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Boracay, Philipines

For the longest time I actually stayed idle and lazy to blog again. But I have read an article recently and I feel inspired to start keeping my own diary again because someday I am going to be really grateful that I have kept this diary and knowing that "Hey, come on, my life is not that bad right?"

Rather than to update on what happened to me recently, I would rather to look back on what has happened to me in the past. Recent is not bad but there are a few memories that I would like to write down and remember. 


Went to Boracay early this year. Well, the exact date was clearly written in the sand as well. To be honest, we had quite a few struggle and accident in order to get to this island. 

This is a three person trip that has planned for more than 1.5 years. At first we were very excited but slowly the excitement tend to turns down. To be honest, I was very reluctant to go at first because something happens and I have to come out with a high amount of money in the same month and I was in the verge of bailing from the trip. My friends would have killed me if I done so and still I went with the best that I could. 

Thus, the planning of the trip began. I was so surprise that there is so lack of information which I can get from internet (at least in English version) and thus the main reason why I really want to blog about this so I can help out for those who cant read in Chinese but wants to know on how it can be done. 

But as it has been a period of time, I cant really remember the details and the exact price but roughly how it can be done by going till Boracay should be sufficient. 

So I checked in and prep for the whole things and my friends has to come down from Singapore and we will meet her at airport. We have our usual breakfast and when the times arrived we tried to look for the gate no and the first incident happens. WE CANT SEE OUR FLIGHT NO. AT ALL. and I start to get panicked because I was the one who bought the tickets and everything and I have check the timeline a few times in between that 1.5 years so that I will not miss out the dates and WHAT THE FUCK HAS GONE WRONG??!! Apparently then flight has been changed to the next day one week before I checked in. When I complained that time, they asked me whether did I check the date when I Checked-In and shit. Never in my life this occurs and I actually have to checked for those. My goodness. And we have to called to Philippines immediately to inform about our changed in schedule and to change the check in dates and everything. And they claimed that they tried to call me to inform to me but their record is still keeping my old record and to be honest, I DONT ANSWER UNKOWN NUMBERS because there is too many fraud that happens and too many annoying calls from unknown people. 

Thus, this lead to the following lessons:-


Well, part of it was my fault so I didn't further push the matters. So anyhow, we went back to our next plan which is to depart on the second day. 


And this is me finally its proper for the flight and ready to be on board for the travel. 


Thank god that we still manage to get in plane and go for the journey. We had fights on the day before taking this picture. Partly due to the reason of the cancel flight (stupid AA fault) and we are not in real good mood as well. Not to mention that one of my friend was so unlucky that she sprained her legs just before going to the airport. We though that it is going to be a small sprain but who knows that it got so swollen when we reached airport. To be honest, I am so speechless in the whole situation and don't know what to do. But luckily the other one stayed calm and said it is going to be fine and here we go Boracay. 


I shall summarise on the whole How-To-Go-To-Boracay in a short point here. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kalibo, Philipines - Airplane (4 Hours) 
Kalibo to Boracay Port (2 Hours by bus or combined van. If by private cab is around 1 hour plus)
Boracay Port to Boracay (15 minutes of boat rides)


a) It is not a developed place. More like culture shock to me. Perhaps this is the first time I went to these kind of places and I never really encounter all these kind of culture and to be honest, I don't really like it. Basically the road in Boracay is like super small which only allows motorbike or their revamp kind of motorbike to pass over. Thus the whole place felt relatively small and not comfortable to me. 

b) They asked for tips in almost for all occasion. This is another culture shock. Well, I have read about this before I go but I never thought that it will brings me so much effect and I really hates it. I mean I can give tips but they were like pestering and asking for more and everything. This is not what I am comfortable with. My friends feels fine with the declining and to reject everything but I do not know why it is so hard for me to reject and everything and I feel really bad about the whole situation. So I was in a whole dilemma situation. I understand they have to depends on the tips to survive for their families but still the feelings is not something that I will ask again for anytime sooner. 

c) Their food, accommodation and expenses is really expensive. I am comparing to Thailand countries. I am too comfortable with Thailand kinds of welcomes and low rate currency that it hits me pretty well on the whole Boracay Trip. Their main food based is Western Food and I really want to mention that their food is kinda too flavored for my taste. I have to drink a lot of water in order to feel my throat again. I always knew that I can eat salty food but this is the first time that I actually feel too salty for my kind of taste. The food was fantastic to be honest. Just a little bit way too flavored for my taste. 

Otherwise than the above, I guess that sums up what I want to shares. For more details about the whole travelling, you can refer to others website for the price tickets and everything. Or if there are request for more elaboration, I can seek back the information to share again. 


If I don't look back into all those chaos, Boracay is a really great place to go for. But I will never choose Station 1 nor Station 3. I will pay more (actually way way more) to stay at Station 2 so that I don't have to travel between station and just stick well to the beaches and the above view. 


Their food portion is not bad and their prices is reasonable as well but bear in mind that you have to eat the same prices for every meals. In ration is about RM30 per person per meal. So plan for higher budget plan if you want to go for better dinner. 



The famous mango juice and man this is not disappointed at all. Not to mention that they are so fast and you barely have to queue for this awesome drinks. 


Memorable memories No.1: Their sunset view is the best that I have seen. My friend took an awesome picture but I do not know where it has gone and cant seem to find it anyway. 


Memorable memories No. 2: This is way too scary for me. And I was in the indulgence of being scared and not being able to enjoy the view. For those who has claustrophobia, this twice before going for this activity. 


Memorable memories No. 3: Upon being half forced and half willing, we went to the Sky and I was beyond scared but my friend push me to open my eyes and said the view is a once in a lifetime view and she was right. I do not know whether will I have the 2nd chance in my life for this view again but it is breath-taking and I thank god that my friend came with me or else I will be the only one screaming for nothing. Oh, did I mention I have frights in height so this tick of one of my life bucket- list. 




Overall, the trip is really great if you minus out all those chaos happens in between. The only regret is the trip is way too short due to AA cancellation and we do not have enough time to play and relax in between. The next time I return, I must fully enjoy the beach and sit there just read and drink the mango juice. 

So this sums up my trip and well, this is a full long post and it has been a while. 

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