Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Current Me

So, I have neglect this blog for more than 6 months. Hooray me. I wont say that I am a lousy blogger because I am not. I have been updating about my life but just that not on this blog. I just want to keep something only for myself. 

So the past is the past. I shall update the new me. After all, life is all about walking forward and learn from the past. 

Yep. This is the current me in short hair. I have not had these kind of short hair every since like I was 12 years old. So the question is why. All I can say is I want some changes in my life. I guess the past me has been too dull and I want to have something new. A new beginning perhaps. Haha. 

Either way, I feel great with the new me. (Believe me, I will regret about it in a few days. Haha) And I promise that I will update this blog more often and update more about the current life. 

I shall do a few book review in the next blog post though. I am currently having difficulty in sharing my thought of books with people since there is very few friends of mine who enjoy books like me. So I shall share it in this blog and see who share the same interest as I am ^^