Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hui Lau San Dessert Shop

Finish the 1st assignment so right now I am in a really good mood for blogging. But to think back that there is 5 more assignment to go. Sigh. I think suicide is better than doing assignment. So today is the last day of October. Gosh. 2 more month to go on 2012. So many things has happen so far. But as far as I can tell, 2012 has not been a really good year for me. 2 more month to go, hope things can be maintain like what it is now. I do not want to go through any more heartbreaking things. Friends that I always trust, believe and love. Everything has an end. It is only depends on when it will happens. I do not regret loving them, I regret for not making them realize that I actually love them.

I am going to end my October post for a dessert post. But I do not really recommend you all to go. Expensive but the food does not taste outstanding. I have high expectation on this dessert shop but who knows it is ended up with disappointment. No matter, the picture look too beautiful to not to blog. So here comes today post.

 Hui Lau San 

The oh so good looking delicious

Mixed Fruit Combo Set
It looks really good but the taste is not outstanding 

The fruit was fresh and generous. 

Mango Romance. 
This is a heaven for mango lover like me. 
But for other, might feel normal as the taste not that outstanding. 
Don't be cheated from the picture, the portion is really really small. 
Like really small. 

Sweet paste with peanut & sesame topping
This is unexpectedly delicious.
Serve in hot. 

Wan Chen and I 
Went for BBQ Plaza on the same day as well 

Work . In. Progress

Me and my ABM7 during break time. 
Sayonara October 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Her 22nd Birthday

October was not a very good month to me. Many unpleasant things has happen. Not to mention that there is many life decision making as well. Something that I try to avoid to think because it is very troublesome and at the same time you MUST make that decision. I sometimes really wonder who is the person who creates money. It makes our life much more complicated. Not to mention that Account was created due to the existing of money and now Business Student is compulsory to study Accounting Subject which will makes me die very soon.

The second last semester consists of 4 subject but this 4 subject alone is enough to kill me. Assignment after assignment, presentation, test, urgh and many many heavy readings as well. I barely have enough time to breath, and my health was declining dramatically. Talk about starting to be old. Ish. But I guess this is what people call as life. Sometimes when I think back, I really regretted that I went back to pursue my Advance Diploma but I guess if it is a path that I have chosen, than I will just have to continue to walk on it. Life is never been easy. This is the phrase that I have learn for this past month.

Let's ditch all the sad things and have a look at delicious food and happy things. Rachel's Birthday.

Location: Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant, Sunway (There is another branch at Old Klang Road)
Rating: 8/10

Cutlery Set

Green Tea Pot - Refillable

This is Wasabi. No lies. 

This is the birthday girl
22nd birthday marks the years that we have been together for the past 7 years. 

Her set of food. Grilled Salmon Bento Set. 

Suie Wan 

With her Tempura Set. This set is really delicious as all the food was very crispy. 


With her Fried Chicken Bento Set. 


With her Saba Fish Bento Set 


With my Salmon Teriyaki Bento Set

Dragon Roll Side Dish 

Kelly with her Sakae

Idako with Kurage

Chocolate Ice Cream for Adeline Dessert

Rachels Beautiful + Cute "Birthday Cake" 

Our group pic. 

On Rachel Birthday Eve

Suie Wan made her Chocolate Lava. It was shoo nice and awesome good. ^^

And we went to meet Jin nephew as well ^^

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweetness In Life

I swear to god that I am not a dessert person. But I guess god bless me that I actually got to enjoy so many nice food in my life. Recent conversation with some of my close friends has actually made realize how lucky I am and how bless to get to live with my life. Anyhow, I have decide to make some slight changes and makes my life to be better. Better as in to appreciate with what I already have. Do not ask what others can give to me, ask myself what I can gives to others.

College has started and life has been crazy. It is already week 4 today but I have no idea what has happen for the past 4 weeks as too many things has happen and I do not have time to catch breath and absorb on what has actually happen. This year was not a really great year as many bad things happen but I guess in life we just have to learn to accept things and move forward. I still believe that whenever god take something away from us, but at the same time he will return something to us. Life is fair after all. ^^

Please beware with all the below picture. It contains with a lot of dessert and sweetness in my life.

The mountain and I went to enjoy this dessert for my early birthday present

Haagen-Dazz de Chocolate Fondue

The hot chocolate

Fruits portion 

Cakes and cookies portion 

Lastly is the Haagen-Dazzs ice cream portion which is heaven. 
I feel so happy and satisfy to enjoy this delicious meal with my mountain. 
Lovely indeed <3
The chocolate fondue was great but I recommend for 3 person to enjoy it cause the portion is a bit too full for me and Siow San. 

Speaking of chocolate. Have you all tried eating Hot Chocolate Fountain in the hostel. 
I am so bless to got a chance to try this out. 

All the chocolate is coming out

Home made Hot Chocolate Fountain @.@

All the ingredients to eat with the chocolates ^^ 

The person who makes all of us to feel the happiness on class break

The ones who is in happy land #ABM7

Another Delicious High Tea with #ABM7
Must be the cheapest high tea that I will ever be enjoy in life. Less than RM10 per person. 4 person share one high tea is just the right amount. ^^

The above cake, Truffle Torte was amazingly delicious. Totally recommended. 

Just in case you have forgotten the owner face.