Sunday, June 24, 2012

Petrosains, KLCC

It was an adrenalin rush for me that I want to go to Petrosains. It was a Monday where my classmates and I pass by the Petrosains but sadly it was not open on Monday. It ended up I keep on asking my friends to bring me go another time. I keep on nagging them until they're willing to bring me to go to Petrosains. Yes, I'm as childish as that.

These are the tourist of the day. I force most of them to go along with me ^^ 

Bought the ticket 

And prepare to go in ^^ 

We do not know what is inside the Petrosains, but un-expectedly, there is a lot of things to do inside. Somehow this trip has become very interesting. 

Cassandra and I 

Night sky image in the Petrosains

They have dinosaur inside as well =.= This is really un-expected

Mini Volcanoes

Mini Zoo 

This graphic playing is really fun. 
We need to collects all the money with our shadows. 

And all the butterfly will stay on our shadow as well ^^ 


I got so many butterfly. I'm a happy girl ^^ 

On the way back to the real land

Last grouping picture 
Had a fun and tired day indeed

Souvenir from Petrosains 
We've gone back to become a children for a day. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thousand Apologies

Feel so guilty looking at my blog and realize that it's been a while that I've update this blog. Please forgive me as I'm really busy with my study and working life. I'm on mid term now till the next 2 weeks. Please bare with me cause I'll be super busy until then. There is so many things that I wish to update and yet time does not allow me to do so. I hope I can have more time to share my feeling in this blog. Many things happen recently. Got good and got bad. I wish to write it out and keep me memory and share with all of you as well ^^ Please bare with me for 2 more weeks then I'll come back and update my blog ^^

ps: Made a new spec with the price RM95. Love it to the max <3