Monday, July 15, 2013

Because Work Has Become Part Of My Life

I am back to the working life again. This time is another totally different environment. A very scary and unfamiliar environment. It was a rough start. Unknown towards the job. Unknown towards the environment. The scary-ness of needing to communicating with totally un-familiar people. The urge to learn but at the same time always looking at the mistake. The worst part of getting back into the working world.

I tend to let go and not wanting to go through the job again. Wanted to go back to the familiar environment job that I was once used to. But I guess life goes on no matter what happen. Ended up I am still working on the same job that I was once swear I will not work on it anymore. Life is a bitch. So is my word.

Things has been finally settled down now. I finally can get some idea on what I am doing (I think only lah). It took me a lot of time but I guess it is all worth it. It was not a tough job, it is just that I need to do a lot to know what I am doing. For those who is curious on what sort of job I am working now, sorry to tell that I don't really feel like sharing now. Not that it is a bad job. It is just that I hope someday I can write an entry fully on what my job is. (When I have decided that I will make the job as my career. Yes, I am still indecisive now)

My life is on rough road again. Thank god for having my family and friends with me. I learn to smile everyday no matter how bad things has been. Because no point making a sore face and letting people to see your mad face. Trying to balance my working life and social life now. Things has been just finally settle down recently that I finally think it is time that I can come back to the blogging world. I finally can answer myself that my life is worth to be written down and shared with you all. A simple life. But at least it is something that belongs only to me and those who is sharing with me. (Like those of you who is reading this post right now)

Anyways, going to end this post now. Next post is going to be up soon. With more pictures along. Do not worry about it ^^