Saturday, August 19, 2017

#100happydays Challenge

In exact one month time, I will turn 27 and getting nearer to the big 3-0. Well, this is almost like a big shock to me. When you are in teens, you cannot wait to outgrow it and start being an adult. Now that I am an adult and looked back on what have I really done for my past 27 years. 

1) Properly graduated SPM, Diploma and Advance Diploma

2) Traveled to Gold Coast, Taiwan, Krabi, Phuket, Singapore, Boracay and soon to Lombok (Wow, the list is short, haha) 

3) Still very much single but for the first time of my life, I start to prefer a single life more than anything given the choices in the world. Maybe in another post. 

4) Friends is important, but family is more. With my sister leaving me behind but still constantly check-in, I now learned that we cannot take things for granted

5) Which friends who is really the important one. With passing years, I outgrow and finally meet the reality that no one will stay forever in your life. NO ONE. Despite today you are the closest friend, tomorrow will become another chapter for a different story

6) Being happy FOR YOURSELF is very important

7) Make the people at your surrounding happy is also very important 

8) Work is just part of your life, not the forever story line in your life chapter 

9) My job, meeting different client and seeing them chasing their dreams makes me feels like I should chase my own dream as well 

10) The world changed faster than we thought. We need to run faster and not left behind. No matter how old we are growing with it

11) Others people dreams and success, can be yours as well, if you work for it. (One year from now, you will regret for not starting today) 

12) Being young does not mean you cannot be successful and have a great life better than anyone. Being older does not mean you are wiser than the younger one. Everyone has a different life stories, despite the most dull stories, there is always something to learn from them. ALWAYS

13) Be POSITIVE in life, it is very important. 

14) Letting go of someone you love is much much harder than is looks. 

15) Those who care, STAYS, those who don't, LEAVE. Simple as that. 

16) What you think is matter, what others think is not matter. You only have to be responsible for yourself. Others can come after that. 

17) Things that makes me really HAPPY: my personal ME time. And here is one of the being the very much reason for being SINGLE. 

18) Alcohol is good when you are outside, until you reached home and being all ALONE. Its okay, I will just sleep through it. Haha. 

19) My love for all the imaginative stories is very true. I really need a platform to write down all of the stories and share with the world. (My hidden passion) 

20) I am more calm than I think. Reacted very well despite my family has totally broken or when my friends is in a total trouble. Guess I turned mature over the years as well. 

21) My fear of WHAT IF, is still scaring the SHIT out of me. Till I learn the wisdom of WE WILL SEE WHAT WE CAN DO WHEN IT HAPPENS. 

22) I am not happy with my current situation. The feeling of satisfaction is not there in my life. Keep on asking what is the purpose of my life and how to create more rainbows daily. 

23) Seeking for life alternatives and making rainbows. 

24) You are not the only one who is sad in the world, there are many many more sad stories as well. Cry and cry, then clean the shit and keep on living 

25) Dying is not a solution, you are just running away from your problem

26) God is real (no matter what religion you are) and you have to trust him, cause he is creating the best for your. Appreciate the little things in your life and trust him that every good and bad things happen for a reason 

27) Today, I accidentally found a website ( and I am starting this challenge. For I want to create more rainbow in my life.