Thursday, May 1, 2014

Krabi Short Escape #2013

Went to Krabi for a short escape last year. It was a very last minute decision but somehow I guess that is how life should be somehow. Just do without thinking. Don't feel like writing a long post today. So mostly will be pictures. Enjoy looking at the scenery. (^.^)













































TRANSPORTATION: The transportation at Krabi is pretty convenient BUT you have to put budget towards it. Of course it wont be as expensive as others country but I think you have to take in this part as you will have to spent a lot in transportation as the places is quite far away from each other. Unless if you are planning to stay near the beach and not planning to go to others places, then that is another story. 

ACCOMMODATION: Find the best rate. You can have a high quality accommodation with the best price. The place that I stay at is not near the beach but the condition is great with superb cheap price. Though it is not near the beach but it is near to the jungle. Basically the staying is relaxing with a great condition in the room and good services as well. 

FOODS: The food is very affordable. You wont spent much in it no matter what sort of big eater you are. I am a Malaysian so the food taste is fine with me. Just a little bit more sweeter than Malaysian food. If you are not a picky eater, try some of their local foods. It's great to challenge your tongue taste. ^^ PS: I didn't manage to eat Tom Yum Gung cause of the time limit. (>.<) Must try next time. 

SEA AND BEACHES: Their sea and beaches is not as beautiful as I thought. It might be because I have high expectation towards it that it makes me so disappointed. Some of the places is beautiful and nice but I still find Pulau Payar, Langkawi to be better. I think most of the reason is because they make it too commercialise that makes the places to be so polluted. They brought us to some of the sea places which is so pretty and nice but they only allow us to see. Those beaches that they allow us to go was really commercialise and lack of a feel of a sea blue ocean. So it is better to go with no expectation then you will see more wonder in it. 

SHOPPING: The cheapest place to buy things is at their night market. Other than that, all is expensive. And bargain as much as you can. You can have a much cheaper price when you bargain for it. Go there and buy the bikini. A lot of selection and choices there. Save place on the luggage. 

MASSAGE: A MUST DO AT THAILAND. CHEAP AND SUPERB GREAT TO GO. The price is affordable as well. Look at the price properly. They have a selection of discount price at a certain hours period. Looks for the right shop and manage your time so that you can enjoy a half price massage. My advice is don't go to those small shops opposite the beach. Choose those that have a better looking. You will find the price to be as cheap as those small shops but with better quality of services. 

OVERALL: The trip is great and it was a good choice for short escape. The cost is cheap as well. Try to look for the promotion at Air Asia. Usually their promotion during low season is really good. Cheap price but the travelling period will be short. Usually good for those who is looking for last minute travelling. 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Current Me

So, I have neglect this blog for more than 6 months. Hooray me. I wont say that I am a lousy blogger because I am not. I have been updating about my life but just that not on this blog. I just want to keep something only for myself. 

So the past is the past. I shall update the new me. After all, life is all about walking forward and learn from the past. 

Yep. This is the current me in short hair. I have not had these kind of short hair every since like I was 12 years old. So the question is why. All I can say is I want some changes in my life. I guess the past me has been too dull and I want to have something new. A new beginning perhaps. Haha. 

Either way, I feel great with the new me. (Believe me, I will regret about it in a few days. Haha) And I promise that I will update this blog more often and update more about the current life. 

I shall do a few book review in the next blog post though. I am currently having difficulty in sharing my thought of books with people since there is very few friends of mine who enjoy books like me. So I shall share it in this blog and see who share the same interest as I am ^^