Sunday, July 8, 2012

If Only If

Things has been so complicated recently. So does my own feeling. I already don't know the real reason why I should live in this world. Suddenly it seems like everything should be collapse. Or I should be the one who has to be collapse. I always think that I am the weird one in this world. As though I do not belong in this world at all. Everything seems like cannot fit me in. I'm not being negative. Just a thinking. I know that every human has to face different kind of problem everyday. But things just seems like going more and more out of control. As though I already cannot control what I need and what I can do everyday. Things just seems off and out of the place.

I dislike the feeling of growing up. Seems like there is more and more burden and more and more problems everyday during our growing up. People change. Things change. Everything seems like does not seems right. I feel so scare that what will be coming in the future. Those people who I once thought that there were my friends but ended up who know that kind of person will be. Living in a world is not doing things alone. But doing too many things in one time seems like not right at all. Just like now. I do not know what the hell am I writing. Perhaps I'll laugh at myself one day in the future looking back at this post. Sigh.

Life is short. Guess we just have to live the fullest. <3