Wednesday, September 12, 2012


At 1st I have written many negative stuff that has happen to me recently. But I guess my thinking is too negative and I think it will scare you all away if you all really know what I have been thinking recently. Anyway, it is almost the end of the semester holiday and for the first time in my life, I cannot wait to get back to college. I want to finish my Degree soon. And I am too sick with all of the disappointment that I have gotten for this semester holiday. Disappointment after disappointment. Urgh. Worst semester holiday ever. I should have spent all the money for the Bangkok trip instead of do nothing at all for the whole holiday.

Anyhow, it is lucky that I got to go to Kuantan before my finals. Just few weeks before my finals. It was a very last minute decision from my sis but I guess when things happen, I just go around with it. That is always what happen in my life. No expectation is the best expectation.

Stayed at Swiss Garden Hotel

The view outside my room
Sorry for the ugly leg ^^ 

My look when I reach the hotel. It was a very long drive indeed. 

The leg on the sand 

Happy Jared on the beach. He is so happy when we reach the destination.
 It is his happy place indeed. 

Jacob 1st time coming to the beach. 

Curious but want to play at the same time ^^ 

Went to several beach near the hotel as well



Very surprise that the outcome look so good

Now who loves the beach? 




My leg print on the beach 




Jared on the beach wandering and looking for friends

Dining in the hotel 

Last pic
Imma and Jacob <3 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Food Porn

Food Name: American Set B 
Location: Kim Gary, Sunway Pyramid
Rating: 7/10
The food was great. It come with a choice of soup and drink as well. The sauce taste well. Overall is was a great meal to enjoy.

Food Name: Moist Chocolate Cake and Hi Fibre Cheese Cake 
Location: Secret Recipe, IOI Mall
Rating: 8/10

Food Name: Supreme Pork Set
Location: BBQ Plaza, IOI Mall
Rating: 8/10
I have become a BBQ Plaza addict ever since I have join in my ABM7 class. I don't know why but almost all of my classmates love to eat it. It felt as though it's the right thing to eat after all. I could not count how many times I have went to BBQ plaza on the last semester. Haha

Food Name: Dak Galbi
Location: Uncle Jang, Bandar Puteri Puchong 
Rating: 7/10

It is my 1st time to eat Dak Galbi. I have become more and more fond t eat Korean food recently. Dak Galbi is new to me but to my surprise, I kinda like it. ^^ 

Location: Fancy Mee, Setapak 
Rating: 7/10 

I want to specially introduce this food. Usually we have heard of braised rice which is come from taiwan. This above pic is braised pan mee. It taste good as it is full with herbal taste but a nit too oily for me. It serve with pork and egg as well which is almost the same as braised rice. ^^ 

Macaroni, Pizza, Mini Hot Dog, Red egg, KFC
All was handmade except KFC ^^ 
It was for Kelly birthday celebration dinner 

Breakfast at Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuantan 

Dinner at Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuantan 

Mochi Sweet at Pavillion 
A little reward for studying so hard for mid term 

Food Name: Grilled Gala Platter
Location: Manhattan Fish Market, Pavillion
Rating: 6/10
One comment. All fried food. So it's all taste like what a fried food should. Thank for Ritchie for winning the competition and we got to enjoy a great meal ^^ 

A dinner with the ABM7 at Setapak. Main food of the day is Otak-Otak. Yummylicious. 

White Chocolate Cheese Cake for Kam Kam birthday. 
This was made by our own classmate. 
It had a awesome awe there ^^ 

Ki Ki Taiwan Cuisine 

My all time favourite Mee Suah with Chicken 

The Ketam village Steamboat at KL Festival City. 
The food and soup was great. And the price is cheap as well. Totally recommended for student to go. ^^