Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gold Coast Morib + Tanjung Sepat

The pic speaks a thousand words

Gold Coast Morib hotel room 
Rating: 6/10

Tanjung Sepat Beach 

My foot on the lover beach 


The lover bridge

Charlene and the umbrella 



The exceptional girls 

The food is not really nice thus I have decided not to spill the restaurant names 
(It's near the beach though, choose wise)

The vegetable of the day 

Crabs eggs

The crab of the day 

Short post for today. It was meant for looking at the pic more than reading words. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Love Korean Food Because I Love Running Man

I did not neglect my blog this time. It is the Google Chrome problem that causes me having problem in my blogging. So I shall put all the blame to Google Chrome. In this world, you should NEVER say the word NEVER. I am not a Justin Bieber fans. NEVER confused it with his song. It is just that I was once told by my classmates that they love and enjoy watching a Korean show called Running Man. You see, I am a very conservative person. It is not easy for me to start something new. Start watching a Korean show to me is like a thousand step ahead and a lot to do. So I just decline my friends offer and I thought that perhaps I will NEVER like the show and NEVER will watch the show at all.

Things always comes around in somehow in someway. I was damn boring on the last 2 semester holiday and HK drama and China drama cannot satisfy my bored anymore. Thus, I took my 1st step in looking for the Korean show RUNNING MAN. It is not easy for me because I cannot read Chinese, so I need to look for English subtitle. Anyhow, I manage to find it and now I AM ADDICTED TO IT (Eat my own words). I do not know why but it really is very addicting. Until a stage that their food makes me hunger. Now, my next aim country to visit is KOREA. All the places that went by the Running Man Team look so beautiful to me. Not to mention their food makes me drool all the time. So to satisfy my craving, I went to eat Korean food, IN MALAYSIA.

There is new (Now not so new already) shopping mall open nearby my house recently and there is a Korean shop which looks very delicious. Actually the 1st motive that makes me want to go is because my friend sister said there is a waiter look very handsome and I want to catch a sight but who knows the day I went HE IS NOT THERE (T.T) So I look at the food and satisfy my own craving (with my friends)

San Nae Deul
Located inside Setiawalk Mall 

It taste great but the size is too big >< 
Next time shall request them to cut smaller

Their side dishes
The portion is a bit too small compare Daorae
They serve in 9 small dishes

Serve in with fresh lettuce, cucumber and chili

Their sauce taste great with their meat

Non-marinated pork (Sorry, forgotten the name)
Taste great with the sauce above

Marinated chicken
Taste great even without the sauce 

Kimchi Soup 
This is the heaven of the day
This is the best Kimchi soup that I have taste after so many korean restaurant 
Taste great with rice too ^^ 

Ok. I am starting to drool now. Shall update more next time. There is so many pending post though because I spend more time on assignment and RUNNING MAN recently. 

End this post with Running Man picture ^^