Monday, May 28, 2012

Munich, IOI Boulevard

It's the end of the May already. Which means that we'll be welcoming June soon. And half a year gone. And there goes the time. Most of my Diploma college friends went to England to pursue their Degree. I'm so jealous of them. Hope that I'll get a chance to go to England myself. Life will only be better if I enjoy my life truthfully and happily. It's the semester 3 for my Adv Dip and the subject is getting tough to study. I pray hard that I'll pass all my subject just like my semester 2. It's so sad to drag all the subject every semester. Especially now that we're at Adv Dip.  I pray hard that everything will smoothly goes on.

Went to Munich to celebrate a friend birthday. For more information, click HERE

My 2 beloved camwhore queen <3<3<3

My long time no see bro's

The girls of the day 

Pork Rib with Honey 
Rating: 7/10
The taste is good but it's so hard to eat. Unless you can handle the cutlery properly, or else I suggest you not to order this. 

Spicy German Sausage
Rating: 5/10
The taste is so normal, the look is so normal, the size is so normal and the portion is so normal. So this dish is really extraordinary normal. 

Pork Chop
Rating: 8/10 
This is really good and it comes with good portion too. 

Pork Knuckle
Rating: 9/10
This is a really good dish. Comes in good taste and look as well. But the portion is big. It would be better to share with friends instead of eating alone. 

It's camwhore time after eating all the dishes

It's so hilarious that we all able to make so many stupid faces on that day. We do not usually do all these kind of things >< 

Have a great day everyone

"Look what look? Never see people camwhore before a?" 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Pet Is NOT In The House

Porcupine in cousie sis house. To be honest, I think they are really cute. BUT I DON'T DARE TO GO AND TOUCH THEM AT ALL. 

Their sharp spines makes me stay away from them (Although they are really cute) And they make noise as well. Can you spot the babies in this pic? 

There are 2 mini Porcupine. But there are full of sharp pines as well. And we can't touch them because their mommy will get very angry is we touch their babies >< Mommy love 

There are more of them in another cages ^^ All are my beloved cousie sis babies ~~ 

This is Dai Gor. He is Eliz bf family dog. And he is WAY TOO ADORABLE. 

Not to mention that he is obedient, cute, funny, furry, and good doggy ^^
According to Joshua, this species of dog is really smart and they can understand human very well. 
That is why Dai Gor know when to play with us and when to play with himself. Very clever dog.  

He is the only dog that Eliz not afraid of. Can you imagine how lovable Dai Gor is ^^ 

New semester have begin. And this is my sem 3 face. Gosh. It's only week 2 now but I'm already damn stress because the subject for this semester is really heavy. I hope I manage to pass all the exams for this semester *cross finger* As much as I'm having a hectic life, I've had a quite enjoyable days. I somehow start to learn how to appreciate the single life that I'm having now ^^ 

In the lecture hall. Let's work hard together ABM 7 ^^ 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Short Notice Trip Randomness

It was a last minute notice. But I decide to go along. Well, people says, when things come on hand, you just need to grab and use it well. ^^ 


Melaka Mille Crepe
Green Tea and Strawberry Cream Flavour 

Melaka : Satay Celup 

Melaka: Satay Celup 
Maybe it's the reason that we can't eat this at KL, thus, it feels really good when I get to eat these ^^ 

Melaka: Longkang Clamps
*My favourite of all* 

Melaka: Longkang Rojak 

Port Dickson Beach
The stars look so beautiful in the night ^^ 

Port Dickson Beach 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Starting A New Business

I've always been wanted to do this thing but there is always  a lot of stuff blocking me in the way. However, now it's has start and begun. Please support me everyone. Both the pages below are my own business with my friends. Have a look at those pages and please support me by buying all those goods. Please be kind to me. Thanks ^^ 

Come and like our page and have a look at the goods. For those who are studying at TARC, staying at Puchong, Sunway, and Setapak. You can have a good view at the product before purchasing them. We promise to provide good quality products for you all. Kindly PM us if you've any inquiry ^^ Please support us ^^