Friday, August 31, 2012

One Day Trip with ABM7 Part 2

This is my 2nd Yukata - Back Side 

Japanese Village is our 2nd stop. I don't want to wear Yukata at 1st because I've worn before but my heart attack wanted me to accompany her to wear along. So I guess things happen. 

Me and my heart attack before wearing Yukata

Wala ^^ 

Beautiful flower at Japanese Village 


Trombone flower 

Sunshine Day 

The girls in Yukata

YS is the only guy wanted to wear this. He literally run into the room and ask for the cloth. ^^ Haha 

Souvenir from praying the Buddha

Went to the Zoo. And the ticket is so long. 

G-Force on the move

Saw white donkey as well 

Me in the swing 

Next stop. Strawberry farm below Genting. 

Can see the strawberry a? 

Beautiful roses at Strawberry Farm 


While waiting for others who is picking the strawberry 




The vegetables look so tasty








Shoes pic of the day 



ABM7 is very much a poser class ^^ 

Shall end this post with an umbrellas pic 
Have a nice day everyone ^^ 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Day Trip with ABM7 Part 1

Joslyn and I - On the way
It was a very last minute decision. We did not really plan for this but for some reason we manage to go for this trip. Indeed it was fun and exciting ^^ 

Reach destination <3

Imma at French Village

The girls and I 

My heart attack and I 

I found this pic really hilarious. Decided to share with you all ^^ 

Girls in the lift. 

De Fountain


The weather was surprisingly good on that day. It was a great match with the wind. Cold but at the same time it's sunny. 

This is the only road at the whole French Village. All the picture that I took at this village was taken in this road only. 




Imma shoes

Jump Jump Jump

F4 in ABM7



This pic suppose to have bubble dramatic effect de >< 
But I guess there is too little bubble to be taken 




Group pic of the day 

Before departing to Japanese Village ^^ 

Stay tune for Part 2