Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paddington House of Pancake, Mid Valley

Went to meet up with Little Mountain at Mid Valley and was looking for restaurant to have our brunch. At 1st I was thinking on going to eat at Zenmai, but the we pass by this restaurant that caught our eyes and decided to go and give it a try. Who knows it will turn out to be such a good restaurant that have delicious food ^^

The main dish for this restaurant is Pancake. 

But they are selling many others main dish as well. Food before the dessert. ^^

Spaghetti with chicken slice and avocado. 
To my surprise, this taste really great. 
The cream sauce was not too much and it taste well blend with the chicken and avocado. 

American Big Breakfast. 
The dishes in the plate taste great especially the sausage and pancake. 
Well cooked and it comes with bacon as well ^^ 

Kids Meal: Oreo Pancake with Chocolate Ice Cream 
This is a real splendid dessert for both Little Mountain and me. 
We both love it and it comes with marshmallow and strawberry ^^
A complimentary and a must order. 

Went to the centre court to have a look at the Chinese New Year decorations. 

Little Mountain 


Shoo many tang lung there >< 

Have a great day people 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yamagoya Ramen, Setiawalk Mall, Puchong

This is a superb delay post. I had this ramen with Kelly one week before 2012 Halloween. So sorry for posting it after so long. The main reason is because I have already forgotten the existent of the picture. Haha. I was trying to compile all my picture just now to do back up and I realize that I did not make a post about that ramen. So here is the review of the food. ^^

It was Kelly who suggest us to try out this ramen shop. 
According to her, this ramen shop is rather famous. 

RM 1 for 1 Asahi. It was a great promotion. But we only manage to drink one bottle though. Was preparing for another round with the girls. Anyhow, Asahi was great to my taste bud. I like the dry taste and less gas feeling. 

Mukashi Special Ramen
Taste great. But I have to give out a warning before hand, the price is a little above average. So be well prepare before going. The soup was a complimentary. 

Yamagoya Ramen. Again the soup was a complimentary. The meat was normal I guess. 
The ramen was normal to me too.

Overall the restaurant is in good environment. The food taste good too. But it is a little bit too pricey for people like me. I don't think I will go for another time any time soon. ^^

Thursday, January 24, 2013

24th Day in 2013 I Realize...

Today is the 24th day in 2013, which marks the 2nd week of my holidays. One more week and I am going to college and finish the last semester of the student life and going to venture into the adulthood and working industry AGAIN. Thus, I have decided to enjoy my student life as much as possible and try to create as many sweet and good memories as a student as possible. So to make this post interesting, I am going to make 24 things that I have done and discover in this 24 days.

I never realize how good is this drink to my body until this semester. One of my junior introduce to me and state that it is a really good drink to prevent constipation (A problem that I had since long time ago). I gave a try to drink everyday and it works. Constipation problem solve. 

Worked at Joey Yap event for the 3rd time and for the 1st time in my life, I counted the money wrongly. Such a disgrace for myself >< I think this will be the last time that I will work for this event as by their next event, I think I will be working full time in a company and too tired to work on weekend any more.

Learn how to make this fishtail braid on the spot while working in the Joey Yap event. 

Finished exam and finished working, time to meet up with the girls. 

Decide to cut back into bangs after all these long time. But it is going to take me more effort to take care of it because now I have to iron it every time I have washed my hair. Sigh. The sacrifice to do in order to have a beautiful hair. 

It is holiday and I was too free so I have decided to learn how to put in the fake lashes. But the picture do not make the justice at all ><

Went to try this Korean Restaurant with cousie sis last week at Pavilion

The food and service taste excellent. Totally recommended

Chocolate Moist and Mango Mille Crepe at Food Foundry
Both taste great and excellent. Personally prefer the Mango Mille Crepe. 

Are you ready for CNY? I know I am ^^ Going to go back to Tapah to celebrate this year. 
Very excited about it ^^ 

Receive a cactus from Rachel dear all the way from Cameron Highland <3

One Hot Caramel Machiato for Cindy ^^
Did I mention how much I love that guy voice. Hehe

Kuroko No Basuket has become one of my favourite basket ball anime <3

Say I Love You 
Another favourite anime on this semester break

Have you watch the Wong Fu Production latest video? 
Definitely a video that express out what is in the girls mind. 

Watch CZ12 with cousie sis at Setiawalk Mall, Puchong. 
I am very impress with Jackie Chan action even after all these year. I somehow can understand how much patience he has towards action movie that he is willing to risk his life in order to catch the perfect move into the screen. Salute. 

Watched Friendly Fire in just one day. Finished all 26 episode. 
Yes, I am not a patience person when comes to watching drama. 

Watched Gossip Girl Season Finale (T.T)

My guess on Blair and Chuck getting married HIT
Shoo happy for this couple. My all time favourite.

My guess on Dan and Serena getting married HIT. 
Somehow I already predicted this is the ending for this couple. 
1st love is always had the best impression in ones life.

And do you know who is the Gossip Girl? 
Who would have guess that Gossip Girl is actually a guy. Totally shock with the answer.
 My bet is always on Jenny. Unexpected result.

Of course I did meet up with my darlings as well during exam. 

Jin actually treat us to eat Uncle Jang. Kelly mistook Uncle Jang as Jin cause Jin has a nick name called Jagung. We laugh at the joke and I have decided to change Jin name in my phone into Uncle Jang. 

Celebrated Toh Jung Jin 23rd birthday 

Went to eat Shabu Shabu with Vivian dear to drain out all the stress that has been accumulated during the exam. One of the best time to enjoy the food is after exam ^^ 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Umaiya + Tong Pak Fu

Hello people, how was your 2013 so far? Finally my holiday is starting. Been watching drama, read manga and catch up with some of my girls recently. Life been good so far. The negative thinking mood have not kick in yet and hopefully it will not come this holiday. Actually there is so much to do and hopefully I can drag myself to finish it all. I do not know why but I do not feel like leaving home at all. All I want to do is drag and stay at my own bed for as long as possible. But that will not be possible cause my mom will not ever ever let me becoming that leech. NEVER.

Back to today topic

Umaiya at Puchong Branch for dinner 

Cheapest plate on the belt. I still prefer Zenmai selection though. 

I forgotten the maki name. Something related to volcano? 
But this is a recommended dishes. Taste excellent. 

Fried small squid. I still prefer salmon skin though. 

Seafood Spicy Ramen. Recommended dish.
Taste great and with enormous amount of seafood inside. Definitely worth the price. 

Forgotten the name of this dish as well. (Paiseh. I forgotten to keep the receipt of the dinner) But the soup taste of ginger so for those who dislike ginger stay away from this Ramen. Taste great to me though.

Curry Chicken Katsu Ramen. Taste like most of the japanese curry. 

Went to Tong Pak Fu for dessert. 

Tiramisu. A big no no. Totally disappointed. 

Mango Sago. Taste great but I do not feel like it is worth the price though. Sigh. 

Papaya + Gingko. Taste normal. Again, I do not feel the price reach the expectation. 

Durian Ice Shave. This is better. But I dislike durian. 
Overall was great, but I can look for a better shop for the same dessert but with cheaper price ~~

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Resolution

Good Bye 2012. Hello 2013. Almost wrote 2012 on my exam paper today. Luckily some of my classmate reminded me earlier to write in 2013. So, today is the 3rd day in 2013. Things has been going well in this 3 days. The reason is basically because I have been staying home and studying for my final exam. Now that explain why no disaster coming in yet. Haha. Anyhow, I still hope that 2013 will be a good year to me. Although 2012 is not a good year for me but I shall always learn from mistake (Must think positively)

So what have I done in 2012. Well, things has been really excited though. I manage to achieve some of the resolution and some are not. So I guess I need to be more determine in the coming 2013. Nothing more. Just 3 things to do. 

Post one of my pic 1st in case any of you have forgotten the blogger face ^^ 

My 1st resolution of the year is to successfully graduated with my ABM 7. 
This will be my biggest wish in this year. I hope that I can wear the same graduation robe. 
It was a real failure for me in Diploma but I hope I can do my best in Adv Dip. 

Every year resolution: Save more money. 
This year is to achieve another zero inside the bank account.

3rd Resolution: Travelling
This year confirm trip is to go to Langkawi.
 However, I hope that I can go to USS and Taiwan as well. 

So this year I shall start little by little as I am going to join into the workforce soon. Sigh. So, it is best to leave everything into minimal this year. But with minimal means that all these 3 have to be achieve. Lets hope for the best ^^ 

Happy 2013 then everyone <3