah Rata before that. For those who is planning to travel without car, this is where you should take note. THERE ARE MANY TOURIST AGENCY TO CHOOSE AT TANAH RATA. The price range can goes from RM25 to RM100. Depends on what sort of package that you all want. And also depends on how many days you all plan to stay at Cameron Highland. This will actually makes your life much easier. Other than that, it can makes your cost much cheaper and you can travel to more places. Besides that, if you're planning to travel in group, there are Van to be rent as well. Then you can share the price among your friends. For your information, you cannot find these tourist stuff at Brinchang. So you'll have to do it at Tanah Rata.

Anyhow, both of us check in and manage to get a good rest and we went to hunt for a Strawberry Moment.

(Picture taken from internet)
It was introduce by my friend. It's reachable by walking at Brinchang. Look for people around and ask for the direction. Most of the people there know about this restaurant. 

Fish and Chips
Rating: 5/10

Fresh strawberry juice and strawberry tea. 
Rating: 6/10 

Strawberry Chocolate Pancake 
Rating: 8/10 
I love this as I love both pancake and chocolate ^^ 

Strawberry Strudel
Rating: 9/10
It's the best among all the dishes. It's one of the best dessert seller at Strawberry Moment. This it's a must try if you're at this restaurant. 

Later on, we went to strawberry hunting. Yup, strawberry again. I don't know why but it seems like Cameron Highlands has been commercialize with Strawberry. You can look for all strawberry merchandise when you reach Cameron. You don't have to worry that you can't see strawberry at all at Cameron >< 

Sheue Shin picking the strawberry. 


Flowers grow so pretty at all cold places ^^ 

Strawberry flower 

Shoe Pic. It has become a habit ^^ 

Things always look gorgeous with green colours. ^^ 

Strawberry and I 

We went to Cactus Farm later on. I love all those Cactus. There are so cute and adorable ^^ 

More cute cactus ^^ 


This plant will eat all the mosquito around the places ^^ 

Big red flower. Malaysia symbols. 


Big.Spiky.Large.Cute Cactus ^^ 

Sheue Shin and I in the middle of the journey 

Cameron Highland ^^ The air was breeze and fresh when we're up there. 

(Picture Taken From Internet) 
We went to this restaurant to have our dinner. 
1. It's a steamboat restaurant 2. It's using charcoal instead of electric
3. All the vegetables used is organic vegetable 4. There are set for vegetarian as well 

Plot to put the hot charcoal pot. 

This is a brief look. We actually want the long long air haul. >< 

The meehon was organic made as well and it's really tasty. We ordered another set of it ^^ 

So many different kinds of vegetables ^^ 

Day 2
We did not do anything on the 2nd day. We walk around Brinchang to look for souvenier and went down to Tanah Rata. 

We went to hang at starbucks while we're waiting for the bus to go back to KL. 

Sheue Shin and I
We're trying a new apps with my Ipod ^^ 

Part 2

Bye Bye Cameron >< And cool breeze weather >< 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Mines Heritage

Ok. I'm going to stop posting Singapore trip for a while now. I want to update something new that is happening in my life recently. I've been so busy in this short sem that I did not realize that it's going to be May soon. I''ve got to come back to reality soon. I have a feel that I'm living in a fairytale so far. Guess I've been having too much fun. Back to today topic, I had  a short trip with my college friends to go to The Mines Heritage. Basically we're booking a room and BBQ food is provided and we'll be able to play all the sport activities that are there.

All getting ready

Birthday cake is provided by the host as well. And surprisingly, it's very tasty and pretty too ^^ 

The 2 birthday girl and the cake 

Birthday cake group pic

So these are the basic sport activities that is provided there. And there is kayak as well. 

The swimming pool and the peace sign 

There is a place for us to BBQ at the night time. Food is provided by the host as well. But we prepared extra food because we thought that the food provided will not be enough for us. Everything is provided as well. Including charcoal. 

And we prepared Otak-Otak as well



The host  provide Black Pepper Chicken Wing for us. Luckily we prepared our own kind of chicken wing as well ^^ 

Night view of the lake

Must take shoe pic 

My look for the day 

With Dawn ^^ 

This is something interesting. I ask my friend at first whether do they want to have some drinks while we're there. All of them admit that they can't drink and decide to let this idea goes off. Ended up in the middle of the night, they're telling me that they want to have some drink. And this is the end of the pic. 

Some glimpse of the room 

Mahjong and Wii is provided as well. We're so happy about this especially the mahjong ^^ 


The girls and I 

ABM 7 

Group pic before ending the trip

Smile everyone ^^ Overall it's a very good trip and everything is very convenience. And we can just walk to The Mines and there is grocery shops at the below as well. 
It's our ABM7 1st semester break trip ^^