Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 Fireworks

This is going to be a boring blogspot because it is going to be full of fireworks picture only. And some of the silly children picture that I took. Well, my Chinese New Year basically is only one word LAZY. I did nothing at all except watch City Hunter and Running Man and reading manga. It was too comfortable to be lazy and not even try to make up myself. I look like a dead person this Chinese New Year. Haha.

This year my family went back to Tapah to celebrate with the aunty and uncle. Had a lot of great food though. For sure it is going to be a fat Chinese New Year. Sigh. Shoo much fat to get rid of. ^^ So here is my promise on a lot of fireworks pic. ^^ Enjoy.













The best of the best fireworks pic ^^ All of the above pic is actually only small parts of the pic that I have taken because my family this year actually have fire up a lot of these >< Luckily no police came as we are living in a small village. Hehe 

You see, one thing about children is no matter what sort of ugly face they make you will still think that they are adorable. And me. Sigh. No eye to see myself either >< 

The me on CNY. Doing nothing but lazy around the house. 
Happy Chinese New year people. 
Get more ang pao ya ^^