Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Life Is Changing

One and a half year. And here I am again. Writing at my own space again. I have a lot of updates to tell. Not only in terms of life. But to update my personal diary again. To look back and see how much I have change for the past year. To laugh at how funny I am when I am starting this blog. Well well. Here we are again.

So what have I done and learned?

1) I have changed to a very fast pace job. Like really fast pace that I do not have time to sit down and write anymore. What has happened to me? It was a really tough job. I will explain more about my job scope later. After 2 October 2015. Because that is when I can really tell everyone what sort of different career path that I have chosen.

2) Life is different. I was happy until I made a really wrong decision. Guess life is all about learning from the hard way. I had to remind myself every single day after that case. Once were naive, twice was stupid, thrice is your own choice. No one guarantee who is friend and who is enemy. Up until the moment of life where you have lost something very precious to you. And it was stolen by non other than someone who is very close to you.

3) Different is good. It makes me realize what is more valuable. No certainty in this world. And the only one who can makes us happy is US. No other person.

4) I am so tired all the time now. Well, the work does it to me. I have never encounter such a challenging mindset. And there were period where I practically fall asleep when I was eating dinner with my friends and family. And that was the moment where everyone convince me that I have to make changes. Nothing change my mindset non other than because of FAMILY.

5) Time is valuable now. Cause I have to separate myself, family, friends and work. (PS: Books and movies and drama as well).