Monday, November 26, 2012


2012 Resolution: Work out really hard and be at the peak of Broga Hill
Mission Complete^^

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Melaka + PD Again

Ok. I confess my sin 1st. I am suppose to be very hard working to work on my CG assignment now. But I am really frustrated and have no idea how to do that assignment, so I have decided to do something more useful like blogging. Who knows while I am typing here I can get some inspiration on how to do my CG assignment. For the 1st time in my life, I cannot even write one word for my assignment and I need to submit it on the coming friday. Oh god, please help me. I pray you to be beside me and lead me on how to do the assignment.

So back to today topic, yes, I went to Melaka and PD during the Deepavali. It was another last minute decision. Decide to go 2 day before the holiday. So here comes my holiday.

Jonker Street Dragon 
2012 is a Dragon year so here goes comes the theme

Tripmates + Classmates

Joslyn + Jess + Cindy
Sorry for the light exposure. Thank god that it was not raining on that day we visit Melaka. 
Somehow it was very sunny on that day. 

Insert your own caption 
I myself have no idea what we are doing as well ^^ 

Jess and I 

Sorry. No food pic for this Melaka trip. The reason is because thisthisthis and this will give you sufficient information on the Melaka food. ^^ 

Group pic at Melaka 

2nd day at PD
It was raining and jam while we are on the way to PD and they all blame me for it (T.T) 
It was a say in my class that whenever I sit on any of my classmate car, for sure it is either jam or rain. So whenever this happen, they all will put the blame on me >< 

Thank god it was a beautiful day when we reach PD
Beautiful sky as well ^^ 

I always wonder how come this beach is more clean and beautiful compare to other beach, then only I realize that it is near the Avillion Hotel. So I guess somehow it is more clean then other PD beach. 

Beach pic #1

Beach pic #2

Very busy moving the bag along. 

The end for the short trip ^^ 

#Finish blogging and still no idea how to do CG. Macam mana ya ><#

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plan B, Paradigm Mall

I wonder why do I torture myself early in the morning. =.= Just woke up and I am so damn hungry right now. But the mood for blogging has been on for the past few days. But I am too busy with my assignment recently until I cannot find any time to blog at all.

Still got 3 more assignment to go and I am done. Finally today I got some time to read the Corporate Governance(CG) notes. I have been dragging from reading the notes for weeks. I have been too tired to read it once I have finish my assignment. Anyhow, still plan to finish 2 more assignment on the following week so that I can have more time to prepare for my finals. I am so scare about it because this semester subject is too heavy and the stupid me still bring up some subjects from the last semester. FML

Anyhow, it is very good to know that I still have my good classmates to keep on motivating me in life. Though it is very tough, but we all have been planning some real good activities to reduce the stress in our college life. Though I do not really like that activity. Shall tell you all about the activity later. Maybe at the early of December.

Back to today topic, went to meet up with Siow San few weeks ago and I drag her to go to Plan B with me. I have been there once to try out the dessert but not main food. Thus, I want to go once more to try it out.

The long time no see Siow San and I
Sometimes I feel so sad about our date, we only meet up like once every few month as she is really busy all the time. During our meet up, I have to go home early as my mom will need the car at night. So sad >< 

Egg Benedict
Rating: 7/10 
It is kinda normal to me. Egg + Ham + Bread . 
The sauce taste great though. 

Rating: 7/10 
Not my kind of spaghetti. I prefer those with a lot of sauce in it. 
But this taste great as well. A little bit sour and spicy kind. 

Caramel Chocolate Banana Cake 
Rating: 9/10 
This has become one of my favourite dessert. 
Taste great with the combination of banana and caramel. 
Love it ^^

Very hungry right now. Shall go and hunt for food. Have a great and happy holiday everyone ^^